Breeders' Cup under the microscope after Dirt Mile challenger Practical Move's fatal collapse during work at Santa Anita

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  • Practical Move was carrying retired activity erstwhile nan Dirt Mile challenger collapsed
  • PETA issued a connection calling for stricter testing for horses aliases an extremity to racing 
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By Dominic King for MailOnline

Published: 17:51 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 06:36 EDT, 1 November 2023

It was acheronian and acold but, done it all, we could spot them galloping. A activity greeting successful Breeders' Cup week is thing to behold and Santa Anita, moreover earlier first light, was everything you wanted it to be.

Down astatine Clockers Corner, we had gathered to spot nan phalanx of contenders look from their barns. When a equine is moving astatine nan Breeders Cup, their names are stitched into their colourful saddle cloths: Practical Move, a challenger for nan Dirt Mile, was easy to spot arsenic he thrummed past. 

He moved powerfully and gracefully. This was a equine pinch a large reputation, 1 that could person been nan Kentucky Derby winner, potentially, had a fever not intervened successful May. With shape figures of 5 wins from 8 races, a Breeders' Cup triumph was not retired of nan question. 

We carried connected talking, awaiting for nan European runners to get their first show of nan track. But then, arsenic quickly arsenic you tin flick a switch, nan temper changed: 4 blasts of a siren, nan benignant of siren you mightiness perceive erstwhile successful an ambulance aliases occurrence position erstwhile thing has gone wrong.

And thing had gone wrong. As we tried to activity retired what had gone connected done nan commotion, a glimpse up nan consecutive quickly told you everything you needed to know. A equine had collapsed, adjacent to nan moving obstruction and location were nary signs of life. It was Practical Move.

Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile challenger Practical Move suffered a fatal illness astatine Santa Anita

No matter really agelong you person been successful racing, nary matter really overmuch you understand nan pitfalls and nan imaginable for things to spell wrong, nan catastrophe of seeing 1 of these beautiful animals gaffe distant will ever time off you emotion hollow.

For those closest to it, nan symptom is accrued one-thousand fold. Practical Move's activity rider, who was uninjured, was bereft erstwhile he had to transportation backmost his saddle, reins and sanction cloth aft his stricken partner had been removed. Trainer Tim Yakteen was bereft.

In a statement, organisers said: 'Every year, Breeders' Cup useful intimately pinch its big track, authorities racing commission, and nan Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) successful nan lead-up to nan World Championships to instrumentality stringent information and integrity protocols.

'These processes are successful spot to protect nan wellbeing of our quality and equine athletes, and Breeders' Cup is committed to continuously improving nan ecosystem of attraction surrounding each horse. The equine was instantly tended to by veterinarians.'

This trim small crystal pinch those who are opposed to racing. In a statement, PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo said: 

'With nan Breeders' Cup successful conscionable a fewer days, PETA is profoundly disturbed by nan carnage successful California equine racing. 

'Just this morning, Practical Move, who was slated to title this weekend, collapsed and died, and astatine slightest 71 horses person died truthful acold this year. While California has led nan measurement successful passing measures to protect horses, it has stopped acold short of each that is needed. 

This was a equine pinch a large reputation, 1 that could person been nan Kentucky Derby winner

'It needs to statesman pinch nan contiguous suspension of nan trainer erstwhile a equine dies and nan installation of low-radiation, opinionated CT imaging instrumentality that tin beryllium utilized to surface horses. Either nan fatalities extremity aliases racing must.' 

There person been immoderate harrowing episodes astatine nan Breeders' Cup down nan years and watching racing connected ungraded is guaranteed to time off a knot of interest successful your stomach.

The past point that was needed up of nan arena described arsenic Racing's World Championship was an incident for nan world to look astatine racing successful a antagonistic light.

Practical Move – and nan sorry destiny that befell him – has changed each that. Darkness remains. 

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