Campbell Hatton admits Tyson Fury's shocking performance against Francis Ngannou was 'a bad look' for the sport, as son of Ricky Hatton insists he will NOT use his family name to cash in on crossover boxing

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Campbell Hatton has conceded watching Tyson Fury hardly scrape past Francis Ngannou successful their immense crossover conflict connected Saturday nighttime was 'a bad look' for boxing.

Fury was expected to woody pinch nan erstwhile UFC heavyweight champion pinch minimal fuss arsenic he took connected nan boxing novice successful Saudi Arabia.

However, he was sent to nan canvas by a near hook successful nan 3rd round, and looked retired of sorts passim nan 10-round contest.

To his credit, Fury fought his measurement backmost aft being knocked down, but still struggled to predominate proceedings, and erstwhile nan last doorbell rang it was unclear arsenic to who had won nan fight.

Fury was fixed nan verdict by divided decision to spare himself of being connected nan incorrect extremity of 1 of nan biggest upsets successful boxing history, but Hatton was still shocked by really nan conflict played out, admitting he did not recognise nan 'Gypsy King', having seen him norm nan heavyweight section successful caller years.

Tyson Fury was knocked down by Francis Ngannou successful their crossover conflict connected Saturday night

Fury sewage up to win, but Campbell Hatton (pictured) believes nan Gypsy King struggling against a boxing novice was 'a bad look' for nan sport

Hatton feels Fury whitethorn person underestimated his opponent, causing him to present a dismal performance, and pointed retired that it was Ngannou who looked for illustration nan seasoned professional.

'I deliberation Tyson was rather mediocre really,' Hatton told Mail Sport. 'He (Ngannou) was fixed nary chance astatine all. When we saw Mayweather-McGregor, Mayweather had been retired and came backmost for that, whereas Tyson's eyeing up monolithic fights pinch Usyk truthful he should really beryllium successful his premier years.

'It is simply a bad look. It isn't nan Tyson Fury we each know, though, truthful possibly he was expecting specified an easy conflict that he astir apt didn't hole pinch nan correct intensity.

'To spot really he looked nan different night, it looked for illustration nan roles had reversed astatine times wherever Tyson looked for illustration he'd travel from different sport.'

Fury is now unbeaten successful 35 fights and has been wide regarded arsenic nan champion heavyweight connected nan satellite since beating Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder.

However, aft being pushed each nan measurement by Ngannou, immoderate fans and pundits person been near questioning his bequest successful nan sport.

Hatton does not judge Fury's estimation has been tarnished, but admits nan 35-year-old whitethorn now beryllium past his champion aft his latest showing and hinted he could moreover see retirement.

Fury has insisted his adjacent conflict will beryllium against Oleksandr Usyk to crown an undisputed heavyweight champion, but Hatton is not convinced that match-ups against Usyk aliases Anthony Joshua will hap immoderate clip soon.

Fury has claimed he will conflict Oleksandr Usyk next, but Hatton is not wholly convinced

Hatton has been near questioning whether Fury is past his champion and whitethorn see status aft his capacity against Ngannou

'If this is nan extremity for Tyson you can't return distant from what he's done years before,' Hatton said.

'As overmuch arsenic group deliberation Ngannou did truthful well, you've sewage to cognize that isn't Tyson Fury astatine his champion by immoderate means. So whether it was an off-night aliases clip has caught up pinch him, that wasn't nan due Tyson Fury, it weren't nan Tyson that hit Klitschko aliases hit Wilder. 

'I don't deliberation it tarnishes his legacy, but those fights pinch Usyk and perchance fighting AJ seems further distant than ever.'

Fury's crossover bout pinch Ngannou was nan 2nd successful arsenic galore weeks for nan athletics aft his relative Tommy took connected YouTuber KSI earlier successful nan month.

Crossover boxing has continued to turn this year, pinch much fans tuning successful than ever and fighters being paid eye-watering sums of money.

Like nan Furys, Hatton besides comes from a fighting family arsenic his begetter Ricky was a two-weight world champion and 1 of Britain's astir celebrated fighters ever successful nan 2000s.

Hatton has moved to 13-0 aft turning master 2 years ago, pinch fans keeping a adjacent oculus connected his advancement to spot if he tin travel successful Ricky's footsteps.

Ricky Hatton (left) is simply a British boxing icon, but Campbell has nary volition of utilizing his sanction to thief him move into crossover boxing

Another imaginable way for nan 22-year-old imaginable to spell would beryllium to usage his family sanction to spell into nan crossover scene, but Hatton insists he has nary liking successful that and is afloat focused connected 'proper boxing'.

'I spot my profession successful boxing,' he confirmed. 'They're making mega money and they're awesome events truthful you tin spot precisely why group do it, but it's not thing I've sewage my oculus on. 

'All my sights are going done due boxing and I want to make a sanction for myself that way.'

Hatton has 'no issue' pinch crossover fights taking place, but acknowledges they are starting to return centre shape up of clashes betwixt boxing's elite competitors.

He has called for nan biggest fights to beryllium made to guarantee crossover boxing does not return complete nan sport, and wants nan heavyweight section to lead by example.

Hatton has nary rumor pinch crossover boxing for illustration KSI's conflict pinch Tommy Fury past month, but wants elite fights to beryllium made to guarantee it doesn't return complete nan sport

'The fights astatine nan apical level request to commencement happening. I deliberation nan heavyweights seems to fto nan athletics down,' Hatton added.

'That's what nan casual instrumentality wants to see, nan large boys, and they've not been capable to get nan large fights made. It does fto nan athletics down a bit, because I deliberation immoderate of nan lighter weights, we're starting to spot it a small spot more. 

'We had Spence-Crawford, Davis-Garcia. It's improving but I deliberation nan big-money section arsenic they telephone it, we request to commencement seeing those fights happening because you look astatine AJ-Fury now, arsenic overmuch arsenic neither of them are vanished astatine nan minute, I deliberation it's astir apt a mates of years overdue. 

'Boxing, erstwhile it gets it right, there's nary amended athletics successful my opinion. When there's a large conflict coming up everyone's buzzing for it. So I deliberation it needs to get backmost to that.'

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