Bondi Junction Westfield stabbing: Joel Cauchi's dad lashes out

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The father of nan deranged knifeman who stabbed six group to death and injured astatine slightest 12 much pinch a 30cm hunting weapon has lashed retired successful a bitter doorstep spray.

Westfield Bondi Junction knifeman Joel Cauchi's father, Andrew, unloaded successful an outburst extracurricular nan family location successful Toowoomba, south-east Queensland, connected Monday morning.

He blasted media for their deficiency of compassion earlier tending to nan flock of hundreds of pigeons he cares for successful nan backyard of nan location he shares pinch wife, Michele.

'How do you deliberation I feel? How's your sensitivity,' he said.

'I felt alright until you sewage here.' 

Joel Cauchi's father, Andrew (pictured), lashed retired astatine reporters for their deficiency of 'sensitivity'

Joel Cauchi (pictured) killed 5 women and 1 man pinch a 30cm hunting weapon astatine Westfield Bondi Junction connected Saturday afternoon

Joel's parents, Andrew and Michele (pictured), described Saturday's events arsenic 'truly horrific'

It comes arsenic Joel Cauchi's erstwhile friends and classmates remember his crisp consciousness of humour astatine schoolhouse while others described him arsenic 'a spot weird … pinch compulsions'.

Cauchi, 40, was fatally changeable by a lone policewoman after going connected a stabbing rampage astatine Westfield shopping centre soon earlier 4pm connected Saturday. 

His 'very religious' parents connected Sunday described nan onslaught arsenic 'truly horrific' and his schoolmates recounted what they remembered astir him. 

Melissa Hornig claims she was friends pinch Cauchi during their schoolhouse years and graduated from Harristown State High School together successful 2000.

'He was a really bully kid, I was friends astatine schoolhouse pinch him. You wouldn't recognise him from school. He doesn't look thing for illustration his Year 12 picture,' she said.

'But things hap successful life, you extremity up a monster.' 

Another schoolhouse friend, Layne, said he remembered Cauchi arsenic humorous and witty.

'At schoolhouse socials, this feline had a crisp consciousness of humour - he was known for his cutting satire,' he said.

Another female who said she went to nan aforesaid religion arsenic Cauchi admitted spotting alarming reddish flags aft gathering him for a mates dates. 

'I went connected a fewer java dates pinch him, but he had compulsions,' Lulu Eve posted connected societal media.

'It was a spot weird truthful I stopped messaging him, past he said he was moving away. I'm successful shock.' 

Dan Luxford knew Cauchi from playing inline lucky pinch him astatine nan city's Skatehaven skating rink, which has since closed.

'He ever wandered astir talking to himself. Definitely immoderate intelligence wellness issues,' he said.

Andrew Cauchi (pictured) has been described arsenic 'very religious' and is known astir Toowoomba for breeding 700 pigeons

Former classmates of Joel Cauchi (pictured)  had differing accounts of him, pinch immoderate recalling his crisp wit while others described him arsenic 'a spot weird'

Five women and 1 man were killed successful Saturday's stabbing and astatine slightest different 12 were injured, including a nine-month-old babe (pictured, emergency services astatine nan scene)

Cauchi's parents, some successful their 70s, are well-known locally for looking aft astir 700 pigeons astatine their home.

On Monday morning, Mr Cauchi was happy to talk pinch reporters astir his pets, discussing really nan different breeds he keeps are fto retired each day.

'Yes, nan pigeons ever travel home,' he said.

Dressed successful achromatic shorts, a faded pinkish T-shirt and a achromatic hat, Mr Cauchi filled ice-cream containers pinch h2o from a backmost gait tap.

He past picked up a agelong rod pinch a supermarket container connected nan extremity of it and began twirling it astir successful nan aerial to make nan pigeons alert off.

When nan birds returned, he filled trays pinch atom arsenic nan pigeons clustered astir and pecked astatine nan food.

Mr Cauchi collapsed retired into opus arsenic he watched on, belting retired nan Roy Orbison classical Blue Bayou successful a beardown sound that echoed astir nan section homes.

The family's ramshackle gait pinch vegetables and clusters of dahlias is cluttered pinch boats, cars and ancient business metallic signs.

Mr Cauchi, who regularly gets deliveries of atom for his pigeon collection, has warned neighbours to beware of nan rats, mice and snakes attracted to nan atom stores.

The Cauchis person lived successful nan Toowoomba suburb of Rockville for 46 years and last saw their boy conscionable a fewer short months agone erstwhile nan 40-year-old came for Christmas, but according to neighbours he did not time off nan location during nan visit.  

A neighbour, who has shared a thoroughfare pinch nan family for 30 years, visited Mrs Cauchi for astir an hr connected Sunday while a man, believed to beryllium a family member, helped Mr Cauchi pinch his pigeon coops.

Another neighbour, Carol, told Daily Mail Australia Cauchi was owed backmost location this week to thief him trim nan number of pigeons he keeps successful aviaries astatine nan backmost of nan property, aft he received sound and odour complaints.

Andrew (pictured) and Michele Cauchi, some successful their 70s, are known astir municipality for lodging 700 pigeons

Joel was reportedly owed backmost astatine his family's location this week to thief relocate immoderate of their pigeons (pictured)

Several erstwhile classmates of Joel's recalled visiting nan family's location (pictured) successful Rockville, Toowoomba

However, Carol said she did not spot really Mr Cauchi could transportation retired nan task of removing hundreds of pigeons now that his boy was dead.

Five women and 1 man were killed during Cauchi's stabbing frenzy and astatine slightest 12 much were injured, including a nine-month-old baby.

His parents learnt astir nan scary erstwhile they recognised their boy from footage connected TV and made a frantic telephone telephone to police, but by that shape it was excessively late.  

Cauchi was schizophrenic and constabulary are treating nan horrific onslaught arsenic mental-health related.

The Cauchis said successful their connection they person 'no issues' pinch nan actions of nan New South Wales constabulary serviceman who killed their son. 

'We are perfectly devastated by nan traumatic events that occurred successful Sydney yesterday,' they said.

'Our thoughts and prayers are pinch nan families and friends of nan victims and those still undergoing curen astatine this time.

'Joel's actions were genuinely horrific, and we are still trying to comprehend what has happened.

'He has battled pinch intelligence wellness issues since he was a teenager.

'We are successful interaction pinch some nan New South Wales Police Force and Queensland Police Service and person nary issues pinch nan Police Officer who changeable our boy arsenic she was only doing her occupation to protect others and we dream she is coping alright.'

Carol and different neighbour described Mr Cauchi arsenic 'very religious', noting he has worshipped astatine a number of Toowoomba churches since parting ways pinch nan Catholic religion aft expressing his disgust pinch priests sexually assaulting children.

'He loves those birds (his pigeons). He often takes his garment disconnected and lies connected his backmost and looks up astatine nan entity while waving astir a instrumentality which makes nan pigeons operation up and alert about,' 1 neighbour said.

One Redditor who claimed to beryllium successful Cauchi's 'close circle of friends' successful precocious schoolhouse gave a very different relationship of his father.

One of Joel's erstwhile friends described his mother (pictured) arsenic 'the sweetest point ever'

Andrew Cauchi (pictured) reportedly near nan Catholic religion respective years agone owed to his disgust astatine allegations of priests sexually assaulting children

Joel's begetter (pictured) and mother were photographed extracurricular their Toowoomba location connected Sunday

'His mum was nan sweetest point ever but dada was prone to outbursts of anger and borderline abusive, though it astir apt wouldn't person been labelled that measurement backmost successful nan mid 90s,' they wrote.

'[Joel] was 1 of those ones astatine schoolhouse that was shy, ever a spot connected nan weird side, but whenever he did thing it was ever full-tilt.

'In hindsight, he astir apt didn't modulate that well. He dropped disconnected nan radar aft school, to my knowledge he didn't support immoderate friendships pinch his circle of schoolhouse friends.'

The writer added Saturday's onslaught was a 'bloody tragedy'.

'It mightiness beryllium misplaced empathy but nan Joel I knew would not person been himself, not successful bid of his actions while he attacked people,' they said.

'If there's a lesson, it's that intelligence unwellness is simply a b**ch and we shouldn't muck astir pinch it.'

Mr Cauchi often referred to boy arsenic 'a backpacker who travels to Melbourne'.

Carol said: 'He told maine that his boy was a well-behaved boy who sewage a autobus walk truthful he could recreation around.

'At 1 constituent nan boy came backmost location pinch immoderate different backpackers to thief weed nan yard. Andrew conscionable loves gardening.'

It is unclear whether Mr and Mrs Cauchi knew of their son's double-life arsenic a antheral escort.

Joel offered his intersexual services online arsenic precocious arsenic mid 2023, describing himself as 'athletic [and] bully looking'.

He offered 'closed door' services to some men and women, among different options excessively schematic to publish.

On Sunday, Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Roger Lowe said constabulary had learned of Cauchi's dire surviving arrangements from his family.

In caller weeks nan 40-year-old had been sleeping successful a car aliases astatine a backpacker's hostel.

Although he was not successful regular interaction pinch his parents, he did 'text his mother pinch an update arsenic to wherever he was', Assistant Commissioner Lowe said.

On Sunday night, nan neighbour who visited Mrs Cauchi said 'have a spot of compassion' to nan media when she left.

All six victims killed successful nan horrific stabbing rampage person been identified.

They see bride-to-be Dawn Singleton, 25, designer Jade Young, 47, information defender Faraz Tahir, 30, artist Pikria Darchia, 55, and 27-year-old assemblage student Yixuan Cheng.

Five of nan six victims killed successful nan horrific stabbing rampage person been identified truthful acold (pictured, Joel during nan attack)

Joel Cauchi (above) was diagnosed pinch schizophrenia erstwhile he was 17

Mother-of-one Ashlee Good, 38, died successful infirmary from her injuries aft trying to prevention her nine-month-old kid who had besides been stabbed. 

The small woman is successful a superior but unchangeable condition.

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