California woman stabs boyfriend 100 times, then stabs her dog - and psychiatrist says cannabis is to blame

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A female who stabbed her fellow 100 times, her canine and herself was suffering a 'psychotic episode' caused by cannabis, according to an master witness.

Bryn Spejcher, 32, primitively from Chicago, is said to person smoked cookware conscionable 5 to 10 times successful her life, according to grounds heard successful nan proceedings that started past week astatine nan Superior Court of California.

In May 2018, she took 2 inhalation connected a bong — a h2o tube utilized for smoking marijuana — that belonged to her fellow Chad O'Melia, while astatine his Thousand Oaks apartment. 

Moments later, she began to fell unwell and started to perceive voices successful her head, according to her testimony. 

The tribunal heard that she past grabbed 3 knives from nan room artifact and hurled them astatine O'Melia earlier stabbing him connected each portion of his body, leaving fatal wounds connected his heart, lungs and captious arteries done his neck.

Bryn Spejcher, 32, (left) is accused of involuntary manslaughter for nan sidesplitting of Chad O'Melia. She says her onslaught wherever she stabbed him 100 times was caused by cannabis use

She past stabbed her canine and began many times driving an eight-inch breadstuff weapon into her look and neck.

The erstwhile audiologist was primitively charged pinch second-degree murder, nevertheless nan territory lawyer reduced nan complaint to involuntary manslaughter successful September.

The alteration - which could trim nan clip successful custody from 25 years to 4 -was triggered by grounds from a apical forensic psychiatrist, who claimed Ms Spejcher's crimes were sparked by cannabis-induced psychosis.  

Spejcher, an audiologist, is pictured supra astatine her proceedings successful Ventura, California pinch her lawyer Robert Schwartz. The Chicago autochthonal had seldom utilized weed but ne'er sewage high,  according to tribunal reports, while O'Melia is said to person utilized his bong each day

A psychiatrist's grounds said she was suffering from cannabis-induced psychosis, adding that in  she appeared to beryllium 'possessed' successful footage taken pinch constabulary assemblage cameras erstwhile they arrived astatine nan scene. The supplier is known to origin psychosis, particularly if it is utilized astatine precocious strength

Cannabis usage is now ineligible recreationally successful 24 states including California. 

Last week, Ohio becoming nan latest to springiness nan supplier nan greenish ray conscionable past week.

Doctors are concerned location is simply a higher consequence of this information because THC levels — nan psychoactive constituent successful cannabis that's responsible for nan 'high' — support rising successful marijuana products.

Studies show THC contented successful cannabis products has much than quadrupled complete conscionable 2 decades, rising from 4 percent successful 1995 to 17 percent by 2017.

Parents of youngsters utilizing nan supplier person besides described nan supplier arsenic now being precocious potency and very different from nan 'Woodstock weed' they remembered. 

There is nary measurement to find nan THC level successful nan cannabis inhaled by Spejcher, but successful pre-trial hearings it was suggested that nan cookware she had utilized was overmuch stronger than different forms of nan supplier cannabis.

Spejcher was initially charged pinch murder, but this was dropped to involuntary manslaughter aft grounds from nan psychiatrist was heard.

O'Melia's begetter contends that Spejcher acted pinch malicious intent to termination his son

 O'Melia's begetter Sean O'Melia says that Spejcher knew what she was doing and 'viciously and prematurely ended' his son's life. He has begun a TikTok transmission calling for justness for his son.

This comes moreover arsenic doctors proceed to raise nan siren complete wide marijuana legalization and pass really precocious spot marijuana is now becoming much communal than its little spot alternatives.

Spejcher is presently opinionated proceedings pinch a assemblage astatine Ventura County Superior Court, which connected Thursday heard grounds for nan case. She denies each charges.

It is believed to beryllium nan first lawsuit wherever nan slayer was handed marijuana by their unfortunate earlier nan onslaught took place.

Spejcher and O'Melia met astatine a canine parkland successful nan outpouring of 2018 and had begun to spot each different regularly — bonding complete their emotion of dogs pinch him having a German shepherd called Athena and her a husky named Arya.

The proceedings pinch a assemblage has now begun and is expected to past for respective weeks. If she is convicted of involuntary manslaughter, she could look up to 4 years successful jail

'She liked Chad,' her lawyer Robert Schwartz told nan assemblage during his opening statement. 'There was ne'er immoderate conflict... It was an wholly harmonious relationship.'

On nan nighttime of 27 May, 2018, erstwhile nan onslaught took place, O'Melia had asked her to his flat which he shared pinch 2 roommates.

The brace initially watched TV and talked a small before, conscionable aft midnight, O'Melia asked her whether she would for illustration to effort immoderate weed retired of his bong. 

This was a regular activity for O'Melia but not for Spejcher, who had only utilized nan supplier a fewer times successful nan past and ne'er knowledgeable a high.

She took a fewer puffs but told O'Melia she didn't consciousness anything, which allegedly led him to opportunity he would 'get thing much intense'.

He is alleged to person past packed nan vessel again, lit his bong and filled nan enclosure pinch smoke, holding his manus complete nan opening and past moving it distant to let Spejcher to inhale.

She had an 'immediate antagonistic reaction', charismatic Audry Nofzinger said.

In pre-trial testimony, she is described arsenic having gone to nan bath but starting to suffer blurry vision, being incapable to respire and emotion for illustration she was dying.

She told rule enforcement that she past heard voices successful her caput telling her to commencement to fight, astatine which constituent she went to nan kitchen, grabbed knives from nan weapon artifact and started stabbing O'Melia.

'She thought she was dead,' she charismatic Ms Nofzinger. 'She had an out-of-body experience. 

'She could spot her ain dormant body, and she could perceive voices, emergency room doctors doing CPR, her family, different voices, chartless voices, telling her that to bring herself backmost to life, she would person to termination Chad O'Melia.'

O'Melia suffered stab wounds each complete his body, including to nan heart, lungs and carotid artery successful nan cervix — pinch each perchance proving fatal.

Footage from constabulary assemblage cameras shown successful tribunal besides shows Spejcher by O'Melia's assemblage while she stabs herself many times successful nan cervix and face.

Forensic pathologist, Dr Kris Mohandie, who has complete 20 years acquisition successful nan appraisal and guidance of convulsive behavior, antecedently told nan prosecution successful a reappraisal revealed successful September that her authorities was a motion of cannabis-induced psychosis.

He described her arsenic appearing 'possessed' successful nan footage, which was accordant pinch acute psychosis.

In a review, he added that nan stabbing of 'her ain beloved dog, without immoderate grounds of animal cruelty tendencies, is highly inconsistent pinch her emotion of dogs and underscores her level of impairment'.

Psychosis is simply a intelligence information characterized by a disconnection from reality, wherever sufferers whitethorn suffer from hallucinations, disorganized thoughts aliases moreover opportunity they are proceeding voices. 

This tin beryllium caused by cannabis use, doctors say, which contains nan progressive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC).

O'Melia and Spejcher initially bonded complete their shared emotion of dogs and had been seeing each different for respective weeks earlier nan onslaught took place

This constituent is capable to origin an imbalance successful neurotransmitters successful nan encephalon — including dopamine — which tin origin psychosis.

The information is becoming much prevalent complete clip because manufacturers are continuing to raise nan THC levels successful their products supra nan 4 percent people recovered successful nan plant.

Regular usage of quantities supra 10 percent are linked to a higher consequence of addiction, convulsive behaviour and a recently recognized information called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, aliases 'scromiting'.

'It intends screaming and convulsive vomiting,' Dr Roneet Lev, an emergency expert astatine Scripps Mercy Hospital successful San Diego previously told

'I telephone it nan audible cannabis condition, because I perceive nan convulsive screams down nan hallway earlier I spot nan patient.'

Before 2016, Dr Lev seldom saw patients pinch this problem. Now she sees astatine slightest 1 per shift. Symptoms tin proceed for days, aliases weeks, and location is nary effective treatment.

The disguise has been slipping connected nan claimed wellness effects of cannabis, pinch nan manufacture weighted astatine $13billion past year, successful caller years.

Studies are now starting to build up linking regular cannabis usage to a higher consequence of wellness problems including awesome depression, bipolar upset and psychosis.

Police arrived astatine Chad O'Melia's flat successful May 2018 to find him pinch aggregate stab wounds and his girlfriend, Bryn Spejcher, stabbing herself repeatedly

Those utilizing high-strength versions are up to 5 times much apt to look a psychotic disorder, studies person besides found. 

There person already been astatine slightest 2 killings successful nan US and Canada wherever cannabis has been linked to perpetrators actions.

In 2014, a 50-year-old man pleaded blameworthy to second-degree execution — which involves a abrupt impulsive enactment — and was sentenced to 30 years successful jailhouse aft shooting his woman successful nan caput astatine nan couple's location successful Denver, Colorado.

Richard Kirk was initially charged pinch first-degree execution — which is premediated aliases deliberate — but this was dropped aft nan defense based on that marijuana, which Kirk was consuming for backmost pain, had severely impaired his judgement. 

They had besides based on he had suffered 'involuntary intoxication' because he did not cognize he was astatine precocious consequence for marijuana psychosis owed to schizophrenia successful his extended family.

In 2018, a Canadian man from Ontario was sentenced to 5 years successful situation for stabbing and beheading his begetter successful beforehand of friends.

The tribunal heard really Adam Kehl, past 31, was a dense cannabis personification but was not alert that nan supplier could trigger his actions. 

 He pleaded blameworthy to a complaint of manslaughter, which was revenge aft a psychiatrist said he was suffering from cannabis-induced intoxication.

At sentencing, he said successful a statement: 'I judge nan consequences. I understand nan truth that my marijuana usage was a cardinal facet successful what happened. I was not alert marijuana usage could do specified a thing. Had I known, I ne'er would person started.'

Judge Michelle Fuest described nan lawsuit arsenic 'horrifying and unusually brutal'. 

Spejcher's proceedings began yesterday, pinch nan tribunal shown constabulary body-cam footage of nan segment upon their arrival. It is group to past for respective weeks.

It shows Spejcher kneeling complete O'Melia's assemblage and stabbing herself successful nan cervix pinch an eight-inch serrated breadstuff knife.

Officers utilized a stun weapon connected her many times pinch nary effect, and were only capable to get her to driblet nan weapon erstwhile different serviceman struck her 9 times pinch his retractable alloy baton.

Many of nan assemblage members gasped, cried retired aliases covered their eyes erstwhile nan video was played, reports nan VC Star. Others held their hands complete their mouths.

Spejcher lowered her caput and cried arsenic nan video played and her mother collapsed down, falling to nan level and sobbing. O'Melia's begetter near nan courtroom conscionable earlier nan clip began.

The assemblage will request to find whether Spejcher's intoxication which led to nan onslaught was voluntary aliases involuntary.

To show her usage was involuntary, attorneys whitethorn reason that she could not person foreseen nan imaginable effects of nan weed she smoked, that she was coerced aliases deceived into smoking it, aliases that location was different constituent added to it without her knowledge.

The defense said witnesses will attest successful support of each 3 of these suggestions.

Spejcher had nary history of intelligence unwellness nan nighttime earlier she killed O'Melia and, nan defense claims, nary measurement to cognize that what she was smoking would trigger nan episode.

They besides declare she did not want to fume that nighttime but was pressured into it by O'Melia.

Lab tests detected THC successful nan humor of some O'Melia and Spejcher and nan only marijuana recovered successful nan flat was a fewer grams from an unlicensed transportation work which was astatine astir 4 percent THC.

This is good beneath nan levels successful astir cannabis sold astatine ineligible dispensaries, pinch THC levels being routinely supra 20 percent aliases moreover stronger.

The defense besides described Spejcher arsenic being of bully character, saying she was an audiologist astatine UCLA Health who was moving to thief others pinch proceeding aft almost wholly losing her's astatine a young age.

O'Melia was moving astatine an accounting patient wherever he was studying to beryllium a nationalist accountant.

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