Dame Judi Dench is no stranger to the odd wig thanks to her 66-year career... but this one may be her wackiest yet

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By Chikamso Chukwuenyem For Mailonline

Published: 06:01 EDT, 3 November 2023 | Updated: 06:19 EDT, 3 November 2023

Dame Judi Dench is nary alien to nan overseas wig acknowledgment to her 66-year career...but this 1 whitethorn beryllium her wackiest yet.

Here is fun-loving nationalist wealth Judi Dench, 88, wearing a wig made retired of...shredded paper?!

This whitethorn look retired of nan mean to us, but Judi says her family person had a contented of making clothing retired of packaging.

Speaking astatine nan Barbican Hall to beforehand her caller memoir, Shakespeare, The Man Who Pays The Rent, Judi said: 'That packing worldly holds its style alternatively well.'

Friend and co-author Brendan O'Hea quipped: 'Your grandson Sammy calls you nan astir childish personification he knows.'

What's connected her head? Dame Judi Dench is nary alien to nan overseas wig acknowledgment to her 70-year career...but this 1 whitethorn beryllium her wackiest yet 

That's better: Judi arsenic she usually looks - pictured successful 2022 

Judi besides recalled that she utilized to play pranks connected character Geoffrey Palmer connected nan group of nan TV bid As Time Goes By. 

'We utilized to get location early, earlier nan director. When you are rehearsing for TV, nan sets are huge, pinch tons of different rooms pinch furnishings everywhere. We utilized to spell and hide successful nan furnishings and jump retired connected Geoffrey Palmer.'

Shakespeare, The Man Who Pays The Rent is Judi's first book merchandise successful 9 years, pursuing her 2014 photograph-driven autobiography Behind The Scenes.

The book is autobiographical, too, but alternatively centres astir nan various Shakespearean characters Judi has played during her enviable career.

Her first Shakespeare portrayal, Ophelia successful Hamlet, was only Judi's second-ever master performance.

Coincidentally, this twelvemonth marks 400 years since nan mostly of Shakespeare's plays were first published successful nan First Folio.

To people this occasion, Judi and a big of different celebrities will characteristic successful nan BBC's three-part boxset entitled Shakespeare: Rise Of A Genius.

It will aerial connected BBC 2 and iPlayer connected 8 November. 

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