Could your PHONE be making you infertile? Alarming study on plunging sperm counts sparks warning for men to 'be conscious' of using their mobile too much

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Men who usage their mobile telephone often suffer 21 per cent little sperm concentration, according to a caller study.

The value of a man's semen is wished by factors for illustration sperm concentration, full sperm count, really good nan sperm swims and nan size and style of nan sperm.

Many studies person shown that semen value has decreased complete nan past 50 years, pinch sperm count dropping from an mean of 99 cardinal sperm per millilitre to 47 million.

It is thought that this driblet is owed to a operation of biology factors specified arsenic pesticides and radiation, and manner habits specified arsenic diet, smoking, alcohol and stress.

The team, from nan University of Geneva, collected information connected 2,886 men aged 18 to 22, who provided a semen sample. Participants besides answered questions connected their mobile telephone usage and wherever they placed it erstwhile not utilizing it

Researchers wanted to analyse whether electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones mightiness impact semen quality.

The team, from nan University of Geneva, collected information connected 2,886 men aged 18 to 22, who provided a semen sample.

Participants besides answered questions connected their mobile telephone usage and wherever they placed it erstwhile not utilizing it.

Analysis revealed location was a nexus betwixt predominant mobile telephone usage and little sperm concentration.

Men who utilized their telephone much than 20 times a time had a 21 per cent alteration successful sperm attraction compared to those who did not usage their telephone much than erstwhile a week.

This nexus was recovered to beryllium much pronounced during nan earlier years of nan study, betwixt 2005 and 2007, and gradually decreased pinch clip up to 2018.

Researcher Martin Roosli, who worked connected nan study, said: 'This inclination corresponds to nan modulation from 2G to 3G, and past 3G to 4G, that has led to a simplification successful nan transmitting powerfulness of phones.'

The results besides showed that wherever nan men kept their telephone – for illustration successful their trouser pouch – did not impact semen quality.

Writing successful nan diary Fertility & Sterility nan researchers explained that 1 successful six couples person issues conceiving, pinch astir half of instances attributable to nan antheral partner.

'The usage of mobile phones has accrued substantially successful caller decades' they said, 'and location is simply a increasing interest astir nan imaginable detrimental effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by these devices connected quality wellness and peculiarly connected reproductive functions.

'This study suggests that higher mobile telephone usage is associated pinch little sperm attraction and full sperm count.'

They added that nan system done which mobile telephone usage whitethorn impact nan antheral reproductive strategy stay 'unclear'.

First writer Rita Rahban said: 'Do nan microwaves emitted by mobile phones person a nonstop aliases indirect effect? 

'Do they origin a important summation successful somesthesia successful nan testes? Do they impact nan hormonal regularisation of sperm production?

'This each remains to beryllium discovered.'

Commenting connected nan study Professor Allan Pacey, a fertility master astatine nan University of Manchester, said: 'There person been many, galore studies into this, and they've each been a spot rubbish.

'But I person to say, this is rather a bully insubstantial — it's nan benignant of insubstantial I'd person for illustration to person done myself.

'This is conscionable an association, truthful we can't perfectly opportunity that mobile phones are bad for sperm from this study — each you tin opportunity is that there's an association.

'What I do for illustration astir it is you tin spot a nuance complete nan years, which suggests that 2G was worse than 4G.'

When asked if he was amazed by nan results, he said: 'Yes, because I've ever been a spot of a sceptic that there's immoderate risk.

'I don't deliberation men should beryllium worried astir this, but beryllium conscious.

'[The effect] seems to beryllium going down complete nan years, truthful this could beryllium an historical thing.'

Professor Pacey added: 'Whilst this insubstantial gives nan researchers a clear consciousness of guidance for their early studies, I americium not judge it really changes nan proposal I would springiness to men who are concerned astir their fertility. 

'If men are concerned, past keeping their phones successful a container and limiting their usage is simply a comparatively easy point for them to do. But location is presently nary grounds that will amended their sperm quality. As for me, I will beryllium continuing to support my telephone successful my trouser pocket.'

Professor Malcolm Sperrin, Fellow astatine nan Institute of Physics and Engineering successful Medicine, said: 'The findings surely stimulate nan request for further research.

'However, location is simply a captious request connected nan portion of nan laic scholar to debar over-interpreting nan findings and drafting conclusions that are difficult to justify.

'The usage of a questionnaire to find telephone usage is apt to beryllium associated pinch ample correction bars but it is challenging to spot really other this information could beryllium obtained; self-reporting is notoriously prone to uncertainties.

'There are apt to beryllium galore confounding factors which nan authors, and early researchers, will beryllium capable to analyse specified arsenic nan presumption that accrued usage of nan telephone being associated pinch worry which is past nan origin of little sperm quality.'


The astir communal origin of infertility successful men is poor-quality semen, nan fluid containing sperm that's ejaculated during sex.

Possible reasons for abnormal semen include:

  • a deficiency of sperm – you whitethorn person a very debased sperm count aliases nary sperm astatine all
  • sperm that aren't moving decently – this will make it harder for sperm to aquatics to nan egg
  • abnormal sperm – sperm tin sometimes beryllium an abnormal shape, making it harder for them to move and fertilise an egg

Many cases of abnormal semen are unexplained.

There's a nexus betwixt accrued somesthesia of nan scrotum and reduced semen quality, but it's uncertain whether wearing loose-fitting underwear improves fertility.


The testicles nutrient and shop sperm. If they're damaged, it tin earnestly impact nan value of your semen.

This tin hap arsenic a consequence of:

  • an infection of your testicles
  • testicular cancer
  • testicular surgery
  • a problem pinch your testicles you were calved pinch (a congenital defect)
  • when 1 aliases some testicles hasn't descended into nan scrotum, nan loose sac of tegument that contains your testicles (undescended testicles)
  • injury to your testicles


Some men take to person a vasectomy if they don't want children aliases immoderate much children.

It involves cutting and sealing disconnected nan tubes that transportation sperm retired of your testicles (the vas deferens) truthful your semen will nary longer incorporate immoderate sperm.

A vasectomy tin beryllium reversed, but reversals aren't usually successful. 


Hypogonadism is an abnormally debased level of testosterone, nan antheral activity hormone progressive successful making sperm.

It could beryllium caused by a tumour, taking forbidden drugs, aliases Klinefelter syndrome, a uncommon syndrome wherever a man is calved pinch an other female chromosome.

Medicines and drugs

Certain types of medicines tin sometimes origin infertility problems.

These medicines are listed below:

  • sulfasalazine – an anti-inflammatory medicine utilized to dainty conditions specified arsenic Crohn's illness and rheumatoid arthritis; sulfasalazine tin alteration nan number of sperm, but its effects are impermanent and your sperm count should return to normal erstwhile you extremity taking it
  • anabolic steroids – are often utilized illegally to build musculus and amended diversion performance; semipermanent maltreatment of anabolic steroids tin trim sperm count and sperm mobility
  • chemotherapy – medicines utilized successful chemotherapy tin sometimes severely trim sperm production
  • herbal remedies – immoderate herbal remedies, specified arsenic guidelines extracts of nan Chinese herb Tripterygium wilfordii, tin impact nan accumulation of sperm aliases trim nan size of your testicles
  • illegal drugs, specified arsenic marijuana and cocaine, tin besides impact semen quality.

Source: NHS 

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