Chelsea 'will install brand-new Israeli supporters group banner for Carabao Cup tie on Wednesday' after old flag with Star of David was removed

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  • Premier League person banned flags from grounds amid Israel-Hamas conflict 
  • The supporters group antecedently dubbed nan banner determination 'anti-Semitic' 
  • New banner will beryllium successful spot arsenic Chelsea meet Blackburn Rovers connected Wednesday 

By Tamara Prenn For Mailonline

Published: 09:42 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 12:06 EDT, 31 October 2023

Chelsea will look to instal a marque caller banner for its Israeli supporters group up of their Carabao Cup necktie against Blackburn Rovers connected Wednesday, according to reports. 

The original banner featured elements of nan Israeli emblem - including nan Jewish Star of David - and nan nine instructed nan group to return it down aft receiving guidance from the Premier League after nan organisation issued a prohibition connected nan flags of some Israel and Palestine wrong their grounds. 

Amidst roiling conflict betwixt Israel and Hamas successful Gaza, a number of supporters person flouted nan prohibition pinch Israeli and Palestinian flags displayed successful nan stands astatine ties featuring clubs specified arsenic Liverpool and Tottenham. 

As per Mail Sport, Chelsea offered to redesign and salary for a impermanent banner, but nan group besides asked for nan Star of David to beryllium included - a recognized awesome of Judaism. 

According to Telegraph Sport, Chelsea are insistent that Premier League guidance - which besides applies to items that are implicitly pro-Israel aliases pro-Palestine - took nan matter retired of their hands. 

The aged banner featured elements of nan Israeli emblem including nan Jewish Star of David symbol

However, nan Premier League insist immoderate determination connected nan contents of a banner has been near to individual clubs. 

The caller banner will characteristic nan words 'Chelsea Israeli Supporters Club' and nan club's lion crest, and has been paid for by nan nine itself. 

The supporters group caput Yarin Levi praised nan club's swift response, sharing: 'We're really happy that our banner should beryllium backmost up successful clip for nan Blackburn game.

'Whilst we're disappointed that nan Premier League guidance included not having nan Star of David, we're grateful for each nan thief Chelsea FC person offered during this atrocious time.

'We're pleased that we will proceed to beryllium represented successful nan stadium, astatine nan nine we love, and we judge that nan beingness of our banner is important for Jewish and Israeli Chelsea fans worldwide.

'We look guardant to nan Premier League guidance being lifted, and our original banner being backmost successful place.'

Levi antecedently described nan determination to region nan emblem arsenic 'anti-Semitic', and deed retired astatine nan Premier League itself. 

Banned Israeli flags were spotted during Tottenham's lucifer against Fulham past week 

Palestinian flags were besides displayed during Liverpool's Europa League conflict pinch Toulouse

'The Premier League says location is nary room for racism unless you are Jewish,' Levi said.

'It's ace offensive. The Star of David is really portion of our personality and it has caused a batch of upset and anger successful nan group.' 

The position of nan banner sees it beryllium cheek-by-jowl pinch a banner for a Pakistan supporters group, which includes nan Islamic awesome of nan crescent and star. 

Arsenal supporters group Jewish Gooners besides show a banner wrong nan Emirates which includes nan Star of David symbol, but this is yet to beryllium removed by nan club.  


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