Caitlin Clark is being used by 'so-called patriots' as 'avatar to lash out' at black women, claims sports writer on ESPN amid Team USA Olympic row

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Amid nan statement astir whether aliases not Caitlin Clark was snubbed for nan USA Basketball Olympic Team, there's been an undercurrent of antagonistic connection toward those who person made nan roster.

None of this has been perpetrated by Clark herself, but pundits for illustration Jason Whitlock person blamed her non-inclusion connected nan 'Black cheery mafia' arsenic good arsenic 'angry lesbians'.

It's comments for illustration those which person led Andscape elder writer David Dennis Jr. to make an study astir nan guidance successful which nan sermon is going.

Appearing connected nan ESPN crippled show Around nan Horn, Dennis was asked astir his position of nan ngo connection of Team USA and utilized his reply to constituent retired his fearfulness that nan absence of Clark will beryllium utilized to onslaught this roster.

'Yeah, nan ngo connection [of USA Basketball] is to triumph golden medals and correspond nan United States while increasing nan game,' he said. 'The portion astir increasing nan game: you request to triumph golden medals successful bid to do that.

Caitlin Clark being near disconnected of nan USA Basketball Olympic squad roster has generated reactions

Andscape's David Dennis Jr. believes group are utilizing Clark to 'lash out' astatine 'people who they person disdain for: chiefly nan constitution of nan WNBA, Black women, et al.'

For @AroundtheHorn I talked astir really Caitlin Clark has go an avatar for group to definitive their disdain for Black women and really a bunch of alleged patriots are going to dainty Team USA this summer.

— David Dennis Jr. (@DavidDTSS) June 10, 2024

'For nan history of women's Team USA Basketball, what they do is they put nan roster that puts them champion equipped to triumph golden medals. 

'And location person been a batch of players who person been snubbed on nan way, Candace Parker being 1 of those players. And location tin beryllium a patient sports statement astir whether Caitlin Clark should make this team. 

'And I'm of nan belief that she is not 1 of nan apical 15 players available. Even if [Diana] Taurasi, whoever, would not beryllium there, location would beryllium a mates of group for illustration Arike [Ogunbowale] who you could put supra Caitlin Clark. 

'The problem present is, and what concerns maine going forward, is those group connected nan fringe that do beryllium that are successful existent life - not conscionable Internet trolls; politicians, pundits, and group of nan for illustration - who are utilizing Caitlin Clark arsenic an avatar to lash retired astatine nan group who they person disdain for: chiefly nan constitution of nan WNBA, Black women et al. 

'And they are utilizing her to spell against Team USA. What is going to hap successful Team USA, that is going to beryllium nan large calamity present is nan measurement that they are treated by those group travel nan summer. 

'We're expected to support America and American teams successful nan Olympics. I want to spot that for this team, moreover if Caitlin Clark is not connected that squad.'

It's not for illustration Clark was near disconnected nan roster without merit - galore judge that she is simply not bully capable correct now to make nan cut.

Statistics backmost that up. Of nan 7 guards that made nan roster, each but 1 is higher connected nan WNBA scoring database than Clark. The 1 objection is Chelsea Gray, who is recovering from an injury, but was nan league's third-best assister past season.

A'ja Wilson is 1 of nan players who will beryllium representing nan United States astatine nan Olympics

The 1 class that Clark does lead nan WNBA successful correct now is turnovers - where, astatine an mean of 5.6 turnovers a game, she is connected way to shatter nan league's single-season grounds for nan dubious mark.

It should besides beryllium noted that rookies seldom make nan USA women's hoops squad owed to really heavy nan roster typically is. Only Taurasi, Sylvia Fowles, Candace Parker, and Breanna Stewart.

Clark mightiness not moreover beryllium nan biggest snub of this year's Olympic team. That grant would beryllium much aptly fixed to Dallas Wings prima Arike Ogunbowale - who has been 1 of nan WNBA's apical scorers and is presently 2nd successful nan convention successful points per crippled pinch 26.4.

But moreover pinch Ogunbowale and Clark disconnected nan roster, location should beryllium small to nary interest for fans of nan United States astir their expertise to triumph nan golden badge astatine these Paris games.

The United States women's hoops squad has won golden astatine nan past 7 Olympic games and has won 4 consecutive FIBA World Cup golds arsenic well.

There was moreover 1 personification consenting to advocator for watching a Caitlin Clark-less USA Basketball team: Caitlin Clark herself. 

'I'm excited for nan girls who are connected nan team. I cognize it's nan astir competitory squad successful nan world and I cognize it could've gone either measurement – maine being connected nan team, maine not being connected nan team,' she said, via The Athletic. 

'So, I'm excited for them. I'm going to beryllium rooting them connected to triumph gold. I was a kid that grew up watching nan Olympics. So, yeah, it'll beryllium nosy to watch them.'

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