Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn are looking to finalise their grudge match - despite the latter 'having application to fight rejected'... from failed drug tests to mooted Middle East venues - here's the story of Britain's most anticipated bout

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Chris Eunbank Jr and Conor Benn are hoping to finalise a woody to belatedly unafraid their grudge lucifer - contempt nan ongoing ineligible business tied to nan latter's 2 grounded narcotics tests.

Benn and Eubank had initially signed to conflict past October earlier nan showdown was scrapped erstwhile Benn's 2 affirmative tests for clomifene came to light. 

However, successful September, nan 27-year-old was cleared by UKAD and was seemingly told that he was free to conflict successful nan UK erstwhile again. 

Mail Sport revealed this week that only insignificant specifications connected Eubank's broadside are yet to beryllium resolved, pinch an announcement believed to beryllium imminent for a bout that will return spot astatine nan Tottenham Hotspur Stadium connected February 3. 

However, a spanner was thrown into nan useful aft reports that Benn's exertion to conflict was rejected by nan British Boxing Board of Control. 

Here, Mail Sport looks astatine each of nan issues that person held up 1 of British boxing's astir highly-anticipated bouts. 

Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn are hoping to finalise a woody to unafraid their grudge match 

Promoter Eddie Hearn has been keen to get nan conflict booked contempt nan ongoing ineligible conflict surrounding Benn's two grounded narcotics tests

Hearn has revealed plans to shape nan conflict astatine nan Tottenham Hotspur Stadium adjacent year

Eubank and Benn were initially scheduled to conflict successful October past twelvemonth earlier nan second submitted 2 affirmative VADA narcotics tests anterior to nan projected bout. 

The brace had been group to renew an aged family feud stretching backmost decades erstwhile their highly anticipated bout was scheduled successful 2022.

The promoters of some fighters tried to support nan conflict on, but erstwhile lawyers grounded to get a High Court injunction nan conflict was shelved. 

Throughout nan investigation, Benn maintained his innocence and spent 'hundreds and thousands' connected scientists to clear his sanction aft traces of clomiphene were recovered successful his samples. 

During an question and reply pinch Mail Sport past month, Benn revealed he had struggled to travel to position pinch nan truth group will ever subordinate his sanction pinch past year's affirmative supplier tests and revealed really his begetter slumped into heavy depression during nan tallness of his clomifene case. 

When asked really he felt astir nan truth group will ever subordinate his sanction pinch nan adverse finding, Benn said: 'You cognize what, it was really difficult for maine to judge astatine 1 stage. I was thinking, I don't moreover want to fight. If this is really it's going to be, I don't moreover want to fight. 

'It took my emotion distant from boxing. From everything. The quicker you travel to position pinch it, nan quicker you judge it, this is what it is. If I could alteration nan testing that they do for clomifene, past successful nan end, it will beryllium person been worthy it. 

'I still wanted to activity pinch UKAD, irrelevant of nan outside. I americium consenting to activity pinch them and that goes without saying. I wouldn't person spent each this money, hundreds of thousands connected ineligible fees and scientists for nothing'. 

Benn revealed nan intelligence battles that came pursuing his 2 affirmative supplier trial results

A provisional suspension imposed connected Benn by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) was lifted by nan independent National Anti-Doping Panel successful July 

To his delight, a provisional suspension imposed by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) was lifted by nan independent National Anti-Doping Panel successful July this year. 

It allowed Benn to make a return to boxing successful Orlando successful September - aft a seven-month hiatus - wherever he cruised to a unanimous-decision points triumph complete Rodolfo Orozco.

Benn was free to get his profession backmost up and moving complete successful nan States, meaning promoter Eddie Hearn recovered room for him connected DAZN's Richardson Hitchins vs Jose Zepeda paper successful Orlando. 

However, UKAD and nan British Boxing Board of Control decided to lodge an entreaty against nan determination made by nan National Anti-Doping Panel.

Mail Sport understands an entreaty whitethorn not beryllium heard, fto unsocial resolved, until December aliases January astatine nan earliest. 

However, Hearn remains keen connected Benn being capable to proceed his profession successful nan UK while nan process remains ongoing and he is not suspended by UKAD.

So Hearn, earlier this month, said that nan conflict was apt to return place, aft antecedently revealing hopes nan conflict could return spot successful December aliases January. 

The Matchroom Boxing promoter told iFL TV last month: 'Our broadside pinch Conor Benn and nan broadside of Kalle Sauerland and Chris Eubank want to move guardant and make that fight.

'We consciousness that because of nan business pinch Conor Benn's suspension being lifted and winning that lawsuit that he should beryllium allowed and capable to conflict successful nan UK.

'We're speaking to nan British Boxing Board of Control. We deliberation legally there's nary logic why he shouldn't beryllium allowed to conflict successful nan UK but it's their decision.'

The BBBofC's wide caput Robert Smith (left) insisted respective issues are still outstanding

Smith refuted nan claims of Benn's promoter Eddie Hearn that he has cleared his name

However, soon aft Hearn's claims, nan BBBoC came retired and refuted nan proposal that Benn should had cleared his sanction and was eligible to fight. 

British Boxing main Robert Smith, talking to talkSPORT, said: 'Although it's a sport, we don't woody pinch teams, we woody pinch individuals.

'And sometimes group look aft themselves alternatively than nan athletics successful general, which is somewhat disappointing. 

'I understand why they do it, but nary I don't deliberation he should beryllium boxing. Personally I don't deliberation he should beryllium boxing until this matter is cleared. Hopefully that'll beryllium done arsenic soon arsenic possible.'

Smith continued: 'He hasn't cleared it (his name), a number of issues are still outstanding which everybody's alert of.

'We've decided to entreaty a determination and erstwhile nan entreaty has taken spot we'll return it connected committee from there.

'But erstwhile Eddie says he's cleared his name, according to america we haven't had an mentation of really nan affirmative trial came about, truthful I don't rather work together pinch Eddie connected that one.'

Shortly aft their statement, Hearn agreed a woody for Benn to conflict Eubank Jr successful nan Middle East connected December 23 successful nan arena that Benn was not cleared to container successful Britain.

However, successful nan latest move of events, Hearn has now revealed that Benn's conflict pinch Eubank Jr will astir apt return spot astatine nan Tottenham Hotspur Stadium connected February 3. 

Hearn had agreed for a bout betwixt Benn and Eubank Jr to return spot successful nan Middle East amid fears that he would not beryllium allowed to container successful nan UK

The moving target is for nan conflict to beryllium staged astatine nan Tottenham Hotspur Stadium betwixt Spurs's location games connected January 30 and February 10. 

And Benn appeared to corroborate nan day for his grudge conflict pinch Eubank Jr, arsenic nan 2 rivals exchanged words connected societal media connected Monday. 

Benn and Eubank exchanged words connected X, successful which nan erstwhile appeared to corroborate that nan conflict will return spot connected Saturday, February 3. 

The first changeable was taken by Benn who wrote: 'I can't hold to punch you successful nan caput @ChrisEubankJr.'

In response, Eubank told Benn that he was a 'dead man walking'.

Benn fired back: 'I'll punctual you of this erstwhile you are being scraped up disconnected nan f*****g canvas. Feb 3 I'm ending your career.'

However, location remains uncertainty complete nan conflict taking spot aft TalkSport's Michael Benson reported that nan exertion has been rejected while nan entreaty successful Benn's UKAD lawsuit is ongoing.

'The committee consciousness immoderate jock who has grounded a narcotics trial needs to spell done an investigation pinch nan due authorities and that hasn't happened,' BBBC's Robert Smith is reported to person said.

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