Black Friday Straight Bourbon Whiskey Will Be Released On Black Friday

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The very first Black Friday bourbon is being released connected Black Friday.

Great Lakes Distillery

The very first “Black Friday” bourbon will beryllium released connected Black Friday.

Great Lakes Distillery will beryllium releasing its Still & Oak Black Friday consecutive bourbon whiskey vanished successful imperial stout brew barrels connected Black Friday. The two-year-old bourbon was vanished pinch an further 2 years of aging successful barrels that antecedently aged Lakefront Brewery’s Black FridayTM imperial stout.

“Over nan years, we’ve done respective collaborations pinch Lakefront, including our Pumpkin Spirit that we make, utilizing barrels that aged their pumpkin beer,” says Guy Rehorst, laminitis of Great Lakes Distillery. “We had nan thought to return immoderate of their Black Friday imperial stout brew barrels, and we filled it pinch immoderate of our Still & Oak consecutive bourbon. This imperial stout has a large spirit to statesman with, and we thought it would make a really cool operation pinch our bourbon.”

Most whiskeys, if vanished successful different type of barrel, usually aren’t aged for 2 years, arsenic nan Black Friday was aged. “Most group don’t property successful an replacement decorativeness for 2 years, but we’ve recovered that longer clip successful those finishing barrels tin consequence successful immoderate beautiful neat stuff,” Rehorst says. “This is really unique, and nan decorativeness connected this whiskey from nan imperial stout barrels is really unsocial and has a ton of flavor.”

This very constricted release, which will beryllium sold first connected Black Friday astatine nan distillery’s Milwaukee tasting room, will person a suggested unit value of $79, and aft Black Friday, it will beryllium sold, successful constricted quantities, astatine liquor stores and different locations.

What nan finishing barrels do, Rehorst says, is impart an other furniture of flavors that you wouldn’t get successful regular barrels, which for bourbon are new, charred oak barrels for astatine slightest 2 years. Only 2 barrels worthy of bottles will beryllium released, though Great Lakes has aged further bourbon successful nan Lakefront Black Friday imperial stout barrels, and that will apt beryllium released successful different 2 years.

“It’s really a constricted supply,” Rehorst says.

And, successful bid for this bourbon to beryllium named Black Friday, Great Lakes had to lease nan sanction from Lakefront Brewery, which trademarked it. “Lakefront has had a immense occurrence pinch their Black Friday beer, and they were smart capable to trademark nan sanction arsenic it relates to alcohol,” Rehorst says. “So, I talked to Russ (Klisch), proprietor of Lakefront, and I show him ‘Hey, our bourbon’s been sitting for a mates of years successful these barrels, could we telephone it Black Friday?’”

Klisch, he says, was amenable to that, but since it was trademarked, they had to constitute a statement and licence nan sanction from them. Rehorst says he gave a vessel of Black Friday consecutive bourbon whiskey to Klisch. “He really liked it,”Rehorst says.

The whiskey boasts notes of malt, cocoa and caramel earlier nan notes of oak and vanilla of nan bourbon radiance through. “Because it is truthful limited, not galore group person tasted it yet,” Rehorst says. “Most group who person tried it spell ‘Wow. I don’t moreover want to operation this successful a cocktail.’”

As such, Rehorst recommends drinking it consecutive up aliases conscionable pinch a small spot of ice. “But if you do want to put it successful a cocktail, I would opportunity put it successful a Manhattan,” Rehorst says. “Just a small spot of vermouth and bitters.”

While this mightiness beryllium nan splashiest collaboration pinch Lakefront, Rehorst says he has different spirits aging successful immoderate unsocial barrels. “We’re not fresh to denote those collaborations yet, but we person immoderate absorbing spirits coming,” Rehorst says.

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