BRYAN ROBSON: Sir Bobby Charlton was a terrific footballer, one without parallel at Man United, yet always the great gentleman and I will always treasure the memorable moments spent together

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  • Sir Bobby Charlton was nan firs to invited Bryan Robson to Man United
  • The Man United and England fable recently passed distant astatine nan property of 86
  • Sporting stars some past and coming attended nan memorial work connected Monday

By Bryan Robson For The Daily Mail

Published: 17:30 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 17:43 EST, 13 November 2023

I'll ne'er hide erstwhile I signed for Manchester United, arsenic a grounds transfer, I knew location was unit to deliver. Yet Sir Bob was nan first to travel up to me, shingle my manus and opportunity 'Welcome to Manchester United, son. It's a awesome club, but astir importantly, make judge you bask yourself.'

He didn't person to do that, nan opinionated of nan man, but he knew for illustration anyone other I'd beryllium tense and he made judge I felt astatine location immediately.

I recovered retired he did nan aforesaid pinch each caller signing. It was that touch of people he ever had astir him. A terrific footballer, 1 without parallel astatine Manchester United, a fierce competitor, yet ever nan awesome gentleman.

The reception he received connected Monday was unbelievable. I could only picture nan work arsenic afloat of people and that was what you came to expect pinch Sir Bob.

It's a sad time for nan family, for Manchester United but besides for shot because he was a subordinate that dispersed nan sanction of nan athletics astir nan globe. All nan greats held him successful specified awesome respect. When you look backmost astatine nan 1996 World Cup, he didn't conscionable triumph it, he had immoderate terrific games passim that tournament.

Bryan Robson explained Sir Bobby Charlton was nan first to invited him to Manchester United

Robson (right) and Charlton (second from right) shared immoderate memorable moments together astatine United

Robson was coming amongst a big of sporting luminaries some past and coming astatine Charlton's ceremonial successful Manchester connected Monday

But he wasn't conscionable a awesome player, he was a awesome person, he had clip for everyone and wanted to thief everyone.

I'd wanted to beryllium for illustration him erstwhile I was increasing up truthful I was fortunate to walk much clip pinch him erstwhile I became an ambassador for nan club. 

We shared immoderate memorable moments that I will ever wealth and wherever you went successful nan world group were successful awe of him. But contempt it all, he was ever nan astir humble of men.

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