Billionaire heir Sophia Forrest shares rare photos with fiancée Zara Zoe as they vacation in Tasmania ahead of wedding

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Sophia Forrest has shared a bid of loved-up photos alongside fiancée Zara Zoe, up of nan brace tying nan knot together. 

Sophia, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, is nan girl of mining billionaire Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest, worthy $32 billion.   

Sophia and Zara opted for a humble travel this week, jetting distant to Tasmania's spectacular Wineglass Bay for a vacation earlier their wedding. 

The brace were intelligibly smitten arsenic they took successful nan sights and sounds of nan Apple Isle, visiting Cataract Gorge adjacent Launceston and Wineglass Bay.

'We're successful Tassie,' Sophia wrote, intelligibly excited astatine nan trip. 

Billionaire heir Sophia Forrest (left) has shared rarely-seen photos pinch fiancé Zara Zoe connected Wednesday, arsenic they picnic successful Tasmania up of wedding. Pictured astatine Wineglass Bay

Sophia past shared a photograph of Zara, who smiled to nan camera. 

'Moments earlier lobster rolls and chowder arrived,' they wrote connected a 2nd photograph astatine a beachside cafe. 

A last photograph showed nan brace kissing astatine Wineglass Bay lookout. 

The brace were intelligibly smitten arsenic they took successful nan sights and sounds of nan Apple Isle, visiting Cataract Gorge adjacent Launceston (pictured) and Wineglass Bay

'We are submitting,' Sophia wrote. 

Sophia collapsed nan news of their engagement successful April past year, sharing a video connected Instagram of Zara flashing a gem ring.

'She makes eden a spot connected earth,' Sophia wrote, alongside a ringing emoji and nan day '21.4.22'.

The clip showed nan recently engaged mates past sharing meal pinch friends, earlier celebrating by drinking champagne pinch Andrew and Nicola.

The mates indulged successful seafood, telling followers they enjoyed lobster rolls and chowder

The mates are yet to group a day for their wedding. 

It comes amid news successful July Sophia's parents person divided and will now unrecorded separately, which they confirmed to nan Australian Financial Review.  

'After 31 years of marriage, we person made nan determination to unrecorded apart. Our relationship and committedness to our family remains strong,' Andrew and Nicola wrote. 

The couple's wealthiness has mostly been amassed done their 36 per cent liking successful robust ore miner Fortescue Metals Group, which they founded successful 2003 and is now nan eighth-biggest institution connected nan ASX by marketplace capitalisation.

Sophia and Zara thin to support disconnected nan radar, speech from their acting work 

The mates person antecedently said they don't scheme connected leaving their tremendous luck to their children.  

Nicola told ABC's Australian Story past twelvemonth 'children don't use from reasoning they're going to inherit a immense magnitude of money'.

'We unrecorded successful a location and I person a awesome life - but nan things that are astir important successful life, money doesn't bargain that,' she said.

'I deliberation its [inheritance] a burden.'

Sophia and Zara exchanged rings successful April past year, alongside their parents Nicola and Andrew, who celebrated pinch nan couple 

Sophia has starred alongside Russell Crowe successful The Water Diviner, Teresa Palmer successful Ride Like A Girl and Jason Momoa successful Aquaman.

The character besides had roles successful Home and Away, Love Child, Bali 2002 and Barons.

Sophia met Zoe connected nan group of Ride Like A Girl, based connected nan existent communicative of Michelle Payne, nan first female jockey to triumph nan Melbourne Cup successful 2015.

None of nan Forrest's children (from near Grace, Nicola, Andrew, Sophia and Sydney) will inherit their $32 cardinal fortune

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