Cypress Hill get ready for London Symphony Orchestra gig, 28-years after Simpsons joke

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It's a classical lawsuit of life imitating art.

Nearly 30 years aft hip-hop group Cypress Hill agreed to look successful an section of The Simpsons that featured them playing pinch nan London Symphony Orchestra, nan set will make nan improbable fictional collaboration a reality connected Wednesday erstwhile it plays its Black Sunday Album successful nan U.K. capital.

The Grammy-nominated artists will collaborate pinch nan world-famous orchestra astatine London's Royal Albert Hall erstwhile it plays hits that see “Insane successful nan Brain,” which is besides featured successful nan 1996 episode. Cypress Hill look alongside The Smashing Pumpkins successful “Homerpalooza,” successful which Homer tries to impressment his kids by getting progressive successful stunts arsenic portion of nan euphony show scene.

The Simpsons has developed thing of a estimation successful caller years for predicting nan future — it correctly called nan emergence of video calling, nan victor of nan Nobel prize for economics and nan presidency of Donald Trump — though calling nan real-life operation of nan hip-hop enactment and nan orchestra a coincidence mightiness beryllium a stretch.

Cypress Hill has been nether instrumentality unit for years to recognize nan iconic clip from nan show, successful which a unit personnel backstage astatine a show calls retired that “somebody ordered nan London Symphony Orchestra. Possibly while high.” 

While nary of nan set members seems to retrieve either way, 1 personnel yet replies, “we deliberation we did,” earlier nan set plays Insane successful nan Brain complete pinch British orchestral accompaniment.

Cypress Hill At WetlandsAmerican rap group Cypress Hill successful 1992.Steve Eichner / Getty Images file

For Louis Mario Freese, 1 of nan 2 lead rappers, who goes by his shape sanction of B-Real, nan capacity is “one of those checklist moments.”

“It’s been thing that we’ve talked astir for galore years since nan Simpsons section first aired,” Freese told nan BBC. “We’ve played a batch of humanities venues passim our profession and worldly for illustration that, but thing arsenic prestigious arsenic this.”

In 2017, nan set reached retired to nan LSO connected nan societal media level now known arsenic X saying "let make thing hap for real.” The 2 groups announced the associated one-night capacity astatine nan iconic London venue successful March.

On its ticketing website, nan orchestra said that “history will yet beryllium made!”

Cypress Hill has sold complete 20 cardinal albums worldwide and has sold complete 4 cardinal copies of its Black Sunday Album, according to BMG records.

The rehearsals person already highlighted nan taste differences betwixt nan groups pinch nan BBC reporting nan set interpreted “glock” arsenic a weapon while nan orchestra understood it to mean glockenspiel, nan percussion instrument.

Mithil Aggarwal

Mithil Aggarwal is simply a Hong Kong-based reporter/producer for NBC News.

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