Conor Gallagher is left stunned after finding out how far he ran during Chelsea's 3-1 win at Crystal Palace - as midfielder admits his calves began to cramp up before his late decisive goal

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  • Chelsea hit Crystal Palace 3-1 in melodramatic manner connected Monday at Selhurst Park
  • Conor Gallagher scored twice, including an wounded clip extremity to put his broadside ahead
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By Will Pickworth For Mailonline

Published: 04:19 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 04:19 EST, 13 February 2024

Conor Gallagher was near shocked erstwhile discovering really overmuch region he covered during Chelsea's triumph complete Crystal Palace connected Monday.

Mauricio Pochettino's broadside beat nan beleaguered Eagles successful melodramatic fashion astatine Selhurst Park aft coming from down to triumph 3-1, pinch Gallagher and Enzo Fernandez some scoring successful added clip astatine nan extremity of nan 2nd half.

Gallagher had earlier cancelled retired Jefferson Lerma's stunning opener for nan hosts and it intends he now has 3 goals successful 2 games aft antecedently enduring a 34-game extremity drought. 

Selhurst Park has go a happy hunting crushed for nan 24-year-old, pinch nan midfielder scoring 8 times during an awesome indebtedness spell astatine Palace successful 2021-22, earlier netting his first Chelsea extremity location past season.

And, speaking to Sky Sports post-match, Gallagher reflected connected nan triumph earlier he was informed astir really acold he ran during nan victory.

Conor Gallagher was near successful daze aft uncovering retired really overmuch he ran against Crystal Palace

Gallagher scored twice, including an injury-time extremity arsenic nan Blues hit nan Eagles 3-1

'When we scored early successful nan 2nd half it was nan thought we've sewage to spell and triumph this now,' he said.

'It was getting later and later and my calves started to cramp up pinch a fewer minutes to go.

'So to get that extremity and past Enzo to get that 1 astatine nan extremity is an astonishing emotion and nan lads were buzzing.'

Host Dave Jones past interjected and said: 'Well I person a logic why your calves whitethorn person been cramping up. You ran 13km tonight. I deliberation that's nan first clip you've done that successful nan Premier League.'

Gallagher amusingly replied: 'Wow, that's far, init! 

'I ever want to tally arsenic difficult arsenic I tin for nan team. It didn't consciousness for illustration I ran that acold coming because we had truthful overmuch of nan ball, but yea I'm happy.'

Gallagher put his broadside 2-1 up successful nan 91st infinitesimal aft antecedently cancelling retired Palace's opener

The triumph eased nan unit connected Mauricio Pochettino aft past week's triumph complete Aston Villa

The triumph - which was Chelsea's 13th successful a statement against Palace - took nan Blues backmost into nan apical half and they are now conscionable 2 points disconnected nan European places.

It builds upon their 3-1 FA Cup triumph astatine Aston Villa past Wednesday arsenic they look to move nan area aft what seemed to beryllium this season's nadir a week agone connected Sunday erstwhile Pochettino's broadside mislaid 4-2 to Wolves astatine Stamford Bridge. 

They return to convention action connected Saturday erstwhile they recreation to nan Etihad to look Manchester City.