Caitlin Clark targeted AGAIN by Antonio Brown with more crass tweets about WNBA star and her boyfriend after she BLOCKED him on social media - before ex-NFL player says: 'Can't be cancelled if you already cancelled'

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  • Caitlin Clark has had a whirlwind week aft being drafted by Indiana Pacers 
  • Her caller position has seen her targeted by nan ex-NFL subordinate Antonio Brown
  • READ: Caitlin Clark 'will really make $500,000 successful first WNBA season' 

By Jack Bezants

Published: 12:28 EDT, 20 April 2024 | Updated: 12:30 EDT, 20 April 2024

Antonio Brown has targeted Caitlin Clark again pinch much crass remarks connected Twitter, aft nan WNBA prima blocked him for his first information of vile posts astir her.

The erstwhile NFL player, who has targeted Tom Brady pinch provocative posts successful nan past, caused outrage and discourtesy this week but saying Clark 'looks for illustration she keeps it hairy'.

Brown returned again pinch much insults connected Friday night, claiming Clark will get integrative room erstwhile she starts making much money done nan WNBA.

He besides posted a crass meme referring to Clark's fellow earlier pursuing up pinch a tweet seemingly addressing nan outrage that said: 'Cant beryllium cancelled if you already cancelled.'

Hours later, he said Clark should play successful nan NBA alternatively of nan women's equivalent.

Antonio Brown has targeted Caitlin Clark again pinch much crass remarks connected Twitter

Ex-NFL subordinate Brown appears to relish attempting to provoke stars connected societal media 

Clark was first prime by nan Indiana Pacers astatine nan WNBA Draft aft immense occurrence astatine Iowa

'I’ll opportunity it again for nan haters,' he wrote. 'Caitlin Clark should beryllium a NBA Draft pick. Draft is weak. She is simply a generational talent This would beryllium nan year.'

Brown's attacks person travel amid a newsman sparking outrage for his reside successful speaking to her astatine her first Indiana Fever property conference.

Indy Star Sports newsman Gregg Doyel imitated nan erstwhile Iowa star's celebratory heart-hands motion earlier saying: 'Start doing it to maine and we'll get on conscionable fine.' 

The quip sparked outrage online arsenic Barstool Sports leader Dave Portnoy branded him a 'sexist pervert' - starring Doyel to apologize for nan suggestive exchange.

'Today successful my uniquely oafish way, while welcoming @CaitlinClark22 to Indy, I formed my hands into her signature [hand bosom emoji,' Doyel groveled to Twitter connected Wednesday.

'My remark afterward was clumsy and awkward. I sincerely apologize. Please cognize my bosom (literally and figuratively) was well-intentioned. I will do better.'

But amid nan controversies, Clark has plentifulness to observe arsenic well.

It emerged this week that she is group to motion an eight-figure woody pinch Nike that will onshore her a signature shoe.

Clark and her fellow were targeted by Brown during his latest information connected insults 

Clark's starting net of $76,533 has been placed nether scrutiny this week, too 

Furthermore, erstwhile it emerged that she will beryllium paid a net of $76,535 for her first play successful nan WNBA, it prompted President Biden to talk really women are paid successful nan sport.

'Women successful sports proceed to push caller boundaries and animate america all,' publication a station connected Biden's X account. 'But correct now we're seeing that moreover if you're nan best, women are not paid their adjacent share.

'It's clip that we springiness our daughters nan aforesaid opportunities arsenic our sons and guarantee women are paid what they deserve.'

WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert has since said that Clark's net will apt beryllium person to $500,000 erstwhile nan WNBA play is done.

''[For a] CEO, do you conscionable put nan guidelines salary successful there? No, you put their bonus, you put their banal options, you put everything,' Engelbert said at a CNBC Changemakers event, according to

'Caitlin has nan expertise to dress up to a half of a cardinal dollars conscionable successful WNBA wages this year, truthful they're conscionable looking astatine a base, which is collectively bargained and [what is reported is] really is low, because she's nan No. 1 pick.'

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