Damar Hamlin insists he will return to Cincinnati 'with courage' as the Buffalo Bills face the Bengals 10 months on from the safety's on-field cardiac arrest last season

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Damar Hamlin has admitted that he is uncertain really he will consciousness to return to nan tract of his January 2 cardiac apprehension this play but insisted he knows he will beryllium supported by his family and teammates. 

10 months connected from nan terrifying incident that saw nan Buffalo Bills information beryllium resuscitated connected nan section astatine Paycor Stadium aft collapsing during nan Week 17 matchup, nan 25-year-old is group to return to nan Bengals' stadium Sunday. 

'I don't cognize what to expect. You know, this is unsocial to maine arsenic well,' Hamlin told The New York Post. 'All I cognize is I'm stepping successful pinch courage, I'm stepping successful pinch spot and I'm stepping successful pinch my brothers. You know, and I'm stepping successful pinch my mom, my dad, my family. And I'm stepping into, you know, an situation of group that supported maine nan full time.

'They proceed to support me, you know, connected some ends. So, you know, it's a batch of love. I can't hold to person it and springiness it and show my gratitude, you know, but yet we're going up location to get a win.' 

Hamlin made his charismatic return to nan section connected October 1 but has been often inactive for games this play and he has admitted he is not judge if he will play successful nan Week 9 conflict Sunday. 

Damar Hamlin insisted he will return to Cincinnati 'with courage' for this week's game

Hamlin went into cardiac apprehension pursuing a deed from Tee Higgins connected January 2 successful Cincinnati 

The 25-year-old made his charismatic return to nan section connected October 1 aft his miraculous recovery

He has undeniably made a miraculous betterment and claimed his return to shot has fixed him a caller outlook connected life. 

'Man, I'm thankful for life. Honestly, I'm thankful to aftermath up, brushwood my teeth, person a meal. Take 10 Deep breaths. I'm thankful for everything,' Hamlin said. 

'Life is bigger than conscionable shot for maine and ever will beryllium until nan time that I go, but to beryllium capable to do what I do astatine nan highest level, I'm an other level of thankful you know.

'I'm ace thankful to person my normal life back. But I'm highly thankful to beryllium capable to proceed to compete astatine nan highest level and do what I emotion to do.' 

Hamlin acknowledged that Sunday won't only beryllium affectional for him but besides his teammates and revealed that they had discussed what it could consciousness for illustration for them all.

The Bills players had gathered astir Hamlin arsenic he received curen led by Buffalo trainer Denny Kellington connected nan section successful January, immoderate pinch tears successful their eyes. 

Kellington and nan Bills' training unit honored pinch nan ESPY Award for Service, presented by an affectional Hamlin astatine nan ceremonial successful July. 

Hamlin publically offered NBA superstar LeBron James and family his support aft nan Lakers forward's eldest son, Bronny, suffered cardiac during USC training successful summer. 

Buffalo Bills trainer Denny Kellington administered CPR to Hamlin connected nan section connected January 2

Hamlin has admitted that Sunday will beryllium affectional for his Bills teammates arsenic good arsenic himself  

The Bills subordinate has besides utilized his ain acquisition to motorboat initiatives to summation bosom wellness consciousness including his Chasing M's Foundation's CPR circuit complete nan summer, which provides free hands-only CPR training. 

The American Heart Association has worked pinch Hamlin and his #3forHeart CPR Challenge, a societal media inaugural that encourages group to study CPR, donate money to support CPR research, acquisition and training, and stock nan connection pinch others. 

He met pinch President Joe Biden astatine nan White House successful March to talk authorities connected nan description of AEDs programs successful schools. 

Most recently, he collaborated with healthcare institution and aesculapian instrumentality shaper Abbott connected their HeartMates Program, which strives to create a organization for those who person been impacted by bosom conditions and their caregivers. 

He met pinch President Joe Biden to talk authorities connected nan description of AEDs programs 

Meanwhile, nan NFL and American Heart Association teamed up to supply free CPR acquisition astatine the Phoenix Convention Center, Arizona in nan build up to nan Super Bowl February.

The Cardinals and Packers some donated defibrillators to section schools successful nan aftermath of Hamlin's collapse.  

Hamlin said to person these initiatives hap successful his grant provides him pinch much spot and courageousness to proceed connected his way to betterment and to proceed his campaigning. 

'I'm afloat connected that mission,' he said. 'The aforesaid measurement that I'm afloat invested successful my team, I'm afloat invested successful continuing to make this ngo arsenic large arsenic it tin be.' 

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