Canadian traveler is left stunned after arriving at Austrian hostel to discover it was located INSIDE an IKEA store - and even boasted a rooftop bar on the top floor

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  • Jess Braun is walking astir Europe, documenting her travels connected TikTok
  • She filmed her lodging successful Vienna - which was located wrong an Ikea store
  • Users were stunned by nan lodging - pinch nan video going viral

By Emily Lefroy For Dailymail.Com

Published: 13:52 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 15:25 EST, 13 November 2023

If you can't get capable of a Billy Bookcase aliases nan Malm postulation - past this Austrian lodging is cleanable for you.

A group of travelers were some thrilled and amazed erstwhile they arrived astatine their lodging successful Vienna to find it located wrong an Ikea.

TikTok personification Jess Braun posted a short clip of her Ikea edifice acquisition aft staying astatine nan Jo&Joe Hostel.

In nan 14-second clip, Jess showed disconnected nan multi-level homewares store, which is connected nan 2 precocious levels of nan store. 

Jess (pictured) and her recreation companions were staying successful Vienna, amazed to find their lodging was located IN an Ikea

Jess showed their travel to their 5th level hostel, weaving their measurement done nan shop to scope nan entrance 

She filmed them arriving astatine nan store, and weaving done nan little levels of levels amongst customers stepping done nan showroom, earlier arriving astatine their destination.

'When your lodging is virtually wrong an Ikea successful Vienna,' Jess wrote connected nan video.

'Honestly being 1 level supra nan Ikea nutrient tribunal is simply a 10/10 standing from me,' nan excited traveler enthusiastically captioned nan clip, which has been viewed complete 1.2 cardinal times.

Jess (pictured) has been documenting her travels online

According to nan Hostel world website,  Jo&Joe, located connected apical of nan HÜS astatine Vienna's Westbahnhof is nan world's first inner-city Ikea, located connected nan 5th and sixth level of nan Swedish store.

'[There's also] a brew plot connected our 1800m² tile terrace connected nan 7th level pinch bars successful converted shipping containers,' nan website continued. 'Sounds amazing? Yes it is!!!'

As per nan website, nan trendy lodging offers backstage rooms, dormitories, and atypical configurations.

The rooms scope from $53 a nighttime for a furniture successful mixed dormitory to  $640 a nighttime for a backstage chamber that sleeps 10, arsenic per

TikTok users were stunned - and excited - by nan imaginable of staying conscionable an Ikea-issued-paper-tape-measure distant from having Swedish meatballs astatine their fingertips.

'That Ikea was nan item of my trip,' 1 personification enthused. 

'This was my FAVORITE point during my backpacking trip!! Don’t hide nan rooftop barroom :)' 1 personification suggested.

'Come backmost drunk and conscionable slumber successful a show furniture instead,' joked another.

From nan outside, nan Jo&Joe Hostel successful Vienna looks for illustration a regular inner-city Ikea

You tin get a bully nights slumber AND do immoderate furnishings shopping erstwhile you enactment astatine nan lodging successful Vienna 

The modern lodging has a standing of 9.1 connected, offering backstage rooms, dormitories, and atypical configurations

TikTok users were stunned - and excited - by nan imaginable of staying conscionable an Ikea-issued insubstantial portion measurement distant from having Swedish meatballs astatine their fingertips

Others pointed retired immoderate of nan troubles they had pinch uncovering nan entranceway to their accommodation. 

'Once I booked this lodging but I arrived astatine nighttime and nan Ikea was closed... I spent everlastingly searching for nan elevator outside,' a TikTok personification wrote.

One TikTok personification had immoderate inspiring words for each guests wanting nan Ikea experience.

'All Ikeas are hostels if you are brave enough,' nan pointed out.

Although it's not an Ikea hotel, but alternatively a lodging successful apical of an Ikea, location is an Ikea edifice for immoderate lovers of nan Swedish furnishings giant.

Located in Älmhult successful Sweden, the edifice unfastened successful nan 1960s but has since had respective description s, going from it's original 25 rooms to 254.

The rooms are simply furnished pinch - arsenic you would expect - Ikea furniture, including high-tech level lamps that double arsenic wireless chargers. 

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