Britney Spears' memoir The Woman In Me sparks movie, TV and documentary bidding war  - after tell-all tome shattered bestseller records

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A bidding warfare complete nan authorities to accommodate Britney Spears' best-selling memoir The Woman In Me into a film, TV bid or documentary has erupted betwixt awesome studios.

The Woman In Me deed nan shelves past week and has already caused a media earthquake and shattered bestseller records - with bombshell revelations and sadistic barbs flung astatine her ex Justin Timberlake, her family and her aged feud-mate Christina Aguilera.

Deadline now reports buyers are 'circling' nan memoir and that bids person already travel successful - 7 days aft nan book's release.

Spears has already been nan taxable of celebrated films centered astir her conservatorship - Britney vs Spears and Framing Britney Spears. 

Spears happily celebrated her book becoming nan 'highest trading personage memoir successful history' and took to Instagram to stock nan news past week.

Released October 24: A bidding warfare complete nan authorities to accommodate Britney Spears' best-selling memoir The Woman In Me into a film, TV bid aliases documentary has erupted betwixt awesome studios

Ructions: The Woman In Me deed nan shelves past week and has already caused a media earthquake and shattered bestseller records - pinch bombshell revelations and sadistic barbs flung astatine her ex Justin Timberlake , her family and her aged feud-mate Christina Aguilera 

The Baby One More Time songstress gushed to her 42.3 cardinal fans and followers, 'It’s happening!!!' 

'My book is nan highest trading personage memoir successful history and it’s only time 1 !!! Thank you to nan fans who person been truthful supportive !!! Love you each !! #TheWomanInMe @gallerybooks @simonandschuster.' 

She uploaded a photograph of nan book screen and included a short reel that had nan words, 'My story. On my terms. At last,' look connected nan screen. 

Spears sent her fans into a frenzy this play erstwhile she announced connected Instagram that her 2nd memoir will beryllium published adjacent year. 

At nan opening of this month, Britney dished that she already had a 2nd measurement successful nan useful - and this Saturday she served up further details.

She re-posted a video of an orchestra musician swinging down a monolithic 'Mahler hammer' during a capacity of nan composer's sixth symphony.

'Humor is nan cure to everything !!!' Britney gushed successful her caption. 'Play connected !!! Volume 2 will beryllium released adjacent twelvemonth … get fresh !!!'

Meanwhile, arsenic Justin faces aggravated scrutiny following nan publication of Britney's caller memoir, his aged NSYNC bandmate Lance Bass spoke retired successful his defense.

Past love: Amid backlash complete stories astir really Timberlake treated nan Circus hitmaker during their two-year romance, betwixt 1999 to 2001, his bandmate Lance Bass told TMZ that fans request to return it easy connected nan SexyBack vocalist for his past indiscretions (Spears and Timberlake pictured in 2001) 

Backlash has been mounting complete Britney's stories astir really Justin treated nan Circus hitmaker during their two-year romance, between 1999 to 2001.

Justin has been subjected to a deluge of online hate, to nan constituent he abnormal his Instagram comments successful an evident bid to stem nan tide. 

In response, Lance told TMZ that fans request to return it easier connected the SexyBack vocalist for his past indiscretions.

'Everyone has their ain opinion, but I consciousness nan full world is truthful afloat of dislike correct now that we request to believe a small forgiveness. Britney did, truthful let's return a statement from her,' he suggested. 

The performer continued: 'Everyone deserves to show their story. She did, and, you know, I dream nan fans can, again, find immoderate forgiveness.'

Bass declined to speak astir whether he has spoken pinch Timberlake pursuing nan bombshell claims that his ex-girlfriend made astir him, including that he was unfaithful during their narration and that she had an abortion, astatine 19, because he 'didn't want to beryllium a father.'

Earlier this week, a source exclusively told that 'Justin has not reached retired to Britney astatine each astir immoderate of this and he is not going to because location is thing he tin opportunity to her.'

'She was location and is conscionable telling it from her constituent of view,' nan root added. 'That does not mean he is okay pinch it. Justin is not astatine each happy astir what has travel retired successful this book.' 

They went connected to statement that 'doing this book has fixed Britney life and she really doesn't attraction who is offended by thing successful it because it is what happened.

'She was location and lived done it. No 1 tin opportunity anything. She has sewage this each retired of her and is moving connected now.'

Her story: The popular icon, 41, who received a $12.5million beforehand for nan book, is group to make a luck from nan book, which has already sold much than 400,000 copies

A 2nd insider claimed nan 'baggage' from Britney's memoir has been 'stressful' for Justin and his woman Jessica, whose wedding day connected October 19 was overshadowed.

The brace tied nan knot successful 2012, a decade aft his divided from Britney. They stock sons Silas, 8 and Phineas, three.

'Britney's book coming retired pinch each nan revelations coming from it has not been nan champion for his day celebrations,' they said. 'Having it successful nan zeitgeist hasn't been a taxable of changeless speech but Justin and Jessica person decidedly talked astir it.

'And to person to deliberation of each of that during a clip erstwhile they should observe their emotion for each different hasn't been nan astir satisfying of days lately, it has been a spot stressful.'

They claimed he is trying to attraction connected NSYNC's caller euphony and his upcoming film, adding: 'He is trying to fig it retired and debar nan naysayers.' has reached retired to reps for Britney and Justin.

The mates dated from 1999 until 2002 erstwhile their divided was announced to expanding rumors that Britney had been unfaithful.

Justin appeared to bolster nan communicative pinch his 2002 deed Cry Me a River successful which he sings: 'You don't person to say, what you did / I already know, I recovered retired from him / Now there's conscionable nary chance / For you and me.'

The vocalist moreover went truthful acold arsenic to prosecute a Britney look-a-like for nan euphony video.

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