Blake Lively is a bride again! Ryan Reynolds' wife films stunning wedding scene with Anna Kendrick and hunky actor Michele Morrone in FIRST LOOK at A Simple Favor 2 in Capri, Italy

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Blake Lively was a bride erstwhile again arsenic she filmed a gorgeous wedding segment for A Simple Favor 2 successful Capri, Italy in images exclusively obtained by 

The sequel will spot Lively's characteristic Emily Nelson necktie nan knot to a able Italian businessman - and snaps person captured nan elaborate affair, complete pinch an arc of colorful roses towering complete nan on-screen mates arsenic they opportunity 'I do.' 

In nan very first images from nan group of nan film, Lively, who is joined to character Ryan Reynolds successful existent life, was pictured 'marrying' hunky character Michele Morrone successful a romanticist waterfront ceremony. 

Lively's wedding gown featured a plunging neckline, floral embellishments, melodramatic skirt and endless veil that trailed nan pinkish carpeting.

Her hairsbreadth was elegantly styled into an updo pinch respective achromatic florals tucked into her bun.

Blake Lively was a bride erstwhile again arsenic she filmed a gorgeous wedding segment for A Simple Favor 2 successful Capri, Italy connected Wednesday

She tenderly cupped Michele's feature pinch her gloved manus arsenic they exchanged vows successful beforehand of their guests.

Attendees were seen opinionated arsenic they watched nan 'ceremony' begin. 

Anna Kendrick, who plays Stephanie Smothers, appeared to beryllium playing a bridesmaid arsenic her characteristic was seen carrying a mini bouquet of achromatic flowers.

She looked glitter successful a romanticist floral people gown pinch her hairsbreadth styled into loose waves.

The achromatic necktie matter saw guests clad successful tuxedos and glamorous dresses and moreover included a unrecorded orchestra. 

Blake beamed pinch joyousness arsenic she stood astatine nan altar earlier her 'groom', who listened intently arsenic she seemingly said her vows.  

A Simple Favor 2 is nan sequel to nan 2018 acheronian drama helmed by Paul Feig, who returns to nonstop nan adjacent chapter.

According to a synopsis, A Simple Favor 2 sees nan 'return of Stephanie Smothers (Kendrick) and Emily Nelson (Lively) arsenic they caput to nan beautiful land of Capri, Italy, for Emily's royal wedding to a rich | Italian businessman.

Lively and her co-star said 'I do' successful a gorgeous waterfront ceremony 

Anna Kendrick's characteristic of Stephanie Smothers appeared to service arsenic a bridesmaid 

Lively looked stunning pinch her hairsbreadth elegantly styled and floral embellishments tucked into her bun

Kendrick wowed successful a beautiful floral people gown pinch a glitter caput afloat of waves 

The ceremonial featured an over-the-top show of caller roses 

'Along pinch nan glamorous guests, expect execution and betrayal to RSVP for a wedding pinch much twists and turns than nan roadworthy from nan Marina Grande to nan Capri municipality square,' The Hollywood Reporter revealed.

Kendrick, 37, is excited astir nan sequel, saying that Stephanie has 'got for illustration a small spot much savvy successful her,' but 'she's still Stephanie astatine nan extremity of nan day,' per E! News.

'I've really publication nan book now,' nan character told nan outlet, 'and it's truthful good.'

Henry Golding, Andrew Rannells, Bashir Salahuddin, Joshua Satine, Ian Ho and Kelly McCormack each reprising their roles from nan first feature.

Amazon MGM Studios announced past period that nan sequel movie, which will beryllium co-produced by Lions Gate is readying to statesman shooting this outpouring and will watercourse connected Prime Video.

Lively donned a clothes and took snaps during what appeared to beryllium a break from filming 

She cupped Michele's feature pinch her gloved hand 

Her bridal attire included a monolithic veil that trailed nan pinkish carpeting 

Michele assisted his co-star pinch her monolithic veil 

Lively was seen clad successful a heavy windbreaker overgarment erstwhile she wasn't filming nan wedding scene 

She trekked on a way pinch different unit members 

The character beamed pinch happiness during nan scene 

The ceremonial included an orchestra 

Lively appeared to beryllium heading to nan wedding scene 

The movie unit captured nan characters saying 'I do'

Guests stood up arsenic nan 'ceremony' began 

Kendrick plays Stephanie Smothers successful nan sequel 

In existent life, Lively has been joined to character Ryan Reynolds since 2012

The black-tie matter saw nan groom and guests clad successful tuxedos 

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