Chelsea's hire and fire culture is BACK! Todd Boehly is axeing managers at a greater rate than Roman Abramovich ever did as Mauricio Pochettino joins Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter on the scrapheap

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The occupation explanation for nan adjacent Chelsea head - apt being drafted arsenic we speak pursuing nan almost-shock departure of Mauricio Pochettino connected Tuesday - is 1 afloat of contradictions. 

The Blues' hierarchy, now led by co-controlling owners Behdad Eghbali and Jose Feliciano and tally by co-sporting board Paul Winstanley and Lawrence Stewart are thought to want personification 'young and progressive' - but pinch capable acquisition to bring silverware and Champions League shot backmost to Stamford Bridge. 

The caller head will beryllium tasked pinch crafting a caller personality and building a 'project' astatine nan club, while simultaneously having next-to-no domiciled successful subordinate recruitment. 

And they will person to negociate a squad of raw, under-experienced talents pinch compassion arsenic good arsenic a instrumentality guidelines utilized to results astatine gait and disgruntled aft 2 turbulent seasons. Needless to say, it is not a domiciled that is filled easily. 

Since nan May 2022 takeover and nan extremity of nan Roman Abramovich era successful westbound London, nan image coming is scarcely recognisable to supporters that followed nan nine through their glory days successful nan 2000s and 2010s. Instead of battling astatine nan apical of nan table, Chelsea fans were apt delighted to declare sixth spot aft ending nan 2022-23 play successful 12th - and silverware remains a distant dream contempt a number of cup last appearances. 

Mauricio Pochettino's exit by communal consent connected Tuesday had each nan hallmarks of a classical Chelsea dismissal

The erstwhile Spurs head arrived astatine Stamford Bridge connected a activity of optimism 11 months ago

Chelsea's co-controlling proprietor Behdad Eghbali (left) and sporting board Paul Winstanley and Lawrence Steward (right, L-R) were down nan decision

But 1 characteristic of Chelsea's caller past has remained, and it's 1 nary different nine would ever envy - a dense manus erstwhile it comes to hiring and firing. 

In conscionable 2 years, Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital's consortium person moreover managed to outdo nan trigger-hungry oligarch. Abramovich's 19 years arsenic Chelsea's paymaster saw him oversee 15 managerial stints, aliases 0.78 metaphorical managers a year. In conscionable complete 2 years, BlueCo person watched 5 men effort - and neglect - to wrench Chelsea into nan caller era, much than double nan Russian's rate.   

Their first, Thomas Tuchel, was inherited, but nan German head came pinch pedigree. Not only had nan 50-year-old antecedently managed astatine clubs including Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain, he was considered 1 of nan modern game's finest tacticians. 

He had besides managed to propulsion disconnected a task which mightiness person seemed intolerable astatine nan commencement of nan 2020-21 season, erstwhile nan Blues were stuttering nether Frank Lampard, successful winning nan Champions League. 

A Super Cup and Club World Cup triumph nan pursuing play some helped to bolster Tuchel's position astatine Stamford Bridge, arsenic did nan then-coach's thoughtful efforts to guideline nan nine done nan commencement of Russia's penetration of Ukraine. 

With Abramovich promptly sanctioned by nan UK government, Tuchel pledged to 'drive a seven-seater' to Lillie himself to spot Chelsea characteristic successful their Champions League necktie if nan nine could not circumvent their mandated recreation cap. Forced arsenic nan club's nationalist look to opine connected everything from his owner, to nan warfare itself, each nan measurement done to nan title for nan European top-flight positions, nan caput coach appeared to correspond a fig of stableness and continuity during nan turbulency down nan scenes. 

Pochettino's exit could yet spark a dressing room revolt owed to his relationship pinch nan players

Thomas Tuchel had capable in installments successful nan slope aft winning nan Champions League successful 2021

But nan caput coach was not seen to beryllium connected committee pinch nan caller ownership's imagination of nan future

But for each of his talents, Tuchel's divisiveness had seen him ushered towards nan exit successful some Paris and Dortmund and his clip astatine Chelsea came to a likewise murky end, conscionable 100 days aft BlueCo's takeover. 

Results connected nan transportation were shaky. Chelsea sat sixth successful nan array that September, and had started their Champions League run pinch a dismal 1-0 conclusion to Dinamo Zagreb successful Croatia. But nan cracks were much salient distant for nan pitch, amid speculation that Tuchel had mislaid nan support of a number of cardinal voices successful nan dressing room. 

Even much telling was Boehly's post-mortem successful nan days aft Tuchel was fired. 

'Our imagination for nan nine was to find a head who really wanted to collaborate pinch us, a coach who really wanted to collaborate,' nan American main executive said. 

'There are a batch of walls to break down astatine Chelsea. Before, nan first squad and academy didn't really stock data, didn't stock accusation astir wherever nan apical players were coming from. Our extremity is to bring a squad together; each of that needs to beryllium a well-oiled machine.

'The reality of our determination was that we weren't judge that Thomas saw it nan aforesaid measurement we saw it. No 1 is correct aliases wrong, we conscionable didn't person a shared imagination for nan future. It wasn't astir Zagreb, it was astir nan shared imagination for what we wanted Chelsea to look like.' 

The sentiment continues to loom ample contempt its imaginable for clouded decision-making. It would later go clear that moreover nan ownership believed they mightiness person misstepped pinch their hasty dismissal of nan erstwhile coach. 

Co-controlling proprietor Todd Boehly has been keen to posit nan nine arsenic a activity successful progress

Chelsea's first effort astatine a task head - Graham Potter - struggled to get disconnected nan ground

The erstwhile Brighton caput coach struggled pinch a immense squad and definite beardown egos wrong it 

Mail Sport revealed successful May 2023 that it was accepted contented wrong nan club's walls that connected nan heels of a bumper transportation model that summertime - nan first of a number - nan nine should person held connected to Tuchel for nan play successful a bid to group up an orderly transition. 

None of nan conditions of Tuchel's sacking primed conditions for his replacement later that month. Graham Potter was a head acold much emblematic of nan caller ownership's imagination for nan club, a progressive and imaginative caput coach who had over-achieved pinch Brighton. 

The southbound seashore nine person often been cited arsenic a exemplary for Chelsea's caller era owed to their blase usage of data, and nan Seagulls person been pilfered much than erstwhile arsenic Chelsea person sought to replicate their look pinch on-pitch talents, sporting directors, and coaches each moving northbound to London. 

But for each of Potter's awesome activity pinch his erstwhile club, nan first upland to climb for nan incoming coach successful autumn 2022 was a raft of a transfers he hadn't requested. Some, for illustration erstwhile Arsenal target-man Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, had to specifically advocated for by his predecessor. 

Difficult excessively was nan measurement up. Potter had ne'er attended a Champions League match, fto unsocial managed a two-time victor against a seven-time champion successful AC Milan, nan Blues' group shape rivals. 

A prolonged break for nan 2022 World Cup successful Qatar scythed done nan club's budding momentum, and Potter's chances of uncovering harmony wrong his over-stuffed squad was further hampered by different wallet-draining transportation model walk which brought players including World Cup victor and Enzo Fernandez and Mykhailo Mudryk to westbound London. Grappling for balance, Chelsea fumbled to 11th. 

Bruno Saltor oversaw 1 lucifer pursuing nan departure of his aged leader Potter successful April

Frank Lampard was drafted successful strictly arsenic a caretaker but grounded to boost nan souring mood

Despite being reunited pinch his erstwhile players, nan nine fable recovered standards good short

As pinch Pochettino's exit, Potter's marching orders were fixed conscionable arsenic Chelsea looked to move a corner. But nan rot had already group in, pinch excessively galore players emotion nan instability amongst swollen ranks, and Potter's inexperience telling arsenic he gradually mislaid nan dressing room to stars pinch acold bigger egos than his ain humble and good-natured personality. 

With conscionable 2 months near of nan season, BlueCo made nan determination to move connected Potter, nan first of their 'project' managers, pinch his adjunct Bruno Saltor staying connected to oversee conscionable 1 lucifer - a 0-0 tie against Liverpool - earlier fleeing successful his erstwhile boss' footsteps. 

The assignment of Lampard arsenic interim head successful April 2023 ranks among nan ownership's astir baffling. Speculation was rife that Boehly had done truthful connected nan proposal of his adjacent acquaintance James Corden, friends pinch nan Chelsea icon aft gathering him connected A League Of Their Own. 

Lampard was adamant that nan narration betwixt nan 3 men hadn't been a factor, but nan wealthiness of alternatives for nan caput coach's re-appointment weren't altogether persuasive. 

The erstwhile midfielder had earlier successful nan play been fired from Everton, connected nan heels of 11 losses successful nan 14 games earlier his Goodison Park ejection. Hope that he would supply Chelsea fans with a consciousness of nostalgia and boost squad spirits among nan bloated squad was optimistic. 

Instead, Lampard arsenic caretaker oversaw a miserable extremity to nan play wherein Chelsea won conscionable 1 of their 11 games and nan 45-year-old each but drove a liking done nan bosom of his early managerial aspirations. Frequently terse and brutally honorable erstwhile discussing nan squad's fittingness levels and training conditions, Lampard was a stop-gap who grounded to boost spirits erstwhile vitally needed. 

Mauricio Pochettino had ample clip and pre-season to get to grips pinch his players - earlier nan injuries began to mount

Club skipper Reece James is conscionable 1 who has been absent for almost nan full campaign

Pochettino's assignment represented a caller start. The incoming head would person a pre-season. There would beryllium capable subordinate income to narrowly let for nan 3rd profligate transportation model to bring successful caller recruits, and nan Argentine head appeared to blend nan copy values of acquisition pinch top-flight shot and a 'visionary' style. 

Things did not spell according to plan. Plans, successful fact, which were torpedoed by an unrelenting database of injuries truthful profound that Pochettino hardly trained summertime 2023 signing Romeo Lavia. The players favoured by nan nine were agleam but inexperienced, nan deficiency of inexperience starring to dropped leads and behaviour bans. 

But slowly, nan semblance of a functioning broadside came together, arsenic large money signings specified arsenic Moises Caicedo recovered their hit and Cole Palmer emerged arsenic a ace starlet. After a play without European football, nan Blues tin prime up their passports again for nan adjacent campaign. Chelsea whitethorn not person looked for illustration serial winners but they appeared to beryllium lucifer nan task squad BlueCo had employed Pochettino to build. 

Chelsea fans won't person nan chance to spot what Pochettino could person made of his players pinch different year, pinch nan nine alternatively choosing to property nan reset fastener yet again. 

But a mobility people lingers complete who nan nine judge they tin pull to measurement into nan 52-year-old's shoes. 

If location is simply a Frankenstein's monster of a caput coach who tin fulfil each of BlueCo's requirements while emotion unchangeable capable successful their position not to beryllium affected by nan imperishable threat of nan sack, contempt reassurances to nan contrary. 

Pochettino tin time off nan nine pinch his caput held precocious aft a beardown convention decorativeness but his replacement will person an moreover much challenging brief

For nan talented young head nan ownership group truthful severely wants, nan assignment would correspond a bet perchance excessively ample to return up. It's difficult to parse what metrics Chelsea's level are grading their task pinch if top-four and silverware are required wrong nan first play - tests Jurgen Klopp grounded successful his debut run astatine Anfield. 

When asked successful April of past twelvemonth what he thought of Potter's sacking, nan man who had preceded him couldn't declare to person been moved significantly. 

'The timing is rather stunning because it coincides pinch maine starting nan occupation here. Now there’s different coaching vacancy. That’s all,' Tuchel told reporters soon aft he was unveiled astatine Bayern Munich. 

'It was an aggravated time. But nan nine has changed massively. That helped maine to find immoderate distance,' he added. 

Some changes person so been monolithic complete nan past fewer years. Others person been hardly noticeable astatine all.  

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