Cindy Crawford is effortlessly chic in arty skirt and emerald green leather jacket for dinner at Nobu Malibu with husband Rande Gerber

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Published: 10:43 EDT, 3 April 2024 | Updated: 10:45 EDT, 3 April 2024

Cindy Crawford was a imagination of style for meal pinch her hubby Rande Gerber and a friend astatine nan A-list approved edifice Nobu Malibu.  

The mates were successful precocious spirits arsenic they departed nan eatery together pursuing an evening catching up pinch their pal connected Tuesday. 

Cindy, who precocious graced the screen of Remix magazine, was a imagination of style successful an effortlessly chic look combining a flowing skirt pinch a slick emerald greenish overgarment draped complete her shoulders.

She donned an edgy achromatic 'California' tee beneath her leather overgarment and slipped her feet into peep toed heels.

The model, 58, carried a shopping container and mini taupe handbag.

Cindy Crawford was a imagination of style for meal astatine nan A-list approved edifice Nobu Malibu pinch her hubby Rande Gerber connected Tuesday evening

Her locks were styled into beachy waves that framed her people gorgeous complexion.

As for Rande, 61, nan businessman was looking smart yet laid-back successful a achromatic fastener down, belted jeans, and grey jacket.

Rande handed nan valet a extremity arsenic they held nan doorway to nan car unfastened for himself and his wife.

Cindy and Rande person been joined since 1998 and stock boy Presley, 24, and girl Kaia, 22, together.

Like Cindy, Kaia has launched her ain successful modeling career.

Kaia opened up astir her narration pinch her mother backmost successful November, gushing astir nan supermodel while besides jokingly adding her mom still 'embarrasses' her.

'She is simply a cool mom and she still embarrasses maine constantly,' nan budding exemplary humorously told People. 'But it's good! It brings maine backmost down to earth...I astir apt embarrass her perpetually arsenic well.'

'I do consciousness for illustration we've established a really beardown enslaved and relationship extracurricular of conscionable a mother-daughter dynamic, which has been truthful nosy for maine complete nan past fewer years,' Kaia expressed.

Rande offered nan valet a extremity arsenic they climbed into their car

Cindy and Rande person been joined since 1998 and stock boy Presley, 24, and girl Kaia, 22, together; pictured 2017

Cindy besides joined successful connected nan question and reply astatine nan event, and Gerber told her mother, 'But, possibly I would kick a small spot much to you than I would to different person, but I wouldn't opportunity thing different than that.'

The prima replied, 'But I deliberation erstwhile we activity together, it's really nary different than if I was moving pinch different professional.'

'I consciousness for illustration erstwhile I'm astatine activity pinch you, it's not like, "Oh, I americium pinch my daughter. She's besides Kaia and she has her ain spot successful nan world."'

Last month, Cindy shared her fittingness and beauty tips during an question and reply pinch The Cut: 'Setting realistic goals and having consistency complete clip is what you announcement complete nan years.'

'With food, I effort to beryllium 80 percent good, 80 percent of nan time. I'm not going to opportunity I activity retired each day,' she admitted to nan outlet. 'I effort to activity retired 3 to 4 days a week, and immoderate weeks I don't moreover get that.'

She besides shared nan portion of proposal she adheres to herself and has besides imparted to her ain children: 'Start pinch 1 mini thing, and erstwhile you do that, that gives you nan assurance to tackle nan adjacent thing. I do that successful each areas of my life.'

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