Body of skier recovered weeks after apparent fall in Mount Rainer National Park

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The assemblage of a skier reported overdue successful Mount Rainer National Park astir 3 weeks agone was recovered astatine nan guidelines of a waterfall Saturday, parkland officials said Tuesday.

The skier was reported overdue connected May 19 and was past heard from nan time prior, earlier mounting retired for a skis tour, nan National Park Service said successful a statement.

Her assemblage was spotted by chopper astatine nan guidelines of Pebble Creek's Moraine Falls, and she appeared to person fallen astir 200 feet, officials said.

The assemblage was recovered Saturday, though contiguous betterment had been delayed by “a large, unstable snowfall moat that was taxable to stone and crystal fall,” nan parkland work said successful a statement.

"Rangers were capable to retrieve nan assemblage utilizing accepted crevasse rescue methods during different play of favorable weather," nan work said.

The skier was not identified successful nan parkland service's statement. The assemblage was flown by chopper to nan Pierce County Medical Examiner's Office.

The Moraine Falls are supra Paradise, an area accessible by roadworthy and known for wildflower meadows.

Phil Helsel

Phil Helsel is simply a newsman for NBC News.

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