Computer says no! Spain veteran Irene Paredes is bizarrely denied her 100th international cap against Switzerland due to a COMPUTER GLITCH - as the error 'stopped the Spanish FA from updating their squad from the previous match'

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  • Spain boss Montse Tome revealed why Irene Paredes was denied her 100th cap 
  • A machine glitch prevented Spain from registering a matchday squad to UEFA 
  • As a result, Spain's previously registered squad was forced to play connected Tuesday

By Ben Willcocks For Mailonline

Published: 11:33 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 11:59 EDT, 1 November 2023

Spanish seasoned Irene Paredes missed retired connected her 100th world headdress connected Tuesday because of a bizarre machine glitch, Spain coach Montse Tome has explained.

The 32-year-old defender was group to observe nan awesome milestone during Spain's Nations League conflict pinch Switzerland connected Tuesday, but she was amazingly near retired of Tome's matchday squad.

The reigning World Cup champions, who still dominated nan group shape lucifer successful her absence, triumphed 7-1 against nan Swiss and ran riot pinch 5 goals successful nan 2nd half.

Tome revealed aft nan lucifer that Paredes was excluded done nary responsibility of her own, and that a machine correction had alternatively denied nan defender her 100th appearance.

'There was immoderate benignant of machine problem, I was told astir it astatine nan hotel,' she said. 'I had to accommodate to nan business and I went pinch nan starting XI that you saw.' 

Irene Paredes (above) was denied her 100th world headdress owed to a bizarre machine glitch

The defender was not portion of Spain's matchday squad successful Tuesday's 7-1 triumph complete Switzerland

Although Tome refused to elaborate connected nan bizarre action hiccup, reports successful Spain person claimed that nan Spanish shot federation were not capable to update nan squad successful UEFA's charismatic system.

As Paredes had not featured successful Spain's matchday squad against Italy past Friday because of injury, nan centre-back was not registered and had to beryllium retired against Switzerland arsenic a result.

Instead, Spanish guardant Amaiur Sarriegi was mistakenly registered to UEFA arsenic portion of nan exertion contempt being removed from Tome's matchday squad and incapable to play because of a training injury.

Provided machine glitches don't proceed to hamper her career, Paredes will soon go nan 3rd Spain women's prima to scope 100 world caps aft Alexia Putellas and Jenni Hermoso.

Spain coach Montse Tome revealed her removal was owed to 'some benignant of machine problem'

She will yet subordinate Alexia Putellas (left) and Jennifer Hermoso (centre) successful making 100 caps


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