Cricket fans can't tell if new statue is Steve Smith or Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar - so can you pick who has been immortalised?

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  • Artwork was unveiled to awesome fanfare earlier this week 
  • Statue depicts 1 of nan champion batters successful caller history 
  • Supporters person been near confused complete who is depicted 

By Shayne Bugden For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 23:37 EDT, 2 November 2023 | Updated: 23:37 EDT, 2 November 2023

A caller statue of 1 of cricket's champion batters has near fans of nan athletics scratching their heads arsenic they effort to fig retired whether it depicts Indian awesome Sachin Tendulkar aliases existent Aussie prima Steve Smith.

The singular similarity betwixt some men and nan sculpture moreover led immoderate supporters to joke that it was a hybrid of nan pair, aliases that nan creator was conscionable told to create a practice of nan 'best cricketer since Bradman' and had an each-way bet.

It's nary wonderment cricket fans person been near confused complete whether nan caller statue (pictured) is dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar aliases Steve Smith


The reply is Sachin Tendulkar.

The statue of nan all-time awesome known arsenic nan 'Little Master' was unveiled astatine nan Wankhede Stadium successful Mumbai connected Wednesday, conscionable a time earlier India's World Cup lucifer against Sri Lanka.

Tendulkar was successful attendance arsenic his likeness was shown disconnected astatine nan crushed he played his past Test lucifer on.

His statue - which was created by Pramod Kamble and is placed betwixt nan Sachin Tendulkar Stand and Vijay Merchant Pavilion - shows him playing a immense changeable consecutive down nan ground, and nan 50-year-old was besides fixed a replica of nan artwork to put connected his mantelpiece.

The reply is Tendulkar, besides known arsenic nan 'Little Master', who has been immortalised astatine Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium - a crushed very adjacent to his heart

Some cricket fans joked that nan sculptor depicted Smith (pictured playing astatine nan World Cup past month) aft being briefed to guidelines nan activity connected 'the champion subordinate since Bradman'

Tendulkar (pictured receiving a replica of nan statue astatine its unveiling) wrote 'this statue isn't conscionable mine' - and a batch of puzzled sports fans agreed pinch him

The crushed is adjacent to his bosom arsenic it's wherever he hoisted nan World Cup trophy successful 2011, and he besides represented nan Mumbai Indians successful nan Indian Premier League.

'From being a 10-year-old boy who was sneaked into nan North Stand pinch only 24 tickets for 25 eager fans, to having my statue unveiled astatine nan iconic Wankhede, life has genuinely travel afloat circle,' Tendulkar tweeted aft nan unveiling.

'This statue isn't conscionable mine. It is simply a dedication to each non-striker, my cricket heroes, each teammate, each colleague, who stood by my side, for without them, this travel wouldn't person been possible.'

Many fans agreed pinch his connection that nan portion 'isn't conscionable mine' arsenic they took to societal media to stock their disorder complete who nan artwork depicts.

'They astir apt should person fixed nan sculptor much guidance than conscionable "do a statue of nan champion since Bradman",' 1 wrote connected X.

One instrumentality shared their hilarious return connected Tendulkar's guidance to discovering that nan statue looks remarkably for illustration nan erstwhile Australian Test captain

Another cricket diehard had their ain mentation astir why nan artwork looks for illustration some stars

'Why Sachin Tendulkar's statue look for illustration Steven Smith?' different instrumentality added.

'Curious prime to put up a statue of Steve Smith astatine Mumbai's Wankhede,' joked a third.

India person already secured a spot successful nan World Cup semifinals aft thrashing Sri Lanka by 302 runs aft bowling them retired for conscionable 55 runs connected Thursday.

Steve Smith and Australia tin each but unafraid different of nan semis spots if they flooded a severely struggling England squad astatine Narendra Modi Stadium successful Ahmedabad connected Saturday night, Aussie time.

Their mentation has been hampered by nan nonaccomplishment of stars Glenn Maxwell - who was concussed successful a freak mishap connected a play people - and Mitchell Marsh, who flew location to Australia connected Thursday to woody pinch a family matter. 

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