Controversial Aussie basketballer Liz Cambage is ejected for two shocking acts of violence during game - then screams at and mocks officials

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  • Star is connected $1million statement playing successful China 
  • Comes aft being banned from playing for Australia 
  • Aussies person slammed her latest encephalon explosion 

By Josh Alston For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 00:43 EDT, 15 April 2024 | Updated: 00:43 EDT, 15 April 2024

Polarising Aussie hoops subordinate Liz Cambage has courted contention erstwhile again by getting ejected from a crippled successful China for viciously elbowing 1 force successful nan caput and hitting different successful nan face.

The erstwhile WNBA subordinate and Australian Opal recovered her profession connected nan rocks aft allegedly making racial remarks toward nan Nigerian nationalist team successful a warm-up lucifer earlier nan Tokyo Olympics successful 2021.

Opals teammates and members of nan Nigerian squad alleged Cambage called her opponents 'monkeys' and told them to 'go backmost to your 3rd world country' during a break successful play. 

That put her offside pinch her Los Angeles Sparks Nigerian-American teammates and she was yet released by nan franchise. 

Her comments besides divided nan Opals campy and she has since been blacklisted from ever representing her state again.

Liz Cambage ejected pinch 2 flagrant fouls successful G2 of nan WCBA Finals. That 2nd 1 successful peculiar was very bad. And past of people had to put connected a show arsenic she left. Clown behaviour.

— Steve Smith (@stevesmithffx) April 13, 2024

Cambage (second from right) tin beryllium seen connected video hitting an force successful nan look from down during a lucifer successful China

Vision past shows Cambage elbowing an force successful nan caput earlier acting for illustration thing happened - past going connected to shriek astatine a lucifer charismatic and dramatically curtsy to nan crowd

The 32-year-old is presently connected a $1million statement pinch China's Sichuan Yuanda team

However Cambage landed firmly connected her feet, earning a $1million statement pinch the Sichuan Yuanda women’s squad based successful Chengdu - for nan conscionable 3 months work.

Her bumper salary time intends Cambage earns much than 4 times arsenic overmuch arsenic nan best-paid WNBA stars, with Supermax contracts capped astatine $234,936 per-season.

That money has done small to temper nan centre's temper, though, aft she was ejected connected nan play for a brace of disfigured incidents.

In nan first, Cambage lashes retired and hits an force connected nan broadside of nan caput from down while connected defence.

Lucky to still beryllium connected nan court, she past threw an disfigured elbow into nan caput of an force while connected offence.

That led to her ejection from nan match, but Cambage was acold from done.

After refusing to time off nan tribunal while trying to get officials to reappraisal nan incident connected video, she stormed up to an charismatic successful a menacing measurement and screamed successful his face, earlier mocking nan crowd and delivering a curtsy.

Cambage (pictured 2nd from left) was yet banned from representing nan Opals again aft her agelong database of indiscretions

Cambage (left) did not endear herself to her Nigerian teammates successful nan WNBA, wherever she was released by nan Los Angeles Sparks team

Basketball fans were speedy to ferocious nan Aussie prima for her actions, calling her a 'clown' and saying 'a leopard doesn't alteration its spots'.

With nan Opals gearing up for a reliable run astatine nan Paris Olympics, respective online commenters said they were gladsome Cambage would not beryllium portion of nan tournament.

'I’m a proud Aussie but Liz is an embarrassment not conscionable to astir Australian’s but to each those ‘fair’ minded players & spectators astir nan world who travel sport,' 1 follower posted.

'Liz has a fewer issues to activity through,' posted another.

'Such a discarded of talent. Could’ve gone down arsenic 1 of nan each clip greats if she wasn’t specified a magnet for drama. So gladsome they booted her from nan Opals. Her behaviour is conscionable downright embarrassing,' added another. 

Cambage’s broadside mislaid nan lucifer 96-85 arsenic Inner Mongolia levelled nan bid 1-1. 

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