Danny Trejo Has Found Success With Tacos And Non-Alcoholic Tequila

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Actor Danny Trejo pinch his recently launched Trejo's Spirits and its first product, a Non-Alch Tequila ... [+] Alternative.

Trejo's Spirits

Most group cognize Danny Trejo from his iconic roles successful movies and television. His often tough-guy characters successful nan Spy Kids series, Bad Ass trilogy, Desperado, and Breaking Bad person achieved cult position pinch fans. But Trejo is much than an actor; he is nan driving unit down a budding edifice and beverage consortium.

It each started successful 2016 pinch nan opening of his first Trejo's Tacos successful Los Angeles. Since then, he has expanded successful galore different directions. He has his grounds label, Trejo's Music, meal joint, Trejo's Coffee and Donuts, and his ain non-alcoholic beverage company, Trejo's Spirits. The 1 uniting thread betwixt them each is his smiling look connected their labels and signs and an aggravated desire to bring happiness to others.

We caught up pinch Trejo successful Los Angeles to talk nan occurrence of his businesses, nan motorboat of Trejo’s Spirits, and what led him down nan way he has embarked upon. Trejo’s answers person been lightly edited for clarity.

What motivated you to jump into nan non-alcoholic abstraction erstwhile truthful galore different celebrities are going into nan full-strength market?

I've been sober for 55 years, and a batch of times, erstwhile I locomotion into a nine aliases a restaurant, group will want to bargain maine drinks moreover though I show them no. So, I understand what it's for illustration for non-drinkers. I want to make thing group would bask and wouldn't person to consciousness for illustration they're extracurricular nan fun. At my restaurants, I tin portion a mocktail margarita, and nary 1 knows nan difference. I want to connection that emotion to others looking for an alternative.

Just a fewer of nan dishes from Trejo's Tacos.

Trejo's Tacos

How did you determine to unfastened your first edifice astatine nan property of 72?

Everything bully that has happened to maine has happened arsenic a nonstop consequence of helping personification else. I decided to do this low-budget movie Bad Ass pinch an up-and-coming head Craig Moss 12 years agone because I liked him and nan script. It took off, and we made a trilogy retired of it. While I was connected nan set, Craig saw that I would eat bully and patient nutrient alternatively of nan accustomed worldly backstage.

He came up to maine and asked maine what was going on. Why was I truthful focused connected what I put into my body? I told him that astatine my age, I was 68 then, that I had to return attraction of my assemblage truthful that it would return attraction of maine agelong term. He saw really passionate I was astir my wellness and jokingly suggested I unfastened a restaurant. I said I could telephone it Trejo’s Tacos.

Well, I couldn’t get that thought retired of my head. I told my friend Ash Shah astir it, and soon after, he came to maine pinch a business plan. After looking it over, I decided, why not? Let's springiness it a try. Six months later, we opened our first Trejo's Tacos connected La Brea, which blew up pinch business. People liked that we offered gluten-free and vegetarian options alongside nan regular dishes. It's good, cleanable food.

So, we kept expanding. Look, I americium an actor; I ne'er cognize wherever my adjacent gig will be, truthful I americium ever looking for caller ways to make money truthful if nan board extremity calling, I won't person to worry.

So, really galore locations do you person unfastened now?

We presently person 4 Trejo's Tacos locations successful nan Los Angeles area, pinch different astir to unfastened downtown. Plus, we are putting 1 successful Detroit that's partnering pinch Live Nation. It will person a House of Blues consciousness pinch unrecorded music. Plus, we will unfastened 1 successful London adjacent twelvemonth pinch respective much planned.

I emotion my restaurants and nonstop my friends to them, and I ever extremity by them. The nutrient is excellent, and it's a measurement for maine to meet my fans and convey them successful person. The biggest request I person successful each my business ventures, beryllium it movies, music, aliases hospitality, is that they make group smile. I person seen really bad things tin get successful life; spending years wrong situation will unfastened your eyes (Trejo spent a ample information of his younker and early adulthood wrong nan California Penal System). I want to bring joyousness to nan world.

Since nan tacos were doing truthful well, we decided to unfastened Trejo's Cantina correct successful nan bosom of Hollywood, which has been packed since its opening. Our latest offering is Trejo's Coffee and Donuts connected Santa Monica Boulevard. I mean, who doesn't for illustration a bully snack to commencement their day?

You are known for your kindness activity extracurricular nan movie industry. What led you to that?

When I was successful prison, I made a woody pinch God that if I sewage out, I would dedicate my life to helping others, particularly inmates, and I would opportunity God's sanction each day. That's why I do truthful overmuch kindness work, sojourn prisons, and ever return clip to sojourn pinch fans. My life has been blessed, and I want to stock that pinch others.

Trejo's Spirits inaugural offering, a Tequila Alternative.

Trejo's Spirits

How has nan motorboat of Trejo's Spirits gone, and what do you person planned next?

It's funny. When we decided to create a non-alc tequila alternative, I had to trust connected others. I haven't had a sip of intoxicant for a agelong time. When I went into nan penal strategy successful nan 1960s, I surely wasn't drinking thing good. It was a collaborative effort to create thing that tasted bully and mixed into mocktails well. Plus, it’s each earthy and bully for you!

We tested it wrong nan restaurants, conscionable for illustration we did my beer, Trejo's Cerveza (full strength), to spot really it would do and if it was worthy distributing. The customers loved it, truthful we decided to package it and waste it much wide successful early June.

The non-alcoholic beverage scenery is only expanding these days arsenic much group than ever look for healthier options. Due to nan occurrence of nan Tequila Alternative, we decided to grow our NA offerings from Trejo's Spirits. By nan extremity of this year, 2023, we will debut a Pink Gin and an RTD margarita. Who knows aft that? Hopefully, it will beryllium thing nosy that group will love.

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