Cancer-stricken mother, 42, dies after doctors dismissed her heavy periods that left her in agony: Disease was only spotted five years after symptoms began

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A mother-of-two whose terminal cancer was missed aft medics dismissed her unusually dense periods has died.

Kelly Pendry, 42, from North Wales, first developed worrying symptoms — which included being successful a 'lot of pain' — successful 2016.

It would later beryllium discovered she had an aggressive, and yet deadly, shape of crab successful her uterus, pinch doctors only spotting it aft it had go terminal. 

But medics initially made her consciousness 'like a play queen', recommending she alternatively spell connected nan pill, person a coil fitted, aliases return antidepressants. 

One expert moreover claimed Mrs Pendry's heavy, prolonged periods were down to her assemblage 'normalising' aft pregnancy.

Kelly Pendry, 42, whose crab symptoms were dismissed by medics backmost successful 2016 has died, her family person confirmed 

Mrs Pendry (far right)wanted  to make memories for her children, Isla, 8, (left) and Sam, 10, (right) pinch nan missed crab having now dispersed to her lungs, thorax and lymph nodes

Mrs Pendry, 42, pinch her husband Michael had different chance for nan crab to beryllium spotted earlier taken distant by nan Covid pandemic aft nan cognition which whitethorn person caught nan tumour was cancelled

She would later beryllium diagnosed pinch fibroids, usually harmless maturation successful nan uterus, and was scheduled successful for a hysterectomy successful 2020 to extremity her symptoms.

But her cognition was delayed owed to nan disruption of nan Covid pandemic to nan NHS. 

Then successful 2021 she fixed nan devastating news that 1 of nan fibroids was really a uncommon shape of crab — which had dispersed to her lungs, thorax and lymph nodes.

In a station connected Facebook, her hubby Michael said his 'amazing and beautiful wife' died early connected Sunday.

He added that she 'fought until nan very end, her tone and spot was unthinkable arsenic always.'

Speaking astatine nan clip of her diagnosis, Mrs Pendry said that it had inevitably near her wondering 'what mightiness person been' if nan illness had been spotted earlier.

Her cancer, called uterine leiomyosarcoma, affects astir 1 to 5 retired of each 1,000 women pinch fibroids. 

It is usually diagnosed by chance erstwhile a female has a hysterectomy to region nan growths and they are past examined.

Even if caught early, only astir half of women who create nan crab unrecorded longer than 5 years. If not caught early, nan likelihood of endurance alteration rapidly. 

Leiomyosarcoma is simply a type of crab which appears successful soft insubstantial recovered wrong nan body, specified arsenic nan intestines, stomach, and successful women, nan uterus.

About 600 group successful nan UK are diagnosed pinch this crab each year. 

Mrs Pendry vowed to make memories pinch her two children Sam (10) and Isla (8) successful nan aftermath of nan diagnosis. 

She besides wanted to pass different women who mightiness beryllium successful her position to not beryllium put disconnected by medics dismissing worrying symptoms, and to request further investigations. 

Writing successful societal media Mr Prendry said she 'fought until nan very end, her tone and spot was unthinkable arsenic always' 

'I want group to cognize my communicative because fibroids are truthful communal and I don't want what's happened to maine to hap to anyone else,' she antecedently said. 

Mr Pendry raised complete £75,000 by conducting a 180mile tally successful a bid to get his woman curen successful nan US to thief prolong her life and make her much comfortable.

The curen yet went up successful nan UK, but Mr Pendry said nan remaining costs will beryllium donated to kindness to thief different group successful his wife's situation. 

Fibroids are a communal maturation made of musculus and fibrous insubstantial which look successful nan wombs of astir a 3rd of women astatine immoderate constituent successful their lives.

They are comparatively harmless but tin origin discomfort and symptom successful immoderate cases.

However, fibroids tin create into a uncommon shape of cancer, arsenic successful Mrs Pendry's case. 

Speaking successful October 2021, while undergoing gruelling chemotherapy to widen her life, Mrs Pendry said she wanted to conflict arsenic agelong arsenic she could to make memories pinch her family.

'I want to beryllium that personification who thumps each nan odds, moreover if it conscionable gives maine much clip to make memories pinch my family because they mean nan connection to me.'

'My hubby is my stone and I person 2 phenomenal kids truthful I'm wished to conflict for them, nary matter what it takes.'

Mrs Pendry was conscionable 1 of millions of group successful nan UK whose room was delayed aliases cancelled owed to nan chaos of nan Covid pandemic.

Data shows much than 1.5million NHS operations were cancelled aliases delayed successful England successful 2020, nan first twelvemonth of nan pandemic.

What are fibroids and what is uterine leiomyosarcoma?  

Fibroids are a non-cancerous maturation of musculus and fibrous insubstantial which create successful nan wombs of astir a 3rd of women.

They tin turn to nan size of a pea aliases a melon. 

Who gets them? 

They are astir communal successful women aged betwixt 30 to 50-years-of-age.

They are besides thought to beryllium much communal successful women of African-Caribbean origin, arsenic good arsenic successful women who are much overweight aliases obese.

Women who person children person a little consequence of processing fibroids pinch nan consequence decreasing per number of children.  

Why do they occur?

The nonstop origin is chartless but it is thought that the appearance of fibroids is linked to nan reproductive hormone oestrogen.

What are nan symptoms?

Most women who get fibroids will beryllium unaware arsenic only a 3rd create symptoms.

The symptoms tin beryllium dense aliases achy periods, tummy pain, little backmost pain, predominant request to urinate, constipation, aliases symptom aliases discomfort during sex. 

What are nan treatments for fibroids?

Generally only women who person symptoms pinch their fibroids will person treatment.

In astir cases medicine is prescribed to either alleviate nan symptoms aliases successful much sever cases to shrink nan fibroids. 

Surgery, for illustration a hysterectomy to region nan womb, is mostly only considered if symptoms are peculiarly terrible and if medicine has been ineffective.   

Are they dangerous?

Most fibroids are harmless and they shrink aliases vanish complete time, peculiarly aft menopause. 

However a very uncommon crab tin create from fibroid. This is called uterine leiomyosarcoma.

This fierce crab is thought to only create successful astir 1 to 5 retired of each 1,000 women pinch fibroids.

It is mostly diagnosed aft a biopsy of fibroids pursuing a hysterectomy to dainty nan condition.

Even if caught early, half of women pinch nan crab will dice wrong 5 years. 

If it spreads beyond nan womb, than endurance beyond 5 years becomes remote, pinch only 14 per cent of women surviving this long.