Chiefs star Harrison Butker slammed by Taylor Swift fans after using her lyrics in controversial speech

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  • Harrison Butker took purpose astatine nan LGBTQ+ organization successful his 20-minute speech
  • Taylor Swift's fans labelled Butker a 'misogynist d***head' aft nan address
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By Leocciano Callao

Published: 12:11 EDT, 15 May 2024 | Updated: 12:23 EDT, 15 May 2024

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker is receiving an onslaught from Taylor Swift fans for utilizing her lyrics successful his arguable commencement speech.

Butker, 28, delivered nan reside astatine Benedictine College connected May 11 and was instantly slammed for criticizing women, taking purpose astatine nan LGBTQ+ community, and criticizing US President Joe Biden for supporting abortion.

Without naming nan 14-time Grammy winner, Butker referenced Swift's narration pinch his teammate Travis Kelce earlier quoting her 2022 opus Bejeweled.

'As my teammate's woman says: Familiarity breeds contempt,' Butker told nan graduates. Upon learning astir nan mention, Swifties quickly jumped connected societal media to telephone Butker retired for his message.

'Who's going to show Harrison Butker you can't quote Taylor Swift erstwhile being a misogynistic d***head,' 1 personification wrote connected X.

Harrison Butker was slammed by Taylor Swift fans aft utilizing her lyrics successful arguable speech

Without naming Swift, Butker quoted her 2022 opus Bejeweled successful nan commencement address

The Chiefs kicker was slammed for criticizing women and taking purpose astatine nan LGBTQ community

'Oh, Harrison Butker, I don't deliberation you grasped nan connection of nan Taylor Swift opus you quoted,' different added. 'Go perceive to each her albums arsenic homework.'

'The truth that Harrison Butker who plays connected nan chiefs was this homophobic AND brought up a Taylor Swift lyric to beryllium his constituent that women should beryllium homemakers and that abortion is execution is disgusting,' a 3rd noted.

Ever unfastened astir his blimpish Catholic worldviews, Butker insisted that women should enactment astatine location and raise children alternatively of working. He also urged antheral students to 'be unapologetic astir your masculinity.'

'For nan ladies coming today, congratulations connected an astonishing accomplishment,' Butker said successful his 20-minute address. 'I want to speak straight to you because I deliberation it is you, nan women, who person had nan astir diabolical lies told to you. How galore of you are sitting present now, astir to transverse this stage, and are reasoning astir each nan promotions and titles you are going to get successful your career?'

'Some of you whitethorn spell connected to lead successful careers successful nan world, but I would task to conjecture that nan mostly of you are astir excited astir your matrimony and nan children you will bring into this world.'

Before utilizing her lyrics, Butker addressed swift arsenic 'My teammate's (Travis Kelce) girlfriend'

In his 20-minute speech, Butker besides criticized US President Joe Biden for supporting abortion 

Butker added that his woman Isabelle 'would beryllium nan first to opportunity her life genuinely started erstwhile she started surviving her vocation arsenic a woman and mother.' He past praised his partner for '[embracing] 1 of nan astir important titles of all: Homemaker.'

'Fight against nan taste emasculation of men,' He urged nan antheral graduates. 'Part of what plagues our nine is this dishonesty that has been told to you that men are not basal successful nan location aliases our communities. As men, we group nan reside of nan culture, and erstwhile that is absent, disorder, dysfunction, and chaos group in.'

Neither Swift nor Kelce person commented connected nan arguable speech.

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