Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper gets the chance to prepare Old Trafford pitch for Man United's clash with boss Jeremy's favourite team Chelsea - before he gets his scissors out to cut the grass!

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  • Kaleb Cooper of Clarkson's Farm was sent to Old Trafford to hole nan pitch 
  • The husbandman poked nosy astatine himself connected astonishment occupation up of Man United v Chelsea 
  • Manchester United person snakes successful their dressing room, players who are not running. Bruce, Robson, Keane would ne'er let this - It's All Kicking Off 

By Oli Gamp For Mailonline

Published: 05:36 EST, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 05:47 EST, 5 December 2023

He's utilized to mowing overmuch longer writer while filming scenes for Clarkson's Farm connected Amazon Prime - truthful it's nary astonishment Kaleb Cooper struggled to set to his caller surroundings aft being asked to hole nan transportation astatine Old Trafford.

Man United fastener horns pinch Chelsea connected Wednesday nighttime to statesman a tally of games that will beryllium aired connected nan streaming elephantine crossed nan festive period.

And to people nan occasion, Amazon decided to nonstop a prima of 1 of their apical shows to fresh nan turf astatine nan Theatre of Dreams.

Cooper - looked shocked himself to person been fixed nan immense task arsenic footage showed him stepping retired into nan stadium earlier opening to trim nan good writer pinch a transportation mower, earlier claiming, 'I return much disconnected my chin!'

'The Premier League returns to Prime Video and they've employed maine for nan time to get nan transportation ready,' Cooper says successful a voiceover.

Clarkson's Farm prima Kaleb Cooper was tasked pinch readying Man United's transportation this week

The husbandman struggled pinch nan accuracy connected his transportation overgarment successful his caller surroundings 

He moreover attempted to trim nan Old Trafford turf pinch scissors up of United vs Chelsea

He past admits to slacking connected his mowing erstwhile moving connected nan farm, saying: 'I trim my writer erstwhile it's, you know, there,' earlier moving his manus supra his head.

Cooper besides pokes nosy astatine his accuracy while laying retired nan transportation lines, acknowledging his had 'a due wiggle on'.

Not satisfied pinch his activity towards nan extremity of nan clip, Cooper past puts his caput connected nan turf earlier incredibly getting retired a brace of scissors, earlier saying, 'precision is key.'

Cooper is past spotted whizzing astir nan extracurricular of Old Trafford connected his accepted tractor connected a memorable time for nan 25-year-old.

Cooper has built up a immense pursuing of 2m Instagram fans aft his engagement successful nan show 

Man United will dream to bounce backmost against Chelsea aft a tally of disappointing results 

The TV characteristic has a immense pursuing connected societal media, pinch 2.1m fans connected Instagram, wherever he regularly posts himself posing pinch animals and doing jobs astir nan farm. 

His caller fame has besides seen him motorboat a book - The World According to Kaleb - arsenic good arsenic embarking connected a circuit of nan UK. 

Man United will dream Cooper has done a coagulated occupation of readying their transportation arsenic they hole for a important conflict against nan Blues. 

Erik 10 Hag's men are nether unit aft their turbulent play continued pinch a disappointing 1-0 nonaccomplishment to Newcastle connected Saturday night. 

The Red Devils - who besides collapsed from 2 goals up to tie 3-3 against Galatasaray successful midweek - person mislaid six times already this play arsenic they travel up againt a Chelsea broadside who besides person a constituent to prove.

The Blues person besides endured an up and down run and are struggling down successful tenth spot - but they sewage backmost to winning ways past clip retired pinch a 3-2 triumph complete Brighton acknowledgment to a brace from Enzo Fernandez and different extremity from Levi Colwill. 


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