Champions League final in 2026 will be hosted in Budapest, UEFA confirm - but question marks remain on 2027 amid a major stadium revamp

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  • UEFA person made decisions connected European finals including nan Champions League
  • They are still awaiting news connected nan refurbishment of nan San Siro stadium 
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By Kieran Lynch

Published: 09:30 EDT, 22 May 2024 | Updated: 09:30 EDT, 22 May 2024

Budapest will clasp nan Champions League last for nan first clip successful nan city's history successful 2026, it has been confirmed by UEFA. 

UEFA person coming revealed nan locations for European competitions successful 2026 and 2027. 

The large news was that of Hungary hosting nan Champions League last successful 2026 astatine nan Puskas Arena, which holds a capacity of 67,215.

However, location has been a hold complete nan determination for nan 2027 Champions League showpiece.

UEFA are awaiting accusation from nan Italian Football Federation complete refurbishment plans for nan San Siro stadium successful Milan.

UEFA person confirmed wherever nan finals of European competitions will beryllium held successful 2026 and 2027

Budapest will big nan Champions League last for nan first clip astatine nan extremity of nan 2025-26 season

There is simply a hold complete nan awarding of nan 2027 Champions League final, arsenic UEFA await refurbishment plans complete nan San Siro stadium successful Milan

AC Milan and Inter Milan announced their volition to build a caller stadium successful June 2019, for nan commencement of nan 2022-23 season, nevertheless this did not travel to pass. 

Beppe Sala, nan politician of Milan, is aiming to support nan 2 sides astatine nan San Siro by renovating nan stadium. 

He believes that changes to nan existing stadium tin bring it up to nan basal level for nan clubs successful position of revenues and infrastructure, and has promised a feasibility study successful June for nan imaginable renovations. 

CalcioMercato reported successful February nevertheless that some clubs are still unconvinced astir remaining astatine San Siro and would alternatively build a caller club-owned stadium elsewhere successful Milan.

The Rossoneri person bought an area successful San Donato, conscionable extracurricular nan superior of Lombardy, while Inter are processing their ain task successful Rozzano.

It is still unclear if nan 2 clubs will stay astatine nan San Siro, and if a refurbished stadium would beryllium fresh successful clip for nan 2027 Champions League final. 

This year's Champions League last takes spot astatine Wembley Stadium betwixt Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, while adjacent year's showpiece arena will return spot astatine nan Allianz Arena - nan location of Bayern Munich.

UEFA meantime person besides confirmed  that nan 2026 Europa League last will return spot astatine Besiktas Park successful Istanbul, pinch nan 2027 last taking spot astatine Stadion Frankfurt.

The early of nan San Siro is still uncertain pinch some Milan clubs considering moves elsewhere

Besiktas Park will big nan 2026 Europa League and 2027 Conference League finals

RB Leipzig's 'RB Arena' will big nan 2026 Conference League final, while Besiktas Park will big nan 2027 lucifer - their 2nd last successful arsenic galore years. 

The 2026 UEFA Women's Champions League last will return spot astatine Oslo's Ullevaal Stadion.

However, location will beryllium a caller bidding process for nan 2027 game, arsenic Germany person already been appointed for finals successful that and nan preceding year.  

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