Craig Counsell Would Be An Ideal Manager For Cleveland Guardians

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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - OCTOBER 04: Craig Counsell #30 of nan Milwaukee Brewers earlier nan crippled ... [+] against nan Arizona Diamondbacks during Game Two of nan Wild Card Series astatine American Family Field connected October 04, 2023 successful Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

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Following nan status of head Terry Francona, nan Cleveland Guardians are successful nan process of interviewing imaginable managerial candidates.

To this observer, Craig Counsell, who turned 53 successful August, would make an perfect successor to Francona. That’s if he doesn’t stay pinch nan Milwaukee Brewers. Or motion pinch nan New York Mets.

Counsell, who whose statement expired pinch nan Milwaukee Brewers October 31, is simply a highly respected, intelligent, winning manager.

Beginning successful 2015, Counsell managed nan Brewers for 9 seasons. He has compiled a grounds of 707-625.

Counsell is nan winningest head successful Brewers history.

The Brewers won nan National League Central Division this season, pinch a grounds of 92-70. It was Counsell’s 3rd section title.

Counsell’s Brewers mislaid nan National League Wild Card Series, 2-0. to nan eventual National League Champion Arizona Diamondbacks.

During Counsell’s tenure, his Brewers teams person appeared successful nan postseason 5 times successful nan past six years.

According to various different media sources, Counsell’s statement pinch nan Brewers was reported to beryllium “around” $3.5 million, among nan apical managerial salaries successful Major League Baseball.

According to Jon Heyman of nan New York Post, Terry Francona was paid nan highest MLB managerial salary, astatine $4.5 million.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - OCTOBER 04: Milwaukee Brewers head Craig Counsell is seen anterior to Game ... [+] Two of nan Wild Card Series against nan Arizona Diamondbacks astatine American Family Field connected October 04, 2023 successful Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

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The Market For Craig Counsell:

Born successful South Bend, Indiana, Counsell grew up successful Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

Counsell’s dada was nan head of nan speakers bureau, and head of organization relations for nan Brewers.

Counsell went to Notre Dame University, wherever he played shot for nan Fighting Irish.

It has been wide reported that nan Brewers want to clasp Craig Counsell.

The Brewers are good alert that Counsell’s dependable manus and his expertise to get maximum effort from his players are very valuable managerial traits.

However, Counsell has drawn sizeable liking from nan New York Mets, and nan Cleveland Guardians.

Mets proprietor Steven A. Cohen has demonstrated his thirst to win. To nan anguish of different MLB owners, Cohen has spent a sizeable luck unsuccessfully chasing a Mets championship.

Former Brewers shot operations executive, David Stearns, is now serving arsenic nan Mets President of Baseball Operations.

Apparently, Counsell is connected nan Mets database arsenic a managerial candidate.

Counsell managed nether Stearns pinch nan Brewers, and their narration and familiarity could lead Counsell to tally nan Mets dugout.

Prior to his statement expiring successful Milwaukee, nan Cleveland Guardians were granted support to question and reply Counsell to beryllium their caller manager.

Counsell is said to person visited Cleveland to question and reply for their managerial occupation connected Monday October 30.

The Guardians did not uncover if they offered Counsell a contract.

Why Craig Counsell?

To this aged scout, Craig Counsell would make an perfect replacement for Francona.

Counsell has nan type of demeanor that endears him to his players and to fans.

Counsell appears to beryllium adjacent and honest, pinch a estimation arsenic a personification of awesome integrity.

Like Francona, Counsell has an intense, yet measured desire to win.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - OCTOBER 03: Manager Craig Counsell of nan Milwaukee Brewers argues pinch ... [+] umpire Mark Ripperger successful nan 5th inning against nan Arizona Diamondbacks during Game One of nan Wild Card Series astatine American Family Field connected October 03, 2023 successful Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

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Counsell is acold from a consistently mild-mannered pushover during a shot game.

This perceiver has witnessed Counsell basking nether nan collar, arguing successful behalf of his team. He has their backs.

A erstwhile player, Counsell’s playing profession lasted parts of 16 seasons.

Counsell was drafted successful nan 11th information of nan 1992 Major League Baseball draught by nan Colorado Rockies.

Counsell played for nan Rockies for 2 seasons. He besides played for nan Florida Marlins, nan Los Angeles Dodgers, nan Arizona Diamondbacks, and nan Milwaukee Brewers; wherever he vanished his playing profession successful 2011.

A scrappy, fundamentally sound infielder, Counsell was nan type of subordinate unafraid of getting his azygous dirty.

With nan Diamondbacks, Counsell was nan 2001 National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player.

Milwaukee Brewers' head Craig Counsell answers questions astatine a promotional arena Wednesday, Jan. ... [+] 18, 2023, successful Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

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Market Size:

Growing up successful Wisconsin, and devoting overmuch of his shot life successful nan Milwaukee market, Craig Counsell whitethorn want to stay successful a non-hectic environment.

New York is not Milwaukee. New York is not Cleveland.

New York is unique.

New York has each nan wonders and regular gifts nan largest shot marketplace successful nan world has to offer.

In New York, Counsell’s resources would apt beryllium unlimited.

In New York, media scrutiny would beryllium intense. There are acold much media outlets successful nan New York marketplace than either Milwaukee aliases Cleveland. Counsell could apt grip that well.

In New York, Counsell would beryllium acquainted pinch nan oversight tendencies of his supervisor, David Stearns.

In Milwaukee, Counsell is very acquainted pinch nan oversight tendencies of General Manager Rick Arnold.

In Cleveland, Counsell would person to modulation to nan supervisory styles of President of Baseball Operations Chris Antonetti, and General Manager Mike Chernoff. Both person stellar manufacture reputations.

Maybe Counsell will beryllium drawn by nan payroll imaginable of nan Mets.

Cleveland’s 2023 estimated subordinate payroll of $93 million, would not lucifer that of nan Mets, who were estimated to person spent $254 cardinal connected subordinate salaries.

Cleveland’s subordinate payroll adjacent play mightiness not lucifer that of nan Brewers, who spent $109 cardinal this season. But nan payroll would beryllium person to that of nan Brewers, than that of nan Mets.

To this writer, Craig Counsell has nan capacity of starring his squad connected a way to a championship.

Counsell’s crippled guidance skills are superb.

To this writer, Craig Counsell has each value required to group an fantabulous reside that leads to winning.

To this writer, Craig Counsell would beryllium an perfect prime arsenic nan Cleveland Guardians adjacent manager.

Now nan determination rests pinch Craig Counsell.

New York Mets? Cleveland Guardians? Or, does he return to his roots successful Milwaukee?

It has conscionable been revealed nan Houston Astros are willing successful interviewing Craig Counsell.

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