Celtic BAN Green Brigade ultras from their matches for 'unacceptable conduct' - but their Palestine flag protest against Atletico Madrid was NOT behind the decision

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By John Mcgarry for MailOnline

Published: 15:49 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 18:48 EDT, 31 October 2023

Celtic person banned nan Green Brigade conception of fans from attending immoderate of nan club’s matches until further notice.

The drastic measurement was taken aft a number of incidents astatine stadiums passim Scotland and overseas complete nan past 2 months which were considered to beryllium ‘unacceptable conduct’.

This is understood to person progressive flares being group disconnected wrong grounds, nan storming of occurrence doors astatine Celtic Park, nan maltreatment of staff, transportation incursions and nan displaying of unauthorised banners.

While nan Green Brigade promoted nan flying of Palestinian flags during past week’s Champions League crippled pinch Atletico Madrid against nan club’s wishes, it’s understood that this had nary base connected nan decision.

Starting pinch Wednesday's location lucifer pinch St Mirren, nan self-styled ultras group - which has astir 250 members - will beryllium denied access. The prohibition extends to tickets for distant matches.

Celtic besides cited their fans usage of pyrotechnics during their Champions League conclusion astatine Feyenoord

It’s understood that the flying of Palestinian flags had nary base connected nan decision

Other supporters whose play tickets are successful nan ‘rail seating’ section, an area pinch a capacity of 3,000, are unaffected by nan club’s stance but person been informed of nan reasons down nan Green Brigade’s absence.

Celtic sent an email to members of nan fans’ group informing them of their decision. It read: ‘We are penning to counsel that owed to repeated incidents of unacceptable behaviour involving nan “Green Brigade” group, nan nine has suspended nan play tickets of each play summons holders who person registered pinch nan summons agency arsenic being portion of this group, pending further reappraisal and connection pinch nan group and/or nan supporters successful mobility regarding compliance pinch nan crushed regulations, nan obstruction seating information codification of conduct, and nine communications, moving forward.

‘Therefore, your summons is not eligible for usage tomorrow nighttime for our lucifer against St Mirren and will stay suspended until further notice.

‘Access to distant tickets for supporters registered arsenic being portion of nan group will besides stay suspended.

‘The information of each supporters astatine Celtic Park is of paramount value and, amid these superior information concerns, this contiguous action — whilst regrettable — is considered by nan nine to beryllium necessary.

While nan Green Brigade promoted nan flying of Palestinian flags past week 

‘We person separately emailed nan typical of nan group pinch further detail, pursuing connected from a number of general written communications making love backmost to September and ongoing speech since nan summer.

‘Should you wish to interaction nan nine connected this aliases immoderate different matter related to nan obstruction seating section, we would inquire that you nonstop your correspondence successful nan first lawsuit to railseating@celticfc.co.uk.’

The Green Brigade person had a troubled narration pinch nan nine since forming successful 2006. Although credited pinch organising a number of spectacular football-related tifos - a ocular show of flags aliases banners - they person landed Celtic successful basking h2o pinch UEFA connected galore occasions owed to misconduct complete displaying banners that were either deemed violative aliases political.

Ten years ago, pursuing problem and harm to seats astatine Fir Park, Celtic made first moves to disband nan group, but they person continued to inhabit their designated conception of nan ground.

A Celtic spokesperson said: ‘To debar immoderate misunderstanding, nan progressive steps taken by nan nine complete a play of clip are arsenic a consequence of an progressively superior escalation successful unacceptable behaviours and non-compliance pinch applicable regulations, astatine matches astatine Celtic Park and distant grounds complete a play of time, which are creating superior information concerns and different issues.’


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