Central Michigan head coach Jim McElwain says he does not know how Michigan staffer Connor Stalions made his way onto their sideline in spying scandal: 'There's no place in football for that'

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  • Photos, believed to beryllium Stalions successful disguise, circulated connected societal media 
  • McElwain says Stalions' sanction was not included successful nan database of sideline passes 
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By Jake Fenner For Dailymail.Com and Associated Press

Published: 12:12 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 12:17 EDT, 1 November 2023

Following a Tuesday nighttime crippled against Northern Illinois, Central Michigan University shot coach Jim McElwain addressed rumors that University of Michigan staffer Connor Stalions was connected their sideline.

Images surfaced of personification who looked akin to Stalions wearing Central Michigan apparel and a sideline walk during a crippled against Michigan State earlier this year.

The personification successful mobility was wearing a CMU polo, hat, and sunglasses and was seen successful and astir nan Central Michigan coaches.

'Before we spell immoderate farther we're evidently alert of image floating astir pinch nan motion stealer guy,' McElwain said successful his post-game presser.

'Our group are doing everything they tin to get to nan bottommost of it. We're unaware, wholly unaware of it. 

Central Michigan coach Jim McElwain says he didn't cognize really aliases if alleged Michigan spy Connor Stalions was connected his sideline for his team's opener against Michigan State

Photos circulated online, suggesting nan personification wearing sunglasses (L) was Stalions (R)

'I surely don't condone it successful immoderate way, shape, aliases form. And I do cognize that his sanction was connected nary of nan passes that were fto out. 

'Now, we conscionable support tracing it backmost and tracing it backmost and effort to fig it out. But it's successful bully hands pinch our people. And again, there's nary spot successful shot for that.'

Central Michigan said Tuesday that it had opened up an investigation to spot if nan personification connected nan sideline was so Stalions.

Stalions was suspended Oct. 20 by Michigan aft an investigation reportedly turned up videos of and documented plans and budgets for nan scouting of nan Wolverines' opponents.

'We became alert of these photos precocious yesterday and we are successful nan process of determining nan facts surrounding them. As this process is ongoing, we person nary further remark astatine this time,' Central Michigan diversion head Amy Folan said.

Stalions, a low-level staffer for nan Wolverines, was hired successful 2022 arsenic portion of nan recruiting staff. He has not commented publically since nan allegations surfaced. The NCAA is now involved.

Michigan handily defeated their cross-state rivals Michigan State by a 49-0 scoreline

The NCAA does not prohibition motion stealing, but location are rules against scouting opponents successful personification and nan alleged scope of nan Michigan lawsuit has been nan talk of assemblage football. 

Stalions allegedly purchased tickets to nan games of Michigan opponents and sent group to get video of nan sideline signals utilized for calling successful plays.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, who served a three-game, university-imposed suspension earlier this play for an unrelated and still unresolved NCAA violations lawsuit tied to recruiting, has denied immoderate knowledge aliases engagement successful impermissible scouting of opponents. 

Michigan has declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

In their matchup earlier this season, Michigan State was handily beaten by Michigan 49-0.

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