Britney Spears shares clip of bruised foot as she gives another update on injury sustained during THAT drama-filled night at Chateau Marmont

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Britney Spears gave another update connected her foot after she injured herself at Chateau Marmont.

The Toxic vocalist took to her Instagram connected Friday to fto fans cognize really her betterment is coming on aft she near them concerned pursuing the tumultuous sojourn to nan iconic hotel with fellow Paul Soliz.

'Just past week tin you judge it !!! How is it already amended ??? Well I was stubborn and did it my measurement !!! I didn't perceive to a motherf****** psyche !!,' nan prima wrote alongside a clip of her bruised and swollen foot.

'I moreover wore heels astatine nighttime and danced pinch nan saints!' she continued. 'I went into nan water astatine 3:00 successful nan greeting naked each nighttime successful Mexico.'

Britney continued to recount her formation retreat, opting not to delve into immoderate further specifics regarding her ft injury. 

Britney Spears gave different update connected her ft aft she injured herself astatine Chateau Marmont

The Toxic vocalist took to her Instagram connected Friday to fto fans cognize really her betterment is coming on aft she near them concerned pursuing nan tumultuous sojourn to iconic edifice pinch fellow Paul Soliz

 'I drank costly vino and sang successful my extracurricular ablution !!! I did 12 videos successful Mexico pinch my favourite caller dresses !!! I yet told personification to their look for nan first clip 'f*** you' !!!,' she wrote.

She concluded her post: 'I sewage nasty and put lipid each complete my assemblage and changeable successful a swimsuit but I ne'er posted it !!! I learned to look up a small spot much !!! I had weird dreams of religion walls !!! I sewage a acold and I left' 

The hitmaker seemed to beryllium doing amended aft injuring her ankle earlier this month, which sources later told happened while she was doing cartwheels extracurricular of her edifice room.

Insiders revealed to that Britney had a massive panic onslaught and 'flipped out' at nan Chateau Marmont complete fears that her ain mother called nan paramedics connected her, conscionable minutes aft she insisted she was mentally good but had severely injured her ankle.

The singer sparked fears that she was spiraling into a intelligence breakdown erstwhile she was pictured wearing thing but a broad and underwear while clutching a pillow arsenic she was escorted retired of nan personage hotspot by paramedics successful nan early hours of past Thursday.

She later shared pictures of her swollen ft connected Instagram, insisting she was not successful nan midst of an episode, arsenic she accused her ain mother Lynne Spears, 60, of a 'set up.'

Now, insiders person laid bare nan truth astir nan shocking incident, claiming Lynne was down nan 911 telephone and had asked her girl if she was 'mentally fine' conscionable minutes before.

'Britney was crying successful symptom and she called Lynne successful Louisiana to show her what had happened,' a root told exclusively. 'At nan time, Lynne was nan only 1 who knew that she had wounded herself.

Britney fto fans cognize astir her ft and her Mexico vacation

'Just past week tin you judge it !!! How is it already amended ??? Well I was stubborn and did it my measurement !!! I didn't perceive to a motherf****** psyche !!,' nan prima wrote alongside a clip of her bruised and swollen foot

Britney's first look of nan time was a brownish mini dress pinch spaghetti straps that besides put nan spotlight connected her cleavage

'Lynne asked Britney if she was OK mentally and Britney told her mom that she was good and it was conscionable her ankle.

'Lynne called 911 and told them that Britney was having a breakdown and had injured herself. She knew that Britney was successful a traumatized state.' 

The estranged duo had precocious reconnected pursuing nan extremity of Britney's conservatorship conflict pinch her father Jamie Spears, 71, and nan finalization of her divorcement from ex-husband Sam Asghari, 30. 

Photographs taken nan nighttime of nan incident showed nan disheveled-looking popular star, barefoot and draped successful a broad - reminiscent of her infamous 2008 breakdown that landed her successful an involuntary 5150 clasp and yet led to her 13-year conservatorship. 

Explaining her attire, nan insider insisted it had thing to do pinch her intelligence state. 

'When nan ambulance arrived astatine nan Chateau, they went straight to Britney's room and told her that they needed to make judge that she was OK aft personification had called nan paramedics,' they said.

'When Britney looked out, she saw nan ambulance and nan gurney and she flipped out. She had a terrible panic onslaught because seeing a gurney for her is traumatizing, for evident reasons.

Britney had near her fans concerned aft she injured her ankle during her allegedly booze-filled nighttime retired successful nan city 

'Britney past grabbed a broad and a pillow, leaving her belongings astatine nan hotel. She did not person shoes connected because her ankle was injured. She was not going to get successful an ambulance and was not astir to get checked retired by them for an injured ankle.'

According to nan source, nan Toxic vocalist - who was astatine nan edifice pinch her felon fellow Paul Richard Soliz - was wished to flee.

The root continued: 'She said, 'I americium getting nan f***k retired of here.' She walked past nan ambulance and sewage into a thrust that was waiting for her retired front. 

'She did not return to nan Chateau.' 

Britney rubbished claims she had suffered a intelligence breakdown connected Instagram - and posted a video of her swollen ankle. 

'Okay guys, truthful you know, I really twisted my ankle past night,' she said. 'It's truthful bad. Idiot correct present tried to do a leap successful nan surviving room astatine nan Chateau and I fell and embarrassed myself and that's it.'

It was later claimed she had been doing cartwheels while drinking alcohol.  

'Paramedics came to nan doorway illegally and caused this immense segment and it was truthful unnecessary and each I needed was ice,' she said.

The Oops I Did It Again vocalist started crying and added: 'It is beautiful huffy but s***t happens.'

In nan caption, Britney placed blasted connected her mother Lynne.

The Toxic vocalist was said to person been traumatized by seeing a gurney and believing it was a 'set up' by her mom. She later claimed paramedics arrived astatine her room 'illegally'

'I cognize my mom was progressive !!! I haven't talked to her successful 6 months and she called correct aft it happened earlier nan news being retired !!!' she wrote.

'I was group up conscionable for illustration she did measurement backmost erstwhile !!! I wish I had grandparents !!! I can't guidelines her !!! I honestly don't attraction I will opportunity it.'

Britney vanished her station by praising her longtime attorney, Mathew Rosengart, who she said is 'like a father' to her.

She wrote: 'Psss this man is awesome !!! He's for illustration a begetter to maine and he sewage maine done past nighttime !!! I adore you and respect you mister Mathew !!!' contacted Rosengart, representatives for Britney and Lynne for comment.

The incident is believed to beryllium nan last straw for Britney who is now keen to waste Serenity, nan mansion she had built successful Kentwood, Louisiana successful 2001, which her mother has lived successful for 2 decades.

'Britney is now going to waste Serenity,' nan insider said. 'The incident astatine Chateau Marmont was nan past straw.'

A abstracted root adjacent to nan popular princess told that Lynne is hopeless to salvage her narration pinch her girl complete fears she will time off her homeless.

Lynne was photographed astatine LAX, little than 48 hours aft nan incident, wherever she was greeted by her boy Bryan and her granddaughter.

Lynne was photographed astatine LAX, little than 48 hours aft nan incident. Asked if she would 'always beryllium location nary matter what' for her daughter, she simply nodded (pictured successful 1999)

Asked if she would 'always beryllium location nary matter what' for her daughter, she simply nodded.

Britney's begetter antecedently claimed that Serenity, and each nan costs associated pinch maintaining it, were ne'er paid for by Lynne.

'Lynne has not been progressive successful her daughter's life for astir of nan past 12 years,' he stated successful tribunal documents successful 2021. 'Despite their estranged relationship, nan Conservatorship Estate, during nan full long of nan Conservatorship, has paid and continues to salary for nan mansion successful Louisiana wherever Lynne lives.

'This includes each of her inferior bills, play maid service, and each attraction (totaling upwards of $150,000 per twelvemonth and to date, astir $2,000,000 successful total).' 

Court documents besides revealed that Britney has spent astir $1.7 cardinal connected her mother complete nan years. 

Lynne, who went backmost to activity arsenic a substitute teacher successful Kentwood past year, revenge for section 7 — liquidation bankruptcy — successful 1998. She has owned 5 companies successful nan past 20 years, including Britney Online, Inc. and One More Time Music, Inc. but is nary longer progressive successful immoderate of them.

Britney antecedently sold nan condo she owned successful Destin, Florida, conscionable 1 twelvemonth aft her merchandise from the conservatorship. She purchased nan property, which Lynne would usage for vacation, successful 2001 for $920,000 nether an LLC.

'Lynne utilized to walk truthful overmuch clip astatine Britney's condo and it was her favourite spot to escape,' nan 2nd insider told

'Britney didn't moreover springiness Lynne nan opportunity to get her belongings retired of nan location earlier she sold it. 

'But Britney didn't waste it because she was broke. She sold it because she felt her family was taking advantage of her and utilizing nan location arsenic if it were theirs — but ne'er inviting her to subordinate them.

'Lynne knows that she could easy do nan aforesaid pinch Serenity, leaving her precocious and barren and homeless.' 

Britney and her mother person had a love-hate narration for years. Prior to past week, nan 2 had not spoken since December, when Lynne amazed Britney by walking to LA to observe her 42nd birthday. 

The mother-and-daughter duo were pictured successful saccharine snaps shared to societal media, pinch images showing Britney cuddling up to Lynne connected nan sofa and twirling her mom successful nan air.

Britney and Lynne's estrangement was spearheaded by her claims Lynne didn't assistance a digit to thief free her girl from her conservatorship.

Last twelvemonth they came to blows complete claims Lynne threw retired puerility dolls and journals from Britney's erstwhile family home.

Insiders besides claimed Lynne had been trading disconnected her possessions both online and astatine a section consignment shop successful Louisiana successful caller years.

Lynne appeared to reside her daughter's claims that she disposed of her belongings, insisting she wouldn't beryllium truthful 'cruel.'

Britney had antecedently claimed successful her memoir The Woman successful Me that her family saw her arsenic thing much than a 'cashflow.'

Britney thanked her 'wonderful' lawyer Mathew Rosengart (pictured together successful 2022) for 'getting her through' her chaotic nighttime astatine nan Chateau Marmont 

Earlier this period TMZ reported that Britney had go 'dysfunctional' and was successful threat of going broke, thing that was later slammed arsenic 'inaccurate.'

Britney famously shaved her caput astatine a hairsbreadth salon successful Tarzana, a suburb of Los Angeles, successful 2007, 1 time aft she near a rehab installation successful Antigua. She later re-entered treatment.

A twelvemonth later she was put nether a court-ordered conservatorship which granted her begetter Jamie and a lawyer full power complete her financial and individual affairs.

It was terminated successful November 2021. 

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