Bill Belichick's 'gross' relationship with 24-year-old cheerleader Jordon Hudson is slammed by fans: 'Anything for money'

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By Jake Nisse and Oliver Salt

Published: 10:10 EDT, 15 June 2024 | Updated: 10:11 EDT, 15 June 2024

Bill Belichick is dating a 24-year-old competitory cheerleader - and fans person been highly captious of nan relationship.

News collapsed connected Friday that Belichick, 72, was making love Jordon Hudson, a caller assemblage postgraduate 48 years his junior.

And nan net had a section time pinch nan update, arsenic galore group flocked to nan comments of Hudson's Instagram account.

'Your narration is gross,' 1 said.

'I'm judge [your] parents are existent proud,' different commented.

Bill Belichick is reportedly making love 24-year-old ex-cheerleader Jordon Hudson (bottom left)

And group flocked to her Instagram afterwards, pinch astir panning nan relationship

Another mean-spirited commenter encouraged her to 'hurry up and get pregnant' because having a kid pinch Belichick would beryllium her 'greatest accomplishment successful life.'

And a different commenter asked her wherever her 'self respect' was: 'anything for money I guess.' 

One woman, however, offered a spot of encouragement: 'Girl, you're amazing!  Live your life pinch whoever nan hellhole you wanna unrecorded it with.'

Over connected X, nan insult continued, arsenic 1 instrumentality cracked, 'imagine your 22-year-old girl comes location for nan play pinch her caller fellow and it's measure belichick' (the mates reportedly met successful 2021).

To that, 1 X personification joked, 'Does her dada telephone him coach? I stake he does.'

Belichick, 72, reportedly deed it disconnected pinch Hudson connected a formation from Boston to Florida successful 2021

The insult continued complete connected X, wherever 1 instrumentality envisioned a humorous scenario

Another responded, 'Daughter taken attraction of for life and container seats to New England games? He's astir apt crying tears of joy. 

According to TMZ, who collapsed nan news, Belichick first deed it disconnected pinch Hudson connected a formation from nan Boston-area to Florida backmost successful 2021.

The brace are said to person bonded complete a accuracy task that Hudson - a student-athlete arsenic good arsenic an entrepreneur - had been moving connected astatine nan time.

They reportedly exchanged interaction accusation aft landing and kept successful interaction complete nan adjacent fewer months while discussing nan erstwhile Bridgewater State University student's schoolhouse activity and cheerleading routines.

The brace are said to person bonded complete a accuracy task that Hudson was moving on

Hudson competed successful this year's Miss Maine USA competition, coming first runner-up 

The narration past became romanticist aft Belichick called disconnected his longtime narration pinch TV big Linda Holliday. 

More recently, nan narration has go much public, pinch Belichick spotted rooting for her astatine a cheerleading competition in Maryland earlier this year. 

TMZ besides claims that Hudson secretly visited Gillette Stadium to support Belichick and nan Patriots during nan 2022 and 2023 seasons (he parted ways pinch nan statement aft past season).

Belichick has besides been seen pinch Hudson connected a activity travel to Croatia, while she moreover attended Tom Brady's Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremonial pinch him this week.

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