Chris Eubank Snr speaks on the pain of losing his brother - two years after the tragic death of his son - following a five-year 'soul-destroying' battle with dementia: 'He had been living locked in his own body for the last two years'

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  • Chris Eubank Snr's relative Simon passed distant past period astatine nan property of 61
  • Eubank Snr has opened up connected his brother's lengthy conflict pinch dementia
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By Sam Brookes For Mailonline

Published: 04:48 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 06:09 EDT, 31 October 2023

Boxing fable Chris Eubank Jr has paid a rubbing tribute to his relative Simon aft he passed distant pursuing a lengthy conflict pinch dementia astatine nan property of 61 past month.

Simon's decease was confirmed successful September, pinch his boy Harlem - who besides boxes - posting a heartfelt tribute connected X soon afterwards.

Eubank Snr has now opened up connected nan suffering his relative went done successful his last days surviving successful a attraction location aft being diagnosed pinch dementia 5 years ago.

The 57-year-old revealed he was heartbroken by nan loss, but admitted his relative 'is genuinely astatine remainder now'.

'Simon had frontal lobe dementia,' Eubank Snr explained successful an question and reply pinch The Sun.

Chris Eubank Snr (right) has paid an affectional tribute to his relative Simon aft his passing

Simon passed distant past period pursuing a lengthy conflict pinch frontal lobe dementia

Eubank Snr has admitted he is grateful is relative is 'truly astatine remainder now' aft his suffering

'He had been surviving locked successful his ain assemblage for nan past 2 years. To spot personification spasming each nan clip they’re awake for a twelvemonth and a half is soul-destroying,' Eubank Sr told The Sun.

'My relative ever showed maine love, he ever protected me. Simon saved my life once. He is nan 1 who genuinely loved maine and that is why I recited Corinthians 1:13 astatine his funeral.

'It talks astir really emotion is nan astir powerful of each things, and I recited that for him and for what he did for me. In galore respects, it is mercy that he has near us. He is genuinely astatine remainder now.'

Eubank Snr was known for his warrior-like mentality successful nan ringing that saw him triumph world titles successful 2 weight divisions, while besides taking important reward during his 13-year master career.

Despite being progressive successful immoderate gruelling battles, he claims he is not concerned astir processing dementia himself arsenic he has been moving difficult connected 'keeping my representation successful shape'.

'You person to train your brain. What I person recovered to beryllium bully is committing to representation philosophies and past reciting them to audiences,' he said.

'I person combatted it successful that way. I trained myself passim my profession to beryllium cognitive, ever keeping my representation successful style by committing those poems to memory.

'Throughout my profession I was clever. I sewage deed a fewer times, nary doubt. I’ve had immoderate unspeakable harm done but obscurity for illustration a batch of fighters.'

Eubank Snr has endured an incredibly difficult play successful his life, pinch his brother's passing coming conscionable 2 years aft his boy Sebastian died aft suffering a bosom attack, aged conscionable 29.

Reflecting connected nan nonaccomplishment of his son, he conceded he would ne'er beryllium capable to travel to position pinch his death.

'I will ne'er get complete losing Sebastian,' Eubank Snr continued. 

Eubank Snr now treats Simon's boy Harlem (pictured) arsenic his ain boy aft his brother's death

Harlem will conflict Germany's Timo Schwarzkopf (right) successful Brighton adjacent month

'That was my boy. You spell done weeks of being fine. Then each of a abrupt it comes into my mind and I will cry. Spiritually he is successful a amended place, I cognize that and I americium astatine bid pinch that. But nan physicality of that nonaccomplishment I will ne'er get over. Ever.'

The Eubank family look to person been brought person together pursuing nan caller tragedies, pinch Chris Eubank Jr regularly being seen taking attraction of Sebastian's boy Raheem, who was calved soon earlier his begetter passed away.

Eubank Snr has besides stated he now treats Simon's boy Harlem, who was sat alongside him during nan interview, for illustration his ain arsenic he continues to make strides successful his boxing career.

Harlem is unbeaten successful 18 fights arsenic a professional, and is group to measurement into nan ringing for nan first clip since his dad's passing erstwhile he takes connected Germany's Timo Schwarzkopf connected November 10 successful Brighton. 

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