Cops issue arrest warrant for 19-year-old suspect who killed a child and injured four others in mass shooting at Coles Antique Village and Flea Market in Texas

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  • The Pearland Police Department identified astatine slightest 1 of nan suspects from Sunday's wide shooting 
  • David Negrete, 19, is wanted connected a complaint of aggravated battle pinch a deadly weapon
  • Police are connected nan hunt for Negrete and person considered him equipped and dangerous 

By Emma Richter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 20:09 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 20:20 EST, 13 November 2023

Officers from nan Pearland Police Department successful Texas person issued a warrant for a 19-year-old fishy who killed a kid and injured 4 others successful a mass shooting connected Sunday afternoon. 

David Negrete, 19, is wanted connected a complaint of aggravated battle pinch a deadly limb and has been considered equipped and vulnerable according to police.

He was identified done surveillance footage and interviews from witnesses and victims. 

Three of nan 5 victims person been described arsenic guiltless bystanders while 2 of them aged 16 and 18 are still being interviewed to find their engagement successful nan shooting. 

A 14-year-old girl, 37-year-old man and ten-year-old kid were injured from nan weapon occurrence and taken to section hospitals, but nan kid did not survive. 

The Pearland Police Department has issued an apprehension warrant for 19-year-old David Negrete (pictured) for aggravated battle pinch a deadly limb connected to nan wide shooting at Cole's Flea Market successful Texas connected Sunday  

 Police were dispatched to nan flea marketplace connected Sunday evening wherever 5 group were injured from nan weapon fire. A ten-year-old boy died from his injuries astatine nan hospital 

After nan constabulary released nan suspect's name, Greg Abbott, nan Governor of Texas announced that Texas Crimestoppers person offered a $15,000 reward for immoderate accusation starring to Negrete's arrest. 

The 19-year-old has besides been added to nan Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list. 

On Sunday astir 5.34pm nan constabulary section was dispatched to Cole's Flea Market for a study of shots fired. 

The 5 victims injured successful nan wide onslaught were past located and taken to section area hospitals wherever nan ten-year-old boy was pronounced dead. 

'Preliminary investigations person revealed 2 Hispanic antheral subjects were progressive successful nan altercation,' nan Pearland Police Department's news merchandise said. 

They besides revealed that astatine slightest 2 handguns were recovered astatine nan scene, but nan number of rounds fired is still unknown. 

'We judge location is astatine slightest 1 more, if not, two, different group that really had handguns and fired those firearms during nan scene. 

'There are perchance 3 suspects,' Rogers said. 

Chad Rogers (pictured), a spokesperson for nan constabulary section said that nan different 4 victims are alive, but nan 2 teenagers still person to beryllium interviewed to spot if they were connected

Negrete (pictured) was identified arsenic a fishy aft authorities combed done surveillance footage and interviewed witnesses and victims 

Rogers said that the shooting was not targeted toward nan flea marketplace and was caused by and statement betwixt 2 men

Two witnesses told constabulary that they saw 2 men successful an altercation earlier nan chaotic segment began. 

The 14-year-old woman and 37-year-old man were some taken to nan infirmary successful unchangeable information and nan man has since been released.

The 2 teenage victims were taken into room and detectives are still trying to find if they were progressive successful nan incident. 

Rogers said nan shooting was not targeted toward nan flea marketplace and was caused by an statement betwixt 2 men. 

'This is not thing that happens successful Pearland, this is highly tragic anytime personification is simply a unfortunate of weapon violence, particularly successful our community, this does not hap present successful Pearland,' he said.

Houston Police cars artifact entree to Main Street adjacent Sam Houston Parkway. Negrete has yet to beryllium recovered and constabulary person warned that he is considered equipped and dangerous 

Police person revealed that 2 handguns were recovered astatine nan scene, but nan number of rounds fired is still unknown

Authorities person urged anyone pinch accusation connected Negrete's whereabouts aliases immoderate accusation connected nan shooting to interaction nan Pearland Police Department Tip Line of nan Brazoria County Crime Stoppers. 

'If you saw something, heard thing and you request to fto america know, please telephone that number and thief our investigators out,' Rogers pleaded.

Governor Abbot said that 'Texas mourns nan nonaccomplishment of a precious kid pursuing nan devastating calamity successful Pearland yesterday, and our hearts are pinch nan 4 different victims successful nan infirmary arsenic they retrieve from their injuries.' 

The Pearland Police Department person stated that this is an ongoing investigation by their Criminal Investigations Division. 

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