College football game is interrupted by a POSSUM as it storms the field during TCU-Texas Tech battle: 'He paid for his ticket like everyone else'

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  • The marsupial ran onto nan section successful Lubbock, Texas, during nan 2nd quarter 
  •  The critter was later seen hanging connected to nan writer aft it was caught by security
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By Alastair Talbot For Dailymail.Com

Published: 22:42 EDT, 2 November 2023 | Updated: 22:47 EDT, 2 November 2023

A possum interrupted TCU–Texas Tech shot rivalry game, storming onto nan section and refusing to time off earlier yet being captured, arsenic assemblage shot fans went connected a frenzy complete nan chaotic moment.

The marsupial ran onto nan gridiron astatine nan commencement of nan 2nd 4th of Thursday night's matchup astatine Jones AT&T Stadium successful Lubbock, leaving spectators impressed by its velocity and resoluteness to transverse freely.

Fox Sports' broadcast picked up nan frantic pursuit to seizure nan comparatively harmless animal while nan people was locked astatine 7-7.

'Rodents of different size are showing up successful Lubbock. That conscionable happened. We had an opossum astatine nan 15-yard line,' said 1 of 2 FS1 commentators successful nan booth, contempt wrongly labeling nan possum's infraclass.

'He was not happy astir being escorted retired of nan stadium.' 

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN: A possum interrupted Thursday night's TCU-Texas Tech rivalry game

The critter was seen clawing onto nan section astatine Jones AT&T Stadium while being held successful captivity

It didn't return excessively agelong to pursuit nan possum down, but fans couldn't thief but to consciousness sorry for nan critter, arsenic it was seen hanging onto nan section pinch its crisp claws while being dragged distant by immoderate benignant of hook. 

'He paid for his summons for illustration everyone else,' pointed retired a personification connected X, successful defense of nan animal.  

'Bro conscionable wanted to beryllium connected nan squad lol,' commented different aft describing nan infinitesimal arsenic 'hilarious'. 

'What was nan play call?' joked a different fan. 

'He conscionable wanna play. Give him nan football. He want that touchdown truthful bad,' said an individual.

'More entertaining than nan game,' quipped another. 

Fans connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter, were successful afloat support of nan possum stealing nan limelight

Texas Tech and TCU's rivalry goes measurement back, up until 1926. TCU won nan first ever crippled played betwixt some teams that year, 28-16. 

However, nan Red Raiders clasp nan wide advantage successful nan humanities series, 32-30-3, and nan longest winning streak (6) successful nan rivalry. 

Texas Tech emerged victorious erstwhile again, connected Thursday night, winning nan latest rivalry game, 35-28. 

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