Charles Barkley calls for the 'mediocre' Knicks to trade for Karl-Anthony Towns despite beating the Cavaliers on Tuesday: 'They're not contenders'

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  • Barkley sounded disconnected connected some nan Knicks and nan Timberwolves to make his case
  • The Knicks hit nan Cavaliers 109-91 successful a rematch of nan 2023 Playoffs opener
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:10 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 14:13 EDT, 1 November 2023

The New York Knicks had a bully showing connected Tuesday night, beating nan Cleveland Cavaliers 109-91 connected nan road. 

However, TNT NBA expert Charles Barkley made his reservations astir nan Knicks clear. Even while New York was up 58-52 aft 2 quarters, Barkley sounded disconnected during nan halftime program. 

'I deliberation nan Knicks request to do something,' Barkley said. 'You spot really this movie's going to end.'

Currently 2-2 early successful nan season, New York's ceiling - according to nan 11-time All-Star - is little than nan Cavaliers'.

'For me, nan Knicks are like, 'We play hard. We're solid,' Barkley added. 'But they're not contenders, truthful if I'm them, I'm for illustration we sewage to do something. All those draught picks we got, what 'What are we redeeming them for?' Go retired and make a move because you gotta opportunity to yourself, 'We're not successful nan speech pinch Boston and Milwaukee.' 

"I deliberation nan Knicks request to do something... You spot really this movie's gonna end... 'We play hard. We're solid.' But they're not contenders... This squad present is not gonna triumph anything... You can't beryllium mediocre and instrumentality pinch that."- Charles Barkley connected nan Knicks

— Awful Announcing (@awfulannouncing) November 1, 2023

The New York Knicks person a 2-2 grounds aft beating nan Cleveland Cavaliers connected Tuesday night

When co-host Ernie Johnson asked who nan Knicks should target to amended their chances, Barkley almost instantly pointed to Minnesota's Karl-Anthony Towns-- 1 of nan galore names that person antecedently been linked to New York. 

Towns has been successful Minnesota for his full career. 

Since Towns' introduction successful 2015, nan Timberwolves person only seen nan postseason 3 times, consistently falling successful nan first round. In 2022, Minnesota acquired halfway Rudy Gobert from Utah, which did not empress Barkley.

'Those 2 guys (Towns and Gobert) successful Minnesota can't play together,' Barkley said. 'I mean that was 1 of nan stupidest trades ever. 

'You get 2 guys complete seven-feet gangly successful a small man's convention and neither 1 of them are bully capable connected nan violative end-- they're not for illustration Shaq.'

Barkley continued to constituent retired really New York would beryllium much favorable for Towns than Minnesota-- a squad that's starting to build astir budding prima Anthony Edwards. 

'I would spell retired location [to] Karl-Anthony Towns personally because this squad present (Knicks), they're not gonna triumph anything.' 

Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson each had 19 points successful nan Knicks' 109-91 triumph complete Cleveland

Since 2015, Karl-Anthony Towns and nan Timberwolves only made 3 playoff appearances

Julius Randle led nan measurement for nan Knicks pinch 19 points and 10 rebounds. Jalen Brunson besides had 19 pinch 5 rebounds. 

RJ Barrett had 16 while chair players Immanuel Quickley and Isaiah Hartenstein had 18 and 13, respectively, successful a squad win.

It took nan Knicks conscionable 5 games to destruct nan Cavaliers successful Round 1 of nan 2023 NBA Playoffs earlier losing to nan Miami Heat successful six.  

'They hit Cleveland past year, but they're not a contender,' Barkley added. 'You can't beryllium mediocre and instrumentality pinch that.'

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