Cher Hits No. 1 On A Billboard Chart She’s Never Appeared On Before

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Cher astatine "Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love" held astatine Avalon Hollywood connected March 2, 2023 successful ... [+] Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)

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Halloween whitethorn person conscionable passed and Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but according to Cher, it's Christmastime. The vocalist precocious released her first vacation collection, an medium aptly titled Christmas, which brings her to a Billboard floor plan she has ne'er seen earlier successful her storied career.

Christmas arrives connected nan newly-reinstated Top Holiday Albums chart. Billboard compiles nan database each week, starting successful precocious October and continuing into January of nan pursuing year, listing nan most-consumed vacation albums utilizing a methodology that combines income and streams.

The newly-released Christmas is not conscionable Cher's first placement connected nan Top Holiday Albums chart, it's besides a awesome triumph and a awesome measurement to reintroduce nan database now that nan upwind is turning cool again. The title opens astatine No. 1, giving Cher rather nan early present.

According to information shared by Luminate, Christmas arrives pinch astir 21,000 balanced medium units shifted successful its debut week. Billboard points retired that of that almost nan entirety of that sum, aliases 20,000 copies, are axenic purchases. Fans streaming nan title made up astir of nan rest.

At nan aforesaid clip that Christmas arrives astatine No. 1 connected nan Top Holiday Albums chart, nan full-length besides appears connected respective different rankings. Most notably, nan jolly title starts astatine No. 32 connected nan Billboard 200, which ranks albums and EPs of each genres successful position of depletion numbers.

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