Charlotte FC takes a sly dig at the New York Red Bulls 'holiday pack' promo after the club's fine print revealed it would switch out its MLS home opener if they face Lionel Messi's Inter Miami

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  • The vacation battalion only applies to definite sections of nan team's Red Bull Arena 
  • The cheapest spot successful nan promo is priced astatine $98, while a nine spot costs $495
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By Alastair Talbot For Dailymail.Com

Published: 18:54 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 18:56 EST, 21 November 2023

The New York Red Bulls person offered a vacation battalion to its fans earlier nan commencement of nan 2023-24 MLS play successful February, only to beryllium mocked by convention rival, Charlotte FC on societal media for it.

The Red Bulls released their woody precocious connected Tuesday, and it includes a recreation mug, a bull collectible figure, a summons to nan team's play opener, which has yet to beryllium decided, and a summons to nan club's derby crippled against arch foes, New York City FC. 

However, if nan Red Bulls are drawn against Lionel Messi's Inter Miami CF successful nan location opener, past each location opener summons will beryllium replaced pinch a summons to New York's 2nd location match. 

The vacation battalion besides only applies to definite sections of Red Bull Arena. 

Fans will person 4 options for position and conditions to apply: nine seats, priced astatine $495 each, sideline A/upper halfway mid conception seats sold astatine $174 a pop, area extremity statement B/upper sideline seats valuated astatine $125 each, aliases precocious corners/endline seats astatine $98 apiece.

The Red Bulls' vacation battalion applies to definite sections of their arena, ranging from $98-$495

Charlotte FC mocked nan Red Bulls' high-priced bundle by not only offering fans two-match tickets for $20 total, but by besides disclosing that if nan nine plays Miami successful its location opener, past 'each location opener summons will still beryllium valid. You're good.'

A instrumentality reacted to The Crown's emphatic consequence to nan Red Bulls' vacation battalion by sharing a meme of nan connection 'shade' flying complete a skyscraper.

What's more, is that Red Bulls fans weren't happy pinch their club's vacation promo. 

'There's nary measurement you earnestly tweeted this out?' said a personification connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter. 

'Once again you show really retired of touch you are arsenic a nine pinch its community.' 

'Y'all [for real] support dropping nan shot each season,' commented another. 'So achy to beryllium a fan.' 

Someone other pointed: 'really showing everyone what is really important to you and it's not your fans.'