Clayton Oliver reveals what REALLY caused him to be hospitalised as Melbourne star opens up on 'stressful' post-season period that has put him on thin ice with his club

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  • Clayton Oliver has surgery his soundlessness connected his turbulent off-season 
  • The footy prima was hospitalised 3 weeks ago 
  • He says nan past fewer weeks person been 'stressful' 

By Ollie Lewis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 04:50 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 16:25 EDT, 31 October 2023

Clayton Oliver has put to furniture 'nonsense' rumours astir his off-field issues arsenic nan Melbourne prima revealed what really happened nan time he was hospitalised.

Oliver, 26, had a difficult 2023 pinch speculation surrounding his professionalism raised, sparking uncertainty complete his early pinch nan Demons.

As a result, he was nan taxable of waste and acquisition reports while stories relating to his off-field behaviour circulated. 

He spent a short stint successful infirmary 3 weeks agone pursuing a seizure that resulted successful a caput injury, and, speaking to 7NEWS, Oliver says he has been nether a batch of unit physically and mentally. 

'It's been a small spot stressful, it usually doesn't get to me,' he said. 

Clayton Oliver has surgery his soundlessness connected his turbulent post-season issues

The Melbourne midfielder is connected bladed crystal pinch his nine complete behavioural issues

Oliver revealed that a operation of deficiency of slumber from stress, medicine narcotics and a large time astatine nan gym led to his illness astatine teammate Joel Smith's house. 

'I return medicine for my ADHD, truthful I've been talking to doctors astir that for a while now, and benignant of been light-headed and precocious bosom rate, it benignant of affects maine a adjacent bit, and I benignant of fainted that time disconnected nan Wattbike,' Oliver said.

'Was successful furniture sleeping astatine Joel's and sewage up to get a drink, and nan adjacent point I knew I was connected nan ground.'

Oliver's connection comes aft Melbourne main Gary Pert penned an explosive missive to fans successful which he efficaciously put nan midfielder connected notice, while coach Simon Goodwin has besides warned him to adhere to nan club's 'minimum standards of behaviour'.  

But nan superstar said he was acold from pleased that his individual issues person been dragged into nan spotlight erstwhile again.

'I thought it was each put to bed,' he said. 'But, yeah, fewer issues connected my behalf that are adjacent enough. But I don't cognize why it's travel retired again.

'If they didn't want maine (I would person left).

'Didn't want to time off - emotion nan club, emotion nan boys. Love Goody, ever looked aft maine - sewage my back. Rides maine difficult but successful a bully way. I beryllium my profession to him. I'd ne'er time off personification who's been truthful loyal to me.

'I conscionable want to put my champion ft guardant for nan club, beryllium nan champion teammate I tin beryllium and champion personification for nan Melbourne Football Club,' he said. 

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