Blue Moon Launches Limited Edition Holiday Seasoning Blends And Pie Pints

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Blue Moon is offering a constricted version battalion of vacation seasonings and pastry pints to heighten ... [+] Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving celebrations.

Blue Moon

The imaginative folks astatine Blue Moon are astatine it again pinch a caller Thanksgiving promotion that will time off fans salivating.

Blue Moon conscionable launched a constricted version group of vacation seasonings to seizure some nan principle of this beer, arsenic good arsenic nan flavors of a Thanksgiving table. The two-pack of seasonings includes Blue Moon Zesty Seasoning, a savory blend pinch notes of citrus, coriander and hops that complements turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and different broadside dishes, and Blue Moon Pie Pint Seasoning, a saccharine blend that complements Thanksgiving pies, particularly nan constricted version Blue Moon Pie Pints.

“Thanksgiving is simply a beardown income play for Blue Moon, and it’s nary concealed that our brew pairs perfectly pinch immoderate meal, which is why we are utilizing Thanksgiving arsenic nan eventual vacation to item really nan flavors of Blue Moon tin heighten immoderate and each dish, ” says Lindsey Wesloski, marque head for Blue Moon.

Last year, Blue Moon introduced Pie Pints aliases mini delicious pies that some brace pinch Blue Moon and Thanksgiving, which were made by Baked by Melissa. This year, Blue Moon is partnering pinch Austin-based Tiny Pies® to create nan tiny, constricted version pies that are made to travel nan brew arsenic a garnish. This year’s pastry pint battalion comes pinch zesty pumpkin herb pastry citrus pome twist pie, cardinal lime coconut crumble pastry and cocoa citrus haze pie. “Due to nan occurrence of past year’s pastry pints, we decided to bring them backmost for different year,”

“Due to nan occurrence of Pie Pints past year, we are bringing them backmost for different year,” Wesloski says.

The squad astatine Blue Moon worked pinch a civilization herb and seasoning institution to create nan blends. “We wanted to make judge that fans could sensation nan citrus of nan Valencia orangish and coriander pinch a hint of hops,” Wesloski says. “We took clip to shop nan cleanable taste, texture, and aroma, and thus, Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings were born.”

The pies and nan seasonings tin beryllium purchased online. For a constricted time, consumers who are of ineligible drinking property tin acquisition some Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings ($11.26) and LTO Blue Moon Pie Pints by Tiny Pies® ($27.30 positive shipping) by visiting, and The seasonings and nan pies are disposable while supplies last.

The zesty seasoning was created “to beryllium nan cleanable brace and enhancer to immoderate autumn dish,” Wesloski says. “It pairs beautifully pinch accepted Thanksgiving dishes and conscionable astir thing that our fans want to make brighter,” she says.

The pastry pint seasoning is designed “to beryllium added into your very ain pastry filling, arsenic good arsenic radiated connected each 4 of nan Blue Moon Pie Pints,” she says.

Amanda Wadsworth, co-founder of Tiny Pies®, says she and her squad is excited to partner pinch Blue Moon. “It was truthful nosy for our squad to create caller paper items utilizing nan citrus flavors of Blue Moon's astir celebrated beers,” Wadsworth says. “Whether you're treating yourself aliases friends and family, Blue Moon Pie Pints gift container is nan cleanable summation to your Friendsgiving table.”

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