BUMBLE ON THE TEST: Ben Duckett's lack of match practice has left him undercooked but it is the modern way - and enjoy the Lord's sell-outs while they last

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  • England moved to nan verge of triumph complete West Indies successful nan first Test astatine Lord's
  • Players will pursuit large money connected connection successful shorter-form cricket astir nan world
  • Duckett, meanwhile, looked each complete nan spot successful his little innings pinch nan bat 

By David Lloyd

Published: 16:11 EDT, 11 July 2024 | Updated: 16:11 EDT, 11 July 2024

England moved to nan verge of triumph successful their first Test of nan summertime connected Thursday pinch another ascendant showing against West Indies astatine Lord's.

Jamie Smith and Jimmy Anderson were among nan stars connected what will apt move retired to beryllium Anderson's penultimate time arsenic an world cricketer arsenic he prepares to bring nan curtain down connected an exeptional career.

Ben Stokes, meanwhile, passed 200 wickets arsenic he again showed really cardinal he is to his side arsenic they look to build for the Ashes. 

On Friday, England request 5 much wickets to declare a ascendant victory, and apt won't person to bat again to gain it.

Here, Mail Sport columnist David 'Bumble' Lloyd takes you done immoderate of nan stories you whitethorn person missed from time 1 astatine nan location of cricket. 

England person moved to nan verge of a ascendant triumph complete West Indies successful nan first Test

The retiring Jimmy Anderson (centre) was among nan wickets connected different successful time for nan location side

Captain Ben Stokes, meanwhile, passed nan 200 wickets people successful Test cricket connected nan day

Lovely drop… for £9.20!

At Lord's this week and fancy venturing further afield? I urge Borough Market. 

The Market Porter's busy, a awesome people-watching pub. Then there's The Rake, wherever a very pleasant cloudy IPA costs £9.20. Must beryllium up location pinch nan astir costly pints successful nan land.

At nan Indian Gourmet, I tackled nan lamb jalfrezi and lamb chops. The sheep must beryllium tense information here. 

A communicative of 2 sausages

Settling successful for nan time pinch a bacon sandwich, an advert up of Sky Sports' sum caught my eye.

A mates creation information their surviving room, past shimmy into nan bedroom. The advertisement was for erectile dysfunction medication. Bit early for that!

Then, rustle me, Sir Alastair Cook produces a double ender — a type of sausage, presented to him nan Bedfordshire young farmers. The mind boggles. 

Money talks

Another Lord's Test sell-out — bask it while it lasts.

These outer Twenty20 and T10 leagues are cropping up each complete nan world. There's a immense magnitude of money swilling astir and nan bottommost statement is that nan players will pursuit it. 

Lord's was sold retired again connected Thursday, but we whitethorn not spot sights for illustration that for overmuch longer

Ben Duckett, meanwhile, looks undercooked successful position of his mentation for nan existent series

Duckett looks undercooked

The funny lawsuit of Ben Duckett. I presume England's opener has deed countless balls successful nan nets this week, but what lucifer believe has he had?

Well, aft playing four-day cricket successful April, he spent a period arsenic a squad subordinate astatine nan Twenty20 World Cup and had 1 T20 Blast crippled for Nottinghamshire past week.

It's nan modern way, I get that, but Duckett was each complete nan spot successful his little innings — 3 from 13 balls — connected time one. 

Cricket needs levelling up

'It can't beryllium correct that only 3 teams successful nan world play five-Test series. In what different athletics would you person that and still telephone it a level playing field?' Words delivered by nan fantabulous Fazeer Mohammed connected Test Match Special connected Thursday.

The Big Three of England, India and Australia use from immense broadcast deals but nan wealthiness distribution is inadequate to let nations pinch much humble incomes to compete. Uniformity successful magnitude of bid mightiness beryllium a start. 

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