Blackpink’s Jennie Won’t Compete For Grammys This Year

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INDIO, CA - APRIL 12: Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK performs astatine Sahara Tent during nan 2019 Coachella ... [+] Valley Music And Arts Festival connected April 12, 2019 successful Indio, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella)

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The Grammy nominations are conscionable astir nan corner, and it appears that 1 salient sanction will beryllium absent from nan database of imaginable winners. Blackpink personnel Jennie will apparently not compete successful immoderate class erstwhile nan nominees are revealed, contempt having a way that was some eligible and apt to astatine slightest beryllium considered by voters.

Jennie's was featured connected nan opus "One of nan Girls" from nan TV show The Idol, and contempt applause from fans and critics and immoderate commercialized success, nan tune will not look connected nan database of Grammy nominations this year. The Weeknd, who was not only nan creator but besides nan prima of nan show, fronted nan single, pinch nan added prima powerfulness of character Lily-Rose Depp, who besides played nan main domiciled successful nan series.

"One of nan Girls" had nan imaginable to compete for a assortment of Grammy categories, depending connected wherever it was submitted. While it could person contended successful nan Best Song Written for Visual Media category, nan grant would person gone to nan songwriters, and Jennie was solely a performer. It could person been a existent contender for Best R&B Performance, wherever it’s champion chances astir apt laid.

Regrettably, "One of nan Girls" will not beryllium successful nan moving for a Grammy this year, arsenic it was not submitted for consideration. According to Variety, The Weeknd chose not to taxable immoderate of nan songs he created for The Idol, contempt immoderate of them making their measurement onto nan Billboard charts, including his collaboration pinch Jennie.

The Weeknd's aversion to nan Grammys is nary secret. After his opus "Blinding Lights" and nan medium it is featured on, After Hours, were overlooked by nan Recording Academy, he made a vow not to taxable his ain activity for information immoderate more. Although he did negociate to unafraid different Grammy trophy successful nan years that followed, it was arsenic a featured creator connected a way submitted by Kanye West.

While Jennie won't beryllium competing for a Grammy connected her ain this year, she is still eligible arsenic a personnel of Blackpink. The woman group released their sole caller track, "The Girls," successful clip for information astatine nan upcoming awards. However, contempt its eligibility, nan opus did not make a important commercialized impact, making a information unlikely.

Jennie will person different opportunity to compete for Grammy emotion adjacent year, arsenic her latest solo offering, "You & Me," was released conscionable nether a period aft eligibility began for nan 2025 awards.

The afloat database of Grammy nominees for nan 2024 ceremonial will beryllium unveiled connected November 10.

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