Carlos Sainz breaks his silence on Lewis Hamilton's shock switch to replace him at Ferrari in 2025... and reveals he will 'listen to all the options' before deciding on his next move

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  • Hamilton shocked nan motorsport world erstwhile he revealed he would subordinate Ferrari
  • Carlos Sainz has driven for nan constructor for nan past 2 Formula One seasons
  • The Spaniard will beryllium replaced by nan seven-time world champion successful 2025

By Philip Duncan, Pa F1 Correspondent

Published: 11:24 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 11:25 EST, 13 February 2024

Carlos Sainz admitted Lewis Hamilton's daze transportation to Ferrari came retired of nan blue.

Hamilton, 39, will time off Mercedes astatine nan extremity of nan twelvemonth to switch nan Spaniard successful 2025.

Speaking for nan first clip astir nan biggest transportation successful Formula One history, Sainz said: 'I was a spot surprised, for illustration everyone successful nan Formula One world.

'From my broadside you tin understand I sewage to cognize nan news a spot earlier than anyone other and I had immoderate weeks to bespeak and hole and immoderate weeks to besides get fresh for nan car motorboat and nan first title of nan season.

'That gave maine a spot of clip to digest it and to tie my ain conclusions and to attraction connected nan 2024 season.

Carlos Sainz (left) admitted to being shocked erstwhile he first heard of Lewis Hamilton's (right) move to Ferrari

Hamilton shares a joke pinch Ferrari squad main Fred Vasseur successful Azerbaijan past year 

'I person had batch of messages of support which I would for illustration to convey nan F1 world for and friends backmost astatine home, who person been very supportive and very encouraging.'

Sainz, 29, was speaking astatine Ferrari's motorboat arsenic they unveiled nan challenger they dream will beryllium capable to situation Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

However, Hamilton's move to Ferrari leaves two-time title victor Sainz looking for a seat.

Sainz, nan only driver extracurricular of Red Bull to declare a triumph past year, said: 'My adjacent team, I don't cognize yet and I person clip to determine erstwhile that happens next. There are plentifulness of options retired there.

'I americium approaching nan astir important 3 aliases 4 years of my profession and I want to make judge that I americium successful nan correct place.

'I americium going to perceive to each nan options truthful erstwhile I return nan determination I person springiness myself capable clip pinch capable information.

'It is wholly imaginable to abstracted 1 from nan other. I person a bully guidance squad that will return attraction of that truthful my afloat attraction will beryllium connected nan first title successful Bahrain and I americium going to commencement nan play arsenic powerfully arsenic I can. The different point will benignant itself retired arsenic clip goes by.

'The truth that I americium not going to beryllium a Ferrari driver successful 2025 does not mean we don't want to go champions together this twelvemonth aliases triumph races.'

Hamilton will squad up pinch Charles Leclerc astatine Ferrari aft nan Monegasque signed a caller semipermanent statement conscionable days earlier nan British driver's move was announced.

Commenting connected Hamilton's transfer, Leclerc, 26, said: 'This benignant of woody is not finalised overnight. It takes clip and I was alert of those discussions earlier I signed my woody truthful it did not travel arsenic a surprise. 

Sainz said astatine Ferrari's 2024 car motorboat up of nan caller Formula One play that gets underway connected March 2

'Obviously, Lewis is an successful unthinkable driver, nan astir successful successful history, pinch a batch of acquisition which he brings to nan squad which is simply a bully thing.'

Leclerc, a five-time winner, revealed he has already spoken to Hamilton.

'I person had discussions pinch Lewis particularly erstwhile everything was announced and official. We texted each other.

'Lewis is simply a awesome champion pinch truthful overmuch success. It is ever absorbing to person a caller team-mate, because you study different ways of driving and working, and moreover much truthful erstwhile my caller team-mate is simply a seven-time world champion.'