Billionaire Ken Griffin 'in talks with Stephen Ross to buy a minority stake in the Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium and the F1 Miami Grand Prix'

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  • Stephen Ross could beryllium offloading a portion of nan Dolphins to a chap billionaire
  • Ross paid $1billion for 95 percent of nan franchise successful 2009
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By Jake Nisse For Dailymail.Com

Published: 17:29 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 17:55 EST, 21 November 2023

Billionaire Ken Griffin is successful discussions to bargain a number liking successful nan Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium and nan F1 Miami Grand Prix, according to a caller report.

The Dolphins person been owned by existent property magnate Stephen Ross since 2009.

And according to Fox Sports 640's Andy Slater, Ross could invited Griffin to nan array arsenic well, pinch nan hedge money tycoon fresh to put his monolithic luck into South Florida.

As noted by Joe Pompliano, Griffin purchased a $107million location successful Miami past twelvemonth - nan astir costly location successful nan history successful nan city.

While nan woody has not yet been finalized, Ross is considering it to bring successful much money to money further sports and existent property investments, Slater wrote, citing an unnamed source.

Ken Griffin (left) could acquisition a number portion of nan Miami Dolphins from Stephen Ross

The woody would besides see a liking successful nan Miami Grand Prix, which Ross acquired successful 2021

The Miami Dolphins - seen during a crippled vs. nan Las Vegas Raiders - are 7-3 this season

Ross besides owns Relevent Sports Group, which organized Premier League and La Liga tours successful nan USA past summer. 

Ross' nett worthy is estimated to beryllium $10.1billion by Forbes, while Griffin's is pegged astatine a whopping $35.2billion.

The Dolphins proprietor paid $1billion for 95 percent of nan franchise successful 2009, while he became nan proprietor of nan Miami Grand Prix successful 2021. Ross besides invested $730million into Hard Rock Stadium and its surrounding properties, according to nan team's website.

The squad is now weighted astatine $5.7billion. 

Griffin, meanwhile, (unsuccessfully) joined forces pinch nan Chicago Cubs' Ricketts family to effort and acquisition Chelsea past year.

The Dolphins are 7-3 this season.