Damien Hardwick REFUSES to deny Dustin Martin rumours after footy world was rocked by news Richmond superstar is '100 per cent' set to join the Gold Coast Suns in 2025

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  • Damien Hardwick has discussed nan Dustin Martin rumours 
  • Martin has been linked pinch a move to nan Gold Coast 
  • Hardwick refused to norm retired Martin's presence astatine nan Suns 

By Ollie Lewis

Published: 05:57 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 05:58 EDT, 3 July 2024

Damien Hardwick has kept nan doorway unfastened for an AFL reunion pinch Dustin Martin connected nan Gold Coast.

Three-time Norm Smith medallist Martin was nan first subordinate drafted astatine Richmond during Hardwick's 14-year coaching enactment that netted 3 precocious premierships.

Martin is successful nan last twelvemonth of his contract, nan proposal of a move northbound lingering ever since Hardwick took complete from nan axed Stuart Dew this season.

Demons awesome David Schwarz poured substance connected nan occurrence by claiming Martin is '100 per cent' moving to the Suns.

'I'll springiness you 100 per cent. And this isn't 97 per cent aliases 98 per cent,' nan footy awesome told SEN radio.

'100 per cent Dustin Martin will beryllium playing astatine nan Gold Coast adjacent twelvemonth connected a two-year contract.

'You tin return it to nan bank. Put it successful nan slope correct now and cod nan interest. It's done.'

And nan Suns coach did small to dampen nan prospects of the Tigers prima and 2017 Brownlow Medallist's presence adjacent play erstwhile asked connected Wednesday.

Damien Hardwick has refused to norm retired a move for Dustin Martin

The duo could beryllium reunited aft winning 3 premierships together astatine Richmond

'Dustin's a contracted subordinate astatine Richmond. That's evidently for Dustin to determine and Richmond to activity their measurement through,' he said.

'He's a really, really bully player, there's nary uncertainty astir that, and each azygous nine would beryllium crazy if they didn't beryllium location and astatine immoderate shape make an assessment.

'Like 17 different clubs, we're ever looking for bully players.

'Gold Coast is nary different. Those database guidance calls will get made astatine nan back-end of nan year.'

The Suns are 8-7 and wrong 1 triumph of 5th spot aft a stirring conclusion of defending champions Collingwood past weekend.

They're chasing their first away-game triumph of nan play against North Melbourne this Saturday astatine Marvel Stadium.

They'll beryllium without co-captain Jarrod Witts though, nan ruckman bravely playing retired nan last minutes against nan Magpies pinch what was later revealed to beryllium a fractured vertebrae.

'It's incredibly brave. He went disconnected and had immoderate thief from nan doctors to get backmost connected nan field,' Hardwick said.

'It's conscionable unthinkable courageousness from nan awesome man, that's why he's our captain.'

Emerging ruck Ned Moyle will deputise for Witts, who is expected to beryllium retired successful nan 'short term'.

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