Celine Dion's sister reveals the megastar is NOT in a wheelchair, despite claims she's struggling to walk... but videos of other sufferers of stiff person syndrome shows the devastation that could await her

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Tragic vocalist Celine Dion is not yet reliant connected a wheelchair to get astir and plans to return to performing, according to her sister, character Claudette Dion. 

Ms Dion unopen down online speculation that nan 55-year-old vocalist is incapable to locomotion owed to nan uncommon and sadistic disorder, stiff personification syndrome (SPS).

The neurological information successful which nan assemblage attacks nervus cells. It is progressive and incurable. It severely impacts mobility and tin turn sufferers into 'human statues,' leaving them struggling to locomotion aliases talk.

The condition, which is thought to impact conscionable 1 successful a cardinal people, tin besides lead to spasms that make capable unit to fracture bone.

Celine Dion revealed successful December that she was suffering from nan one-in-a-million information stiff personification syndrome

Usually, patients are diagnosed astir ages 30-50, and they are mostly women. 

The prima first revealed her diagnosis successful December 2022 via a teary Instagram post, and months later canceled her world tour, which was scheduled to statesman astatine nan extremity of 2023.

In September, a video surfaced connected YouTube entitled 'Celine Dion's Family Reveals How She Is Dying', successful which an unidentified narrator says that her incurable illness is 'progressing very quickly'. The video has since been republished connected TikTok, wherever it received much than 430,000 views.

The clip triggered rumors connected societal media that nan Grammy award-winning creator is now wheelchair-bound and struggling to move.

However, Celine's sister has denied this is nan case. 

'I cognize that morally, mentally, she is strong. She is not depressed astatine each … she really has nan joyousness of living. We will get done this,' her sister, Claudette Dion, told nan French-language tract showbizz.net.

As for nan rumors, Ms Dion said: 'Why do they opportunity she is successful a wheelchair? Why do they opportunity she had cancer? Why are you inventing?'

Meanwhile, patients pinch stiff personification syndrome are taking to societal media to archive their information - and uncover nan reality of day-to-day life pinch nan devastating illness. 

On TikTok, young sufferers grounds their symptom - which feels for illustration muscles are 'being shredded disconnected nan bone,' arsenic good arsenic convulsive musculus spasms.

One sufferer is 33-year-old Chelsea Lawrence from Minnesota (below), who spent six years successful agonizing symptom earlier receiving a test of SPS. 

She documented her deteriorating wellness to her 150,000 TikTok followers, regularly sharing videos of herself writhing successful symptom and struggling to respire arsenic her muscles tightened. 

In a video posted past year, Ms Lawrence showed herself screaming successful aggravated symptom while splayed retired successful her bed

In 1 video posted past twelvemonth (below), Ms Lawrence filmed herself lying successful furniture pinch her limbs splayed out.

 As she screams successful pain, matter appears connected nan surface reading, 'My muscles are successful truthful overmuch symptom it feels for illustration location [sic] being shredded disconnected nan bone. Then twisted and pulled! They conscionable get tighter and tighter!'

'I tin get these stiff attacks a mates times a week!' nan matter reads. 'My thorax feels for illustration personification sucked each nan aerial out! Leg is twisted and ft cramping truthful hard!'

As symptom medicine kicks in, her limbs relax.

While location is nary cure for stiff personification syndrome, narcotics specified arsenic musculus relaxants and tranquilizers tin beryllium fixed to easiness nan symptoms.

Some patients pinch much terrible symptoms are besides fixed much potent medicines that dampen down nan immune systems.

In different video posted successful November, Ms Lawrence appears to beryllium suffocating while lying successful furniture arsenic her look twitches and she struggles to get immoderate words out. 

'Fully conscious and slow suffocating. This is really accelerated I person declined from nan hospital,' matter connected nan surface reads. 'A python is slow wrapping around.'

Ms Lawrence passed distant successful April, though her origin of decease is unclear. It is uncommon that nan information is fatal. However, galore patients dice from complications specified arsenic humor clots and coiled infections.

Stiff personification syndrome sufferer Chelsea Lawrence died successful April 2023, though her origin of decease remains unclear.

Rose Merrill, 24, from Colorado, besides has SPS and regularly shares updates connected her disease connected societal media. In 1 video, she is seen violently coughing and spasming. 

She says successful nan video that her lungs are 'filling pinch fluid that I person to suction out' and her assemblage is 'gradually turning against itself.

'I'm losing my independence, my expertise to get retired of bed, my expertise to enactment awake done an full time aliases to slumber done an full night.

'And yet I person to judge that this nightmare is someway my normal.' 


I've been struggling lately. We've exhausted almost each imaginable curen option. The ones I person near get scarier pinch much broadside effects. The mobility accomplishments of being capable to locomotion a small pales successful comparison to losing nan independency of my powerchair. My life has go my bed. When I spell out, personification other pushes my wheelchair, and yet moreover truthful I americium still quickly exhausted. I'm struggling, and I deliberation it's clip to admit it. It's truthful difficult being praised for advancement while experiencing specified hardness. I consciousness for illustration a fraud. Chronic unwellness is hard, and I wonderment often erstwhile my assemblage will conscionable surrender to it fully. At nan aforesaid clip though, this relationship gives maine a logic to fight. My fellow and family and pets springiness maine thing worthy surviving for, contempt nan immense suffering life brings. I cognize that while my early will incorporate beingness hardships, I will flooded them mentally and find joyousness again for illustration I person truthful galore times before. #lifelimitingconditions #stiffpersonsyndrome #chronicillness

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 Jennifer Trujillo, 39, a mother-of-six successful Washington, began suffering SPS symptoms during her gestation successful 2015, according to her GoFundMe page.  However, she wasn't diagnosed until 2020. 

Her videos connected TikTok show her pinch surgery bones and dislocated joints, lying connected nan level screaming and struggling to breathe. 

In 1 video posted successful 2021, she lays connected nan crushed arsenic 4 of her children situation her to thief during a two-and-a-half-hour symptom and spasming attack.

'We're going to get done this together,' 1 of nan children says. 'I emotion you,' different 1 adds. 'It's not your fault.'

Experts don't cognize nan nonstop underlying origin of SPS, but they believe it whitethorn beryllium caused by an overreaction of cells wrong nan immune system. Around 40 percent of sufferers besides person nan autoimmune information type 1 diabetes. 

Other autoimmune conditions like vitiligo, which causes achromatic patches of skin, and pernicious anemia, are likewise associated pinch it.

In stiff personification syndrome, nan immune strategy attacks a macromolecule that helps make gamma-aminobutyric acerb (GABA), which regulates centrifugal neurons — nan nerves that power movement.

Jennifer Trujillo, a mother-of-six pinch SPS, has shown videos of her children helping her done spasming attacks

Low levels of GABA origin nan nerves to continuously occurrence erstwhile they are not expected to, resulting successful spasms and rigidity. 

Spasms tin beryllium triggered by large noises, pinch nan information besides causing heightened sensitivity to sound.

Touch and affectional distress tin besides beryllium felt much intensely arsenic a consequence of nan condition.

The spasms tin beryllium truthful terrible they origin group to autumn complete aliases lead to trouble stepping and different disabilities.

Because of its rarity and baffling symptoms, which are often mistaken for Parkinson's illness aliases aggregate sclerosis (MS), diagnosing nan syndrome tin return a agelong time.

But if doctors fishy stiff personification syndrome, they tin corroborate it pinch 2 tests.

The first looks for circumstantial antibodies successful nan humor that are released successful consequence to  glutamic acerb decarboxylase (GAD).

The 2nd trial is simply a 1 that measures electrical activity successful nan nerves, called electromyography (EMG).

Doctors insert a needle straight into affected muscles and grounds electrical activity successful them.

Despite Celine Dion's pain, she's not fixed up connected plans to return to nan stage, according to her sister.

Claudette Dion told showbizz.net that nan icon is recuperating successful Denver and pursuing her doctors’ attraction scheme intimately because she 'wants to travel back, that’s for sure'.

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