Cristiano Ronaldo fires back at former Sporting academy starlet and Chelsea loanee who claimed he DESERVES one of the Portuguese icon's five Ballon d'Or awards

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo has savagely responded to claims by nan erstwhile winger 
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By Kieran Lynch For Mailonline

Published: 10:05 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 10:05 EST, 21 November 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo has savagely responded to claims made by erstwhile Sporting Lisbon academy starlet Fabio Paim.

Paim was seen arsenic 1 of Portugal's biggest prospects during nan 2000s, pinch reports that moreover Ronaldo himself regarded Paim arsenic nan astir promising young subordinate of his generation.

However, Paim grounded to unrecorded up to his potential, ne'er making a elder quality for Sporting, and having six indebtedness stints distant from nan nine - including astatine Chelsea wherever he besides ne'er made a competitory appearance.

In an question and reply connected a podcast hosted by PT Clipes, Paim said he deserved astatine slightest 1 of Ronaldo's 5 Ballon d'Or trophies, and that he could person been connected par pinch nan Portuguese icon and Lionel Messi 'if he had half of Cristiano's brain'. 

Ronaldo successful consequence to nan video gave a ferocious response, arsenic he wrote connected Instagram: 'Wtf??? Who is this guy.'

Cristiano Ronaldo has deed backmost astatine a erstwhile Sporting Lisbon academy starlet who claimed that he deserved 1 of nan Portuguese icon's 5 Ballon d'Or awards

Fabio Paim insisted his profession could person matched Ronaldo aliases Messi if he had 'half of Cristiano's brain'

Ronaldo successful move brutally responded to nan clip writing: 'Wtf. Who is this guy?'

His consequence comes contempt a number of reports claiming that Ronaldo said aft his move to Man United in 2003: 'If you deliberation I'm good, hold until you spot Fabio Paim.'

Speaking connected nan podcast, Paim said: 'Cristiano Ronaldo should connection maine 1 of his Ballon d'Ors. I went to Sporting erstwhile I was 7 years old, I grew up there. 

'They were years of glory successful which I won everything I could. I didn't scope wherever I could person reached, but I marked a generation. If group don't hide it's because I marked them.

'I said erstwhile I was happy that I thought Cristiano Ronaldo could connection maine a Ballon d'Or. But it was pinch humility. If I had half of Cristiano's head, it wouldn't beryllium him and Messi. 

'It would beryllium me, him and Messi and possibly he wouldn't person won nan Ballon d'Or that he has. Maybe 1 of them was mine.'

After leaving Sporting successful 2010, he went connected to play crossed nan world successful countries including Angola, Qatar, Malta, Lithuania and Luxembourg.

The 35-year-old besides represented Portugal astatine younker level and retired from shot n 2018.  

Paim claimed to the Sun that he and Ronaldo had been friends and that they would make trips to McDonalds - a acold outcry from nan patient fare Ronaldo has been known to person which has helped him build his iconic profession wherever he is still playing for his state astatine nan property of 38.

Paim was 1 of Portugal's astir highly rated young prospects but grounded to unrecorded up to his potential

He had a little indebtedness stint astatine Chelsea successful 2008 but ne'er made a elder quality for them

Ronaldo's comments travel contempt Paim telling nan Sun that he and nan Portuguese prima (right) had been friends during their clip astatine Sporting

Paim told nan Sun: 'When we utilized to play successful Sporting and lived successful nan academy, we lived successful nan stadium.

'At nighttime we utilized to spell McDonald's to prime up nan burgers that nary 1 wanted anymore truthful they weren't bully to sell.

'We were location each nighttime for nan burgers. Yes, Sporting knew. It's not for illustration nowadays. We were allowed to spell out.'


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